Choosing Our Words Mindfully

In February 2018, Vitalik Buterin, creator of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, gifted ether valued at the time of $2.4 million to SENS Research Foundation, which was founded by Dr. Aubrey de Grey, author of Anti-Aging.

Since the price of an ether was around $800 at that time, that donation lost significant value as part of the overall decline in market capitalization of the cryptospace.

Given the quiet, steady, and accelerated migration into the space by individuals, investors, and organizations the downturn in ether and bitcoin valuation will change… is changing even now.

Bitcoin prices may have bottomed out on June 23, when it was $5,755.

The investment in anti-aging technology, however, was a very large waste for anyone really wanting to know how to “end aging”, as much as it is when we hear solemn vows to “fight disease”.

The good thing about investments by Buterin and others, is that it shows people are not only thinking about the problems and issues facing society today and into the future, but they are also seeking to do something positive about changing things.


They are willing to put their “money”… crypto or otherwise, where their hearts are. Problem is that this is one thing that “money” can’t and won’t buy. Money is not a substitute for knowledge. Indeed, it is often an impediment.

This is because no outside agency, such as a pill, serum, money, or any type of technology, or even the newest darling, artificial intelligence (AI) will supersede the dictates of real consciousness.

There is a way to achieve what Buterin and others have shown such an interest in, and commitment to. The answers and mechanisms exist within each of us.

Profit, in the outward sense, may, or may not be involved. Investment is involved, but it’s not toward an outside activity. Instead it is on an inward journey.

Inward Journey Outfitters

Mindful Thoughtz Home Page

I started Mindful Thoughtz as a way to address, exercise, activate, propagate and strengthen trends in thinking which have, whether many see it or not, been highly biased toward the ideas of disease, crime, war, deceit, and death.

As a society we are seeing the upturn in these phenomena in spite of available knowledge, both historical and intellectual, as to how to change them. As such, we are taking this precipitous slide in quality of life, in spite of possessing the intelligence and ability to fix the problems we are causing.

We seem unaware that humanity can far more prosperous, individually and collectively, through cooperative efforts than competitive ones, which is all that politics, war and conventional medicine are all about.

Peace is one example of an idea that so many truly desire, but question whether it is possible. They question because they think that some people or “groups” over there are “bad”.

They think that because that is about the only way they have seen others portrayed; convinced that it’s not safe to leave their houses.

An Inward Evolution

We see broadcasts of people “go off” here and there, killing a group, or videos of cops going off on innocent, under-armed, and unarmed citizens. Based on their tolerance for abuse, or fear of “authorities,” people then take sides, some to say “the victim should have obeyed!” or calling out the abuse of power and crime against humanity that they had witnessed.

You will find no logic by trying to rationalize these behaviors at a macro level, and the true factors behind these events are rarely examined earnestly. So the trends that suggest some fundamental cataclysm, whether it is social, environmental, or ecclesiastic, continue.

We can change these trends… but not by gun control, not by walls, RFID chips or force fields. Instead, its the most basic of tools that everyone has; ones we’re already using now.


Mindful Thoughtz will offer products ~ the usual (and some unusual) clothing options for women, men, and kids, beverage containers, and more, that lend themselves as billboards to remind each ~ the wearer and observer ~ what is important.

Vortex Women’s Sports Bra [Royal Blue]

Print-on-Demand technology has made the virtual store that is now Mindful Thoughtz possible. But online stores are a dime a dozen. Most of the ideas that are promulgated in most products merchandised is actually mindless.

Men's high-top sneakers on Mindful Thoughtz
Joi de Vie / Love Men’s Warm Yellow High-top Sneakers

We are nearing 100 products.

THIONIZING Unisex Flip-Flops

Each has some way to touch, in a positive way, the consciousness, not only of the one wearing, but all who see them.

Love / Peace Women’s Flowy Racerback Tank

In this case, the design or “style” is secondary to the thought.

In the video below, I talk more about this process.

We always have a choice. What we have in our social order, is the idea that we don’t have one; that we must “chagrin and bear” the many insulting and injurious initiatives we’re exposed to each day.

By others’ words.

Time to choose your own… mindfully.

Please visit Mindful Thoughtz and tell others. If you see a design that you like and would love it on another garment too, let us know. If you have a mindful idea that you‘d love to present through this medium and are not inclined to do what we’ve done, let us know too. If we’re in resonance, we’ll create it.

The possibilities are actually unlimited… just like we are. Many are waking up to the fact that we have been sold on the idea that some are limited, weak, isolated, abandoned, “bad”, “worthless”, and alone.

We can change many of the larger issues that we face, but first, we need to wake up to the truth, and be reminded that the power to change the course of human history, rests with us, as we are the best us we know.

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