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Having always been the philosophical type, I have long enjoyed dialogue and conversation about life and its nature. It may have started after I first learned about death as a child, and realized pretty quickly, that it scared the crap out of me. Every time the idea of death entered my mind, I’d get nervous when I imagined that fateful moment. Fortunately, the thought would pass, but it was clear to me that I need to get over that fear before the moment arrives.

I think I’ve succeeded.

In the process, I’ve learned a few things about life, some of it is shared in two books that I published, as one as author and the other, as editor:

In 2007 I started a radio show, Talk For Food, which gave me a reason to contact people who were doing amazing things — inventors, visionaries, doctors, scientists, healers — and talk with them. This experience has profoundly impacted my life, and in turn, the lives of my subscribers, listeners, and viewers around the world.

You can also find me in video form on my YouTube Channel.

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  1. In response to Matt Brown… I followed your conversation on here and I feel obliged to point you in the right direction.
    I disagree with you about peer reviewed studies becasue all are open to corruption… live testing in the field is where you get near the truth. Let us remember truth is often found in the absene of profit an that is exactly what you have here with MMS.
    Make it yourself at home or buy it… its your choice and nobody is trying to get rich from it.
    Rather than put so much onus on peer reviewed studies I suggest you search youtube for real life testimonials from real people who use mms for thier conditions.
    Thousands of people with no vested interest cannot be wrong… that is called keeping things simple and applying some critical thinking!!
    You can also find testimonials here on this website

    1. Thank you Matt! I visited your great site. I am just stepping into the cryptocurrency world myself, and will be encouraging my readers and viewers to do the same. Best regards… Adam…

  2. I love your bio and your username!

  3. Michelle Delatour

    Hi Adam my name is Michelle i would like to do a Traning on MMS to learn how how to mix it .How long it last after mixing? I want to go to haiti and help some sick people. Thank you.

    1. Hi Michelle. I would suggest that you contact some of the MMS support forums on Facebook, as they stay up to date on the latest developments with MMS. Best wishes to you.

      1. I just visited Jim Humble’s Genesis II Church Forum site. I go there from time to time to see if anyone is posting positive results from using MMS to treat a medical problem.

        What I usually find and what I found again today, is that virtually no one is posting success from using MMS. I also noticed that the number of recent postings has dwindled to nothing.

        If MMS were the miracle treatment that it claims to be, I would think that Humble’s forum would be the place where people would flock to to tell others about their success. That definitely isn’t happening. If you don’t believe me, you can go there and see for yourself.The other place you would expect to find hundreds if not thousands of ‘likes’ and stories of success would be on the church’s Face Book page. It much like the forum site has also gone dead. On the forum most of the most recent posts were all the way back in 2012.

        Adam frequently writes about his support for Daniel Smith. It is my understanding that one of the reasons he is on trial is he was ripping off his customers. He was taking their money and not sending them their orders they had paid for. That is theft.

        Adam implies that the government i.e.FDA went after Smith because he had a product that worked. This is kind of faulty logic is often expressed by people who support treatments that haven’t been shown to work, haven’t been tested for safety, and have been shown to cause life threatening side effects. If this claim about the FDA were true, then why aren’t they going after everyone who sells some kind of supplement that is claimed by the seller to work? The obvious reason is, because these other things don’t present a danger to the public.

    2. matt brown

      There are no scientific papers verifying the efficacy of mms. There are no current testimonies verifying mms. There is no science whatsoever behind the claims of mms. I bought some. It made me sick. I got in touch with james humble (who doesnt take it regularly) and adam (who never takes it) and neither would even consider the possibility of negative effects from mms. The short term problems are presumed to be detox side effects (no evidence of that, purely speculation) and there is a complete denial of long term negative effects. Humble and adam are not scientists. Not even close. They both assume they are experienced enough to propogate mms without consequence, and its true for them, but not for you. If you take mms, youll likely get sick. Thats it. I tried and tried and i regret to say i damaged my intestinal lining and god knows what else. I wanted to believe. That was my biggest mistake. Vitamin C has a much better grounding for treating many of these issues and i recommend that because there are no negative effects.

      1. Dear Matt — I don’t know why you went to the “About Me” page to make a comment on MMS, but my first response is a question. If what you say is true about the lack of scientific papers, testimonies, and science, then why did you (1) purchase it, and (2) take it? What did you take it for? MMS is not something people “try” just to see what happens. They are already “sick.” Many of them have been made sicker by the FDA approved medications their doctors have been licensed to give them.

