Way Beyond Money: The Importance of Bitcoin

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I have had quite a bit to say about bitcoin lately, but have taken little time to write. My evangelizing about the coin and its implications has been so constant and intense (for me anyway), that one subscriber on my YouTube channel asked if I had turned it into The Bitcoin Channel. It would have been a fair question (and a great idea). However, the significance of the answer extends far beyond the realm of money in general, or personal income for myself.

Not that there is anything wrong with money, or personal gain. Well, there’s a lot wrong with money as we presently know it. And we have been psychologically influenced to think that something’s wrong with the idea of personal gain. However, if we don’t “gain” personally as a rule, then what other options do we have?

Permitting Ourselves to Gain

All we that we encounter experientially is an outgrowth of recurring patterns of thinking, largely influenced by people we know and trust, or had reason to believe that we could. Trust that has been disrupted is, at times, difficult to take. However, that is where the journey to growth or gain must begin.

Great financial gains are in the offing with bitcoin, but bitcoin is (are) not “money”. It exists as a product of human genius and cooperation. Not only is bitcoin “out of the box,” it has the potential to break the box altogether. Here too I must be mindful of my use of words. Bitcoin won’t “do” or “break” anything. The truth is, that we can achieve these feats, not by “investing” in bitcoin, but by using it to do, experience, and achieve everything wonderful that we have imagined.

Not just for ourselves, but our communities, nations, and planet.

Your initial steps into the CryptoSphere to acquire bitcoin will look like investment, but that is where the similarity ends. Investments are sequestered; their use limited to very specific times, places, or conditions. Bit will help us, and we will help ourselves best, if we use a portion of our store of as a value exchange method instead using “regular” money.

Imagine not needing (or even wanting) to use this stuff.

The chance to build a store of a “money” whose value doesn’t “deflate” is one of the reasons I created a new site called Bitcoin Accrual, as well as a Facebook Community by the same name. It is to show reason that actually trumps “making money” in importance. I can envision tens of millions of people actively accruing a sufficient personal store of bitcoin while they are still relatively within the realm of conceivable reach-ability, to get some.

Even as the price of each bitcoin rises one will still only need a correspondingly small number because greater adoption (and trust) increases the economic and social value of each unit.

I will talk about specific bitcoin accrual sites and strategies, for there are many, later. Like a game of musical chairs, casts and characters have already come and gone, to be replaced by new ones. Bitcoin have been gained and lost in this process. Actually, they were exchanged. Sometimes with a sense of profit and at others, with great loss. I have experienced both in a very short period of time. However, loss is no reason to retreat into a cocoon to lick one’s wounds and make “the loser” one’s story. A slightly thicker skin would do one well, for profound character-building and demonstrating opportunities will be found in this new freedom space.

When I speak of freedom with bitcoin, the financial context is one of many to choose from.

Money has intruded in, and become a part of virtually every aspect of life in this day and age that the calculated, deliberate, invasive intent behind the trend has rarely been even noticed, much less questioned. As I began “noticing” bitcoin in February 2017, the contrast in styles and performance, as well as the ubiquity of traditional money’s influence, became clear.

The video below sums up a situation that is facing virtually every person on the planet.

I saw the above video right after producing and uploading the presentation below. I thought about its message long and hard before completing it, as one could come to a number of wrong conclusions about its intention, but on the other hand, we have been lied to and exploited so fully, for so long, that many of our orthodox ways of thinking would normally cause one to draw the wrong conclusion about truth, because we have been so effectively and systematically fed a diet of lies.

I could go into some of the lies we’ve been fed as truth, but that could turn into a book unto itself. I’ll spare you the time for now, and share the assembled thoughts in this video.

I needed to present the ideas in this way to crack open a glimpse of the larger problem, and solution that we face; one that includes, but transcends the subject of money. I will be suggesting, encouraging, recommending that each individual begins to learn, acquire, and then use bitcoin, as well as discover an entire cast of additional cryptocurrencies that are following the trail that bitcoin has blazed.

It’s beautiful to watch… and more.

Many who are, or will be newly aware of bitcoin and the new financial world that it represents, will not have the nearly $3,000 that it takes to purchase just one bitcoin, nor will they see how going to such efforts would, in any way, make a significant change in the quality of their life.

That is where various accrual platforms, mostly based on bitcoin, but in time, will feature other emerging cryptos as they mature, comes in.

I have positions in two bitcoin accrual platforms and extend an invitation for you to join one or both, as it may suit you. They both will leverage your deposit and your reward your efforts to introduce others to the new economic world in such a way to “grow” a store of bitcoin which which to transform your life.

They are called Jet-coin and Trade Coin Club respectively. They are not the only such accrual platforms, nor will I assert that they are “the best” there are. In upcoming installments I will speak to what they do and how, why they work for me now, and may (either one or both) work for you too.

Rest assured there are other things to talk about. We’ll get to them, one-by-one, while emancipating ourselves from a too long-standing tyranny.

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