Paul Pantone: A Respected Heretic Remembered

You may or may not recognize the name Paul Pantone, but it’s worth noting here that he recently released his mortal coil. I am pleased to have met, interviewed, and spent time to know Paul, to listen, and to learn from him. Paul is the originator of Global Environmental Energy Technology, that was mercifully acronymized to “GEET”. GEET devices used directional, temperature, and pressure-gradient…

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Harmonizing with Source Energy

At long last I produced and uploaded a welcome message for my video channel on YouTube. This has been on my list of things to do for some time, although I couldn’t think of any reason to ask people to watch. Yet, almost 2 million people have watched something I’ve produced and I’m getting multiple subscriptions daily. At the bare minimum,…

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A Planetary Fix We can Start on NOW

The year-end holiday season has become a month-long buying frenzy that would very likely go every day if a good reason could be found. In lieu of “good” reasons, there is no shortage of nefarious ways to get you to part with your money each day. The transportation industry’s ways to pick our pockets at will, would blow your mind,…

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