Quiet Reflection: ‘In Dependence’ Day

When “holiday” times come like today, I tend to be in a different state of mind. My take on this “life” narrative has changed dramatically in the past few years. Now, days like the 4th of July, dubbed “Independence Day”, rehash and retrace narratives that are intended to build patriotism, but what exactly *is* “patriotism”?

Here’s the dictionary definition: “the quality of being patriotic; vigorous support for one’s country.”

While few will question the definition, that is not the true meaning of patriotism. The etymology of words hold much symbolism and meaning from earlier times, long ago faded from memory.

But are “faded” memories forgotten? Or do the words we choose hold relevant meaning today that we are simply not seeing?

A disconnect in the meaning of “patriotism” comes when the recipient of the *vigorous support* is suggested to be “country”. *Nationalism* is a more effective and correct conveyor of that idea.

Instead of vigorous support for one’s country, patriotism would suggest vigorous support for the patriarch, which, from roots from Roman times and Latin, would be *patriarcha* or “chief bishop”.

That makes more sense.

In his book, A People’s History of the United States: 1492 – Present, Howard Zinn recounts from the diaries of Spanish “conquistadors” (conquerors), on a quest for gold, in their encounters with the Arawak Indians. This book of 600+ pages and originally published in 1980, is available as a pdf that is definitely worth reading.

Columbus was a patriot. He demonstrated vigorous support for the patriarchs of his society; the king and queen of the day, whom he sold on the idea of traveling west to get east (they knew the planet was a sphere then, while some are “proving” it is flat today). What Columbus did as a patriot in his day has carried through the history of Western “Civilization”, which has been predicated on lie after lie, and atrocity after atrocity.

Zinn’s book isn’t the only chronicle. It was simply a convenient reference point.

The dominoes are still falling.

This morning’s thoughts.

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