Fruits of the Tyrannous Tree and Golden Gift of Peece

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a pioneer to the workings of what I have recently begun referring to as “The Tyranny Network,” nor in the value of urine therapy. After a month of personal practice (I start each morning with a “mee cocktail” (no ice) and water chaser) and continued research, I now heartily recommend signing…

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Newtown Massacre: Issues Unexamined Always Lead to Questions Unasked

I write these words today while in the process of undergoing a fundamental change in my thinking, with an ever-deepening appreciation for the wonderful and powerful Gift that we have been given, that is, the Gift of Life itself. Life, which in truth, has no antithesis. Instead, Life takes an infinite number of forms. Everything is Life. Even the phenomenon…

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