Life Without Food: Day 17

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It is amazing how dramatically the body can change in a short period of time. On day 17 of a 40-day water fast, the scale reports that I am 163 pounds. I was roughly 182 lbs at the start. This was a reduction from 209 lbs on January 22, when I did a 9-day water and juice fast, and then followed up by adopting a diet that consisted of fruits and nuts. I didn’t go to Jenny Craig, didn’t take “Slimfast”.

Weight loss was not my primary goal. My main objective is repair, regeneration, and restoration. These terms are not normally associated with general medical practices, where one considers themself fortunate if they “survive” the treatments. Since the “disease” gets blamed for the ailment, the medical practice, which is so catastrophic to the internal ecosystem as to be considered barbaric, is overlooked.

The statement in the above graphic illustrates my point. The “medical error” that is entirely overlooked and unacknowledged are the actual causal factors that brought the condition in the first place. When cause is known, the reasons that the pathology evolved become clear, and easily rectified. In fact, it can be done by the individual without going to the doctor.

As such an entire industry has been built around teaching, and then treating effects, through “medical practice”, while leaving causes shrouded in mystery. We’re then encouraged to believe that the latest pill or “breakthrough” technology may solve our problem, absolving ourselves from the need to look in the mirror and examine our own very changeable personal habits and practices.

Unlike an automobile, the body is a living organism, which is comprised of a complex ecosystem of living organisms. Their purpose is to maintain the health and longevity of the entire structure by playing their respective roles. They serve their function best in an optimal environment. However, that environment is compromised and degraded almost immediately at birth when medical policies mandate that chemicals be insinuated into the ecology under the premise of “preventing” diseases that haven’t happened.

We’ve been sold a bill a goods, and are paying dearly for the deception.

Parents roll the dice with each shot.

Millions upon millions of microorganisms are killed with each injection of vaccines; microorganisms that are naturally predisposed to interact with each other homogeneously for the unified purpose of ensuring the longevity and physical health of the “host.” The balance between this vast civilization is upset by the acidifying effects of the chemicals that invade this flawlessly designed ecosphere, all with our permission. We may have misgivings, but because we do not know enough, we allow the vaccine injections and hope that things don’t go south.

We don’t see how vaccines can impair neurological and cognitive function, setting the stage for diseases to come. All with our consent, because we don’t know our physiology well enough.

When you know your physiology well enough, you begin to see that virtually all medical practice is malpractice. Okay, perhaps that’s a little harsh. I’m sure that the vast majority of doctors believe that the causes and remedies prescribed by their profession are appropriate, and based on sound principles. They are taught (1) not to question the “authorities” that taught them, and (2) not to be questioned by anyone who is not of the “professional stature” that they have achieved. That includes the patient that they administer drugs to, and  “practice” their procedures on.

By choosing to forego all input except water, I have changed the ecological landscape inside my body. I have cut out all sugar additives, particularly the artificial ones, which we often get whether we know it or not. My body has therefore had to produce glucose from available resources. I have cut out all meats, which, because they are in a state of decay, naturally hold elements and compounds that are intended to break down the flesh and return it to the Earth. My body is relieved of having to process this waste product.

While I haven’t had a live blood analysis, I suspect that it looks much better today than it did a few years ago when “flecks” of residue were sprinkled among the cells.

Fasting: Not “easy”, but pays many dividends.

The repair, regeneration, and restoration that I want to see most, involves the area around my groin, which is dominated by a large growth. Thus far, I have not seen any noticeable change. This is something that took many years of certain eating choices and habits to evolve into what it is. I don’t know that it will be resolved in 40 days. I do know that the environment inside my body is different now, and what I eat, and how I eat in the future will differ from the past.

There are other levels of restoration available, more subtle, which occur when one is ready, and the environment is conducive, and you might say, conductive. Time will tell whether they happen.If they do, I’ll pass it on too.

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3 Thoughts to “Life Without Food: Day 17”

  1. northerntracey

    Thankyou for this great blog. I’ll be following with interest xx

  2. Steffan Lucas

    Dear Adam, I love your posts as they remind me that there are still individuals out there who have a mind of their own and are manifesting action based on their own experience and intuition, rather than be ruled by the ingrained prejudices of society. But I am wondering, besides gifting you with insight into the fallacies of our society and the modern medical industry, what has been your subjective experience of prolonged fasting thus far?

  3. Kathleen

    Thank you for sharing your journey. Your openness along your path of discovery is so valuable. Very insightful. — Kathleen

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