Blockchain Evangelism at the 2017 TeslaTech Conference

After getting a few hours sleep I’ll make the 560 drive from Las Vegas to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to attend the Extraordinary Technology Conference, which most know as “TeslaTech”.

Each year thousands of people converge on the largest city in the Land of Enchantment to see and hear unconventional, and in some circles, impossible products and discourses from some of the brightest minds that so few people know about or appreciate.

At Tesla Tech, people come with solutions to problems that “science” has yet to solve, if you go by what mainstream media tells us.

Here is a sampling of videos and interviews that I’ve done at previous conferences.

Tesla Energy Lights: For the Human Biofield: Aeron Goldheart

Chi Lites LED Photostimulators

InMotion SCV Test Ride

A “Forever” Energy Cell From the Zero Point

Growing Gold in a Microwave: John Milewski, PhD

Paul Pantone (1950-2015)

I met Paul on my first TeslaTech trip in 2011. He gave a compelling presentation of a modality he called “GEET” (Global Environment Energy Technology). Afterwards I approached him for an interview, which he readily agreed to.

This is that conversation. My podcast was called, “Talk For Food”.

After seeing this, Paul indicated that it was a nice interview, but I talked too much (an observation occasionally made by others). However, he said if i really wanted to learn something, I’d come for a visit to his home in Oklahoma, where he could explain and demonstrate a few things.

I took him up on the offer, and within about 60-days time, I spent three days at Paul’s place. The first day we talked, without the camera rolling. I didn’t make the same mistake the next two days.

This video is a trailer from my visit with Paul, which became a 3-disc set (now available on Vimeo) that I titled, Indelible Promise.

Indelible Promise ~ Paul Pantone: American Inventor from Adam Abraham on Vimeo.


Paul phased from this plane late 2015 after a steady decline in his health. This footage was taken a year prior, in Albuquerque, where he moved to from Oklahoma.

Analog Cryptocurrency Seed Planting

You might think that the people behind TeslaTech, and conference attendees are cryptocurrency early adopters, and you’d be wrong. Although it could be said that since an estimated 96% of the population does not have a wallet, or know more than cursory information about bitcoin and other alt-coins, we are all early adopters.

So I created an “old school” conversation starter, to call people’s attention to the bitcoin and “money” subject in general, and Trade Coin Club, which is demonstrating itself to be a trustworthy platform and ecology by which to leverage one’s capital to “grow” bitcoin.

A “buy and hold” will certainly work, but in trading, profits are taken when the price goes both up *and* down. Trade Coin Club members can further accelerate their gains by rolling profits into trade principle (effectively compounding), and through five different levels and types of referral commissions.

Another TCC member from Denver who visited with us in Las Vegas earlier today realized that his $6,000 in fiat value converted into bitcoin and traded through his Trade Coin Club membership had become $60,000 (in January value) in 6 months time *not including the rise in bitcoin value*. He has gone from 6 BTC (which $6,000 could purchase then), to 60 BTC today. The value of 60 BTC *at this moment* is $151, 083.

By the time you read this, who knows what it’ll be?

I am not an advocate of “buying and holding” bitcoin. They should be *exchanged*, not hoarded. We should strive to build an adequate supply, which I suggest calling, a *private reserve*.

But that’s another post or three.

TCC Referral Link

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