An OnDoc ‘Scenario’ via Storyboard

Great or significant ideas don’t often jump out at you. That’s especially true with the subject of healthcare. Healthcare isn’t just not sexy, it’s more likely to be a drain on one’s psychological libido. It cleans individual and family bank accounts like a powerful Dyson vacuum cleaner on steroids. The ease and regularity with which healthcare professionals and their institutions…

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A Prime Value: OnDoc’s Healthcare Advocate Solution Service

The healthcare system has become a monolith in the social consciousness of America, that continues, much like a cancer, to grow out of control. Its growth has come at the expense, and I mean that in several ways, of our health. Let’s look at the word “monolith”: a large and impersonal political, corporate, or social structure as intractably indivisible and…

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OnDoc for the ‘Undoctored’

I was recently introduced to, and began recommending a new healthcare service called OnDoc. It is not healthcare insurance. I could offer a few sarcastic reasons to support this statement, but for now, will simply say that it is more likened to healthcare assurance. Part of the fast-growing telehealth sector of the healthcare field, OnDoc is a private, simple, effective,…

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