Tsunami Conditions for Bitcoin: Preparing to Ride the Wave

As we watch the price of bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies appear to plummet it’s good to appreciate the opportunity for greater growth that is at hand. This could be called a tsunami condition for which, if we are properly prepared, great profits lie ahead. Said profits would be the secondary benefit when large mass quantities of people migrate into…

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The True Face of ‘Money’ Ain’t Pretty

Originally posted on Steem (@phaelosopher) I am still new to the CryptoSphere, having only begun studying the phenomenon and its social *implications* of bitcoin and friends in February of this year. Every day is discovery for me, even at “three score and five” times around the sun. The social implications of the bitcoin and alt-coin ascendancy *at this time* is…

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Bitcoin: The Emergence of ‘New’ Money

For all the actions that humankind has taken to create a¬†devolutionary spiral to the lowest depths of a civilizational abyss (although I’m sure we can go lower if we try), a doorway will always appear that will allow the astute and willing to save themselves from a fate that would befall an obedient, distracted, complacent, stubborn, or unthinking herd. The…

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