Choosing Our Words Mindfully

In February 2018, Vitalik Buterin, creator of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, gifted ether valued at the time of $2.4 million to SENS Research Foundation, which was founded by Dr. Aubrey de Grey, author of Anti-Aging. Since the price of an ether was around $800 at that time, that donation lost significant value as part of the overall decline in market capitalization…

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Way Beyond Money: The Importance of Bitcoin

I have had quite a bit to say about bitcoin lately, but have taken little time to write. My evangelizing about the coin and its implications has been so constant and intense (for me anyway), that one subscriber on my YouTube channel asked if I had turned it into The Bitcoin Channel. It would have been a fair question (and…

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Bitcoin: The Emergence of ‘New’ Money

For all the actions that humankind has taken to create a devolutionary spiral to the lowest depths of a civilizational abyss (although I’m sure we can go lower if we try), a doorway will always appear that will allow the astute and willing to save themselves from a fate that would befall an obedient, distracted, complacent, stubborn, or unthinking herd. The…

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