WATSON Supercomputer: If We Feed it GMO Information, Expect More Medical Heartburn

While change is the only constant in the entire universe and what we often find ourselves wanting most, it could also be what we fear most. Yet, we are in a time of change. Geopolitical, geophysical, climatic, cosmic – if it can be categorized, it is changing. The Real Jeopardy Begins: IBM’s WATSON Being Groomed to Become an M.D. Assistant…

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On the Road to Explore Water, Healing

Just some quick thoughts before hitting the road to Park City, Utah to interview M.J. Pangman and Melanie Evans, authors or the new book, Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water ( I have been aware that this book was coming down the line for the past year. In it, they explain, in clear, understandable terms, many of the…

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Wikipedia on MMS: Neutrality Be Damned!

Wikipedia change log

For several months now there has been a quiet “war” on Wikipedia with respect to its portrayal of the product known as MMS. Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia written and editable by anyone, made itself a popular and in some cases, invaluable reference tool by taking the science of search engine optimization to a high art. If you search for…

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