Choosing Light in Times of Darkness

The Power of Harmony and Balance Heartfelt wishes to everyone on this Thanksgiving Day. I started this essay a couple of days ago, but as always, they emerge in their own time and place. Seeing what there is to be grateful for in these times, is of immeasurable, critical value, not only on this day, but every day, every hour, every…

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Memorial Day Reflections 2014

It’s Memorial Day in America, circa 2014. My heart goes out to all who feel the added weight of sadness and grief over actions past. However, instead of ending the observance at “remembering” the troops that have “fought and died” for our “freedom”, my attention is on the people who continue to send them there to do their bidding, only…

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The Bailout: Makes No Sense to Me

IF the American People don’t want a bailout, then congress should be looking at, and seriously discussing options that don’t include one. It should be exploring how the economy, and some would say, “the market,” would adjust and restructure itself in a post-collapse world. Instead of taking patronizing position (“There there America, you don’t know what you’re doing.”), the presidential…

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