        I have spoken to real people who had real problems. Some showed me their written diagnoses received from the doctor. They have no agenda. They simply wanted their health back, and orthodox medicine wasn’t getting it done. I am not responding to you as an “MMS advocate.” However, when you understand the meaning of the information that I have given regarding the chemical nature of sodium chlorite, scientific papers of the type you describe, are unnecessary. The complexities that you are seeking are necessary to convince “learned” men and women to dole out poisons for conditions that result from being saturated with synthetic poisons. Scientific research shows that chemotherapy and other antagonistic chemical and energetic strategies used by orthodox medicine do more damage than they solve, yet they continue to be selected. Research shows a connection between vaccine therapies and autism, yet medicine and government’s response is to *increase* the amount, strength, and frequency of vaccine regimens. You seem either oblivious, or indifferent to this far more damaging trend.

      2. matt brown

        Apologies for posting in the wrong area. I received followup notifications related to MMS and the link brought me here, unknowingly

        I bought MMS because i didn’t understand the importance of the scientific method and I took it because I had some health problems but I also wanted to help others with it. And last I checked the MMS protocol included a maintenance dose. Doesn’t that imply I don’t need illness to benefit?

        The “type” of scientific papers I was referring to are required for any initiation into the scientific world today. Without real studies, marketing and funding MMS can never reach the masses to a great extent. The fact that you deny the scientific method here is puzzling. Everything ingested new needs testing before condoning people safe passage to consumption. Any claim to the contrary is dangerous.

        And I never mentioned, nor condoned mainstream medicine or vaccines. I understand fully why thimerasol and ssri drugs are awful. The reason mainstream medicine is able to purport and sell these drugs is because they circumvent the scientific method, therefore they can manipulate or fabricate results. Sound familiar?

        Peer reviewed scientific papers are the way forward. Everyone should beware of adam until he embraces scientific methods of observation and experimentation. Dont make the same mistake I did.

      3. Dear Matt — I am well aware of what you’re talking about. Do you really think that EVERY discovery EVER MADE was “peer reviewed” FIRST??? Did you know that Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, the first man to suggest that physicians wash their hands between surgeries, summarily LOST HIS JOB? Science today would be better symbolized as $cience, because most scientists won’t study anything until someone who writes or signs a check tell them to. It *shouldn’t* be this way, but it is.

        The existence of scientific papers has nothing to do with how sodium chlorite works. This is not an exotic, or even expensive compound, although medical science wants us to think that both exotic and expensive measures must be taken to “combat” disease. The lack of scientific papers is no excuse for the FDA not to accurately describe the nature of the product. It’s no excuse for them to call it bleach when it is not a bleach.

        You may not know that every cell in the body needs chloride as one component for proper and healthy metabolism. That’s why the doctors who earned a patent for WF10, which uses chlorite in a similar (but more complex) manner to MMS, and who did double blind, placebo controlled clinical trials, still haven’t received approval from the FDA, although health authorities in other countries, mainly the Far East, have approved it for use.

        If you understand why vaccines and thimerasol are harmful, then why aren’t you asking why they’ve not only been approved, but virtually forced on children with increasing regularity? Why haven’t they taken their foot off the gas pedal to see if these horrendous health trends might abate?

        The short answer is that they’re not interested in abating diseases such as autism, diabetes and others, if it means acknowledging that their policies are responsible for the rise in the first place. This is also why you won’t see “peer reviewed” scientific papers on MMS.

      4. matt brown

        Again with the diversion of conversation. Im not talking about the FDA. Im not talking about history. What im saying here is that the effects of mms are completely undefined and standardless. Are you a biochemist? Nutritionist? Doctor? Do you want doctors and biochemists to confirm yours and humbles assertions? Why not produce papers? You could do with the papers what youd like. In the internet age you dont have to ask permission to share information with people around the world. Based on your disposition, you could be saving millions of lives but instead hide behind a cynical wall of examples of whats wrong with the system. Modern science is broken, but the scientific method is not. Until you or jim mans up this “miracle cure” will forever stay in the hands of yourselves and a few dozen loyal followers. Real doctors and real scientists need to speak with one another in technical terms and papers are how its done. It has nothing to do with the fda, vaccines, obamacare, big pharma etc. This is about having something to show for… How many decades of mms?

    3. Cecile Hodgens

      Hi Adam, my 10 years boy has had H.pylori since he is 3 and the whole family is infected, we have tried the quadruple antibiotique therapy which didn’t. We have a lot a bad side effects from this bacteria especially my son. I would like to take MMS but what would be the dosage for him, 10 years old and 37 kg ? Thank you for your help. Cecile

      1. Cecile — who told you that having H.pylori was bad and needed to be eradicated? QUADRUPLE ANTIBIOTIC therapy would certainly be ineffective because it throws the child’s environment further out of balance. Your family is more likely “infected” with chemicals, rather than H.pylori. Feeding the body with more chemicals only complicates matters. I don’t know anything about your eating or drinking habits, or environment, that are contributing to your son’s and family’s “problem” with H.pylori. For example, what types of beverages does he normally drink? Unless the predominant one is water, then he’s likely dehydrated… as well as the rest of your family.

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