Rebooting Myself: The Ultimate Journey

the ultimate journey

I didn’t watch President Trump’s speech yesterday, so I don’t know what he said, and have no opinion about it, other than we got what we were willing to bet on, and that he remains the lesser of the “two evils” that Americans were given the illusion of choosing.

Mr. Trump is not our problem, nor our solution. Irrespective of who caused, or is still causing our problems, they are ours to solve, not Trump’s. The Solution has always been, and remains within each of us; so the Journey must begin there.

This is not a “prayer” thing. It’s about conscious awareness, gaining self-knowledge, knowing what works, what does not work, and why, and then applying said knowledge to change our own life.

That’s why I’m writing now.

With Dr. Konstantin Korotkov in Sedona (2011).

The picture above was taken from an interview that I did with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov in May 2011. Dr. Korotkov developed a technology referred to as electrophotonic imaging, which is able to detect, visualize, and analyze subtle energy emanations that are naturally given off by people, plants and animals, materials, and substances such as water.

eofcHe has also authored several books on subtle energy, including The Energy of ConsciousnessThe Energy of Space and Light After Life.

Subtle energy, which is known by other terms, such as Chi, prana, ka and ether, actually represents the foundation that is of iceberg proportions to everything that we see, feel, and experience. HOWEVER, generally speaking, the vast majority of us can’t see, or feel it, and science can’t measure or meter, and thereby control it. So the subtle reality is considered by science to be a speculative or conjectural factor at best. At least, that’s what they teach, and want us to believe.

Dr. Korotkov’s technology, as well as his research, tells, confirms, and helps us to better understand a very different scenario. It allows people who presently can’t see such things (which makes it easy to dismiss or “dis-believe” them), to see correlations that are affecting our lives, while yet being invisible.

Here’s how the human energy field looks to people who can see them. Please note that you hear, and are taught nothing about this, the iceberg of you, in school. Doctors are worse. Not only are they taught nothing about the human energetic nature, they are conditioned to respond to the subject and anyone who brings it up with dismissal and disdain.


I can’t speak to the purposes and functions elucidated by the source of the above image, but the representation is consistent with that of many other modern and arcane authorities on subtle energy.

As such, the representation shown by Dr. Korotkov’s electrophotonic imaging systems can be a great help to offer insights into this little known, and even less regarded, part, not only of ourselves, but of all life.

Energy field reading from Dr. Korotkov’s Bio-Well system.

While I had met and interviewed Dr. Korotkov several years before, I never did get around to producing or releasing the video, for when I saw the footage, I was shocked to see this:

Is that Man Pregnant?!

What was I packing?

Call me what you want, but with regard to the appearance of health, the contrast was between the my sense of myself and how I actually looked, was too to take. Even though I could mask my extra “load” by zooming in during editing, I simply closed the file. It remains unfinished to this day.

We’ve grown accustomed to being shamed into loving ourselves just as we are, telling ourselves, or letting doctors tell us we’re “healthy” if we don’t feel pain at that moment. And to be clear, I do love myself, just as I am. I am well practiced at that. But I am also honest. Being honest doesn’t mean not being loving. It simply means acknowledging when change is appropriate, and then committing ourselves to changing. This generally requires acquiring knowledge that we don’t presently possess. That becomes the first commitment… not to “believe,” but to know.

We are generally ignorant (1) of the long-term price we’re paying for loads that of some very fundamental and changeable customs and practices that will and are taking us down the slippery slope to degenerating health, which the Medical Industrial Complex is more than happy to service us for, if we can pay.


Programmed to Not Only to Fail, but to Not Try

The psychological consequence of present methods of dealing with the increasing intrusion of pathologies is the general assumption that one can do little (1) without the “help” of a doctor’s pill (or other wonder remedy) or (2) a LOT of grueling “gerbil” work (exercise, etc.).

What we remain even more ignorant of, are the causes of said pathologies, how avoidable and reversible they can be without anyone else’s help or great expense, and how synthetic drugs, which exacerbate an already artificially compromised system, are not the remedy.

