MMS and the Lesson of Ignaz Semmelweis

A blustery winter’s day at the 2015 Fieldays in New Zealand KERIKERI, NORTHLAND — Greetings from the underside of the world where I have been for the past week. I traveled to Hamilton, New Zealand to attend Fieldays (June 10-13) and to introduce the Rainmaker H2O vortex water product to the farming, dairy, and consumer sectors. It has been a great experience, through which I…

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The “MMS-is-Bleach” Card is Played… Again

Just as the US~Observer goes to press with a series of stories on the “still infamous” Miracle Mineral Supplement product introduced by Jim Humble, now known by most as “MMS”, another mainstream electronic publication, the Huffington Post, has published a slam, written by Todd Drezner, a regular contributor. Drezner reports on, and takes sides in an imbroglio that has been…

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Autism and the Bigger Problem(s)

The puzzle of autism.

Before they put the subject of autism back in mothballs for another year, I am pleased to post my conversation with Kerri Rivera, who runs AutismO2 (, a non-profit clinic for autistic children in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Each year, when awareness about a particular disease is “raised” we end up thinking that we’re falling behind on resolving it, and that…

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Notes From Outside the ‘Autism’ Box

April is Autism Awareness month in America. What does that mean? It means that this is the time for Americans to be “educated” on how bad Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is, how complicated the cure must be, and are encouraged to be more tacitly accepting of (1) the disorder, (2) the CURRENT explanations as to why it happens, and (3)…

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MMS: The ‘Bleach’ is On!

Let’s give the FDA, Health Canada, the Ministry of Health (Japan) and National Health Service (UK), a round of applause and gratitude. With the able assistance of a league of similar “watchdog” agencies around the world, they have increased MMS awareness. The fact that the information they have spread is misleading or downright false, is of less concern, as there…

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Video 'Multicast' of Talk For Food Show

A first for me… my Talk For Food radio show shot on camera at the Enhancement Institute in Houston. I did this twice on the trip, the first at the Global Healing Center. The first is that I’m on camera here. The clip below is the first of three that I’ve “processed”. They are about 30 minutes total (half the…

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