Beyond the PsyOps: Reclaiming Your Power to Heal Your World

After more reflection, I am convinced that the Trayvon Martin incident and verdict is in fact, part of a larger “psyops” (i.e., psychological operations) assault on the individual and collective psyche of American people, as was such events as 9/11, the World Trade Center bombing of 1993, Sandy Hook 2012, Aurora, CO 2012, Columbine High School (1999), the Siege in Waco, TX…

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Lifting the Veil to Our Own Intrinsic, Inalienable Value

From time to time I’ve touched on the idea that the country and world we live in today, is one colossal deception, a monumental fiction, the sheer ubiquity of which is hard to fathom, as well as believe. Lies routinely masquerade and parade as truth. Deception, secrecy, and “need to know,” are now the rule, without question. “Authority,” “surveillance,” and…

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Fruits of the Tyrannous Tree and Golden Gift of Peece

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a pioneer to the workings of what I have recently begun referring to as “The Tyranny Network,” nor in the value of urine therapy. After a month of personal practice (I start each morning with a “mee cocktail” (no ice) and water chaser) and continued research, I now heartily recommend signing…

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