Vortex Generators for Sustainable Agriculture Webinar

vortex generators

I’ve been quiet lately, but busy. Reading more than writing, shooting video, and getting some of the bugs out of this site, which sometimes ran VERY SLOW. More functions, plugins, and large images files (I should know better) may have had something to do with it. I also realized that my original WordPress site would likely still be there, although perhaps in…

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The Strawberry Field Story Gets Even Better with PHOTONIC WATER

It seems almost too simple to suggest that a change in the state of the water that we use — drinking, bathing in, and growing our foods in — could dramatically impact our health, that is, until you learn more about water’s inherent properties, properties that are easy to dismiss if we’re not paying attention. And since much of the…

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Strawberries LOVE Structured Water (as all life does)

Continuing our quest to demonstrate the efficacy of light-infused (bio-photon) structured water, I met some remarkable people last week on a whirlwind trip to California, covering both southern and northern portions of the state. A real enthusiasm is growing around Clayton Nolte’s elegant technology that does so little to yield such amazing results. Our imaginations are expanding to consider the…

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