Wake-up calls are rarely pleasant. Most of the time, we don’t even notice them, permitting ourselves to continue our slumber. Sometimes, doing nothing is all we can do because, while we may know what Kim Kardasian did to make her stretch marks disappear, how many pounds an NFL football is supposed to be inflated, or think the evidence is valid that the earth is actually flat, we have no clue of who and what makes us sick (and how). Until we change this for ourselves, we are ill-prepared to change our situation.

That’s not who, or how I wanted to be. If I really cared about health and healing, then it was clear that I needed to apply what I learned, to me.

No Quick Answers

If you asked me, my lifestyle was a “healthy” one. I had learned much about nutrition, although there was, and are always areas of disagreement from various experts. I proudly considered myself an omnivore. Occasionally a beef eater (enjoyed a good burger or bison), fish, pork (barbecue), (meat lovers) pizza, and poultry… with a deceptive fondness for sweets.

Needless to say I’ve done many videos since that afternoon with Dr. Korotkov, and although these years have passed, I will eventually finish it, as the information remains relevant today.

Source: Metro UK

Not wanting to vie for a competing role on “My 600 lb Life” (what people won’t do to get a TV show), I took steps to remedy the situation by “eating better.”

For me that meant adding more “live” foods to my diet, green leafy salads, smoothies with all sorts of healthy additives, even raw eggs.

It helped some, but the results weren’t getting me anywhere near where I wanted to go.

The picture below was taken in August 2014, at Phoenix airport as I left for a month in Europe that included stints in London, France, Spain, and Amsterdam. While my belly didn’t look as bad from that angle, it still protruded enough for me to vow to “come back home without it.” Whether I believed it was possible, I definitely wanted to.

2014: Still carrying more “baggage” than I wanted.

When I returned home, I still had a “belly pack.”

A bigger than wanted belly and extra weight were only visible indicators of other anomalies that might have easily been dismissed, or passed off to “getting older.” The nails on my big and “pinky” toes grew abnormally thick. However, in 2012-2013 my scrotum had suddenly grown abnormally large. While not painful, it affected activities a man would rather not feel the need to apologize for.

After speaking with a number of healthcare people, and having learned enough to appreciate the importance of balance, I made a conscious decision to not seek medical remedy, which would have been surgery or some drug regimen as long as there was insurance to pay for it.

Through extensive observation and research, including the knowledge gained publishing books on health, my involvement with “the Miracle Mineral Supplement” (better known as “MMS”), and discovering the power and nature of water, I knew it was possible to restore normal function.

I was determined to do it for myself.

This led me to discover and try many more modalities and technologies, which we will not be itemizing at this time.

A Fair Question About MMS

Someone wrote me the other day and asked me why I didn’t and don’t talk about MMS, which I have some knowledge about, but chose not to consider in endeavoring to address my situation. The solution that is made from a small amount of sodium chlorite (NaClO2), to which a light acid is added, has helped many people (including the recovery of over 200 children who had been diagnosed with autism), improve their conditions. If you’re not aware of anything else, then it’s definitely worth using. I have absolutely no regrets for the time I spent learning about, then writing, interviewing, and producing videos about MMS.


My friend Daniel Smith still serves time in federal prison for “trafficking” MMS and intent to defraud the government (not for harming anyone). I shudder to think of the suffering that the people who found MMS, used it and benefited from that decision might have gone through had Daniel (and others) not done what they did. As it presently stands, history writers aren’t telling a kind story about MMS. But as it presently stands, “history” still celebrates people who have done humanity a great disservice.

Not Product, but Environment, Balance, and Process

Any disease pathology that forms is an issue of environment, its balance, and process. Balance gets a lot more attention than the environment, and process is ignored altogether. We talk about “pathogens” as though they are “bad” and must be killed off to “save” the patient, but don’t acknowledge that the environment that the pathogens formed in was right and ripe for said formation. We never look at the process which brought the environment into the condition it was in. Certain pathogens are only pathogenic under certain circumstances, such as when there isn’t sufficient oxygen in the environment for normal respiration.

Some “pathogens,” such as streptococcus and Escherichia coli, are actually essential for health, if the environment itself is balanced. If it is not, such as when oxygen levels are low, they have the ability to change their method of respiration, so as to continue living. However, they too are now under stress. They too are not healthy. But guess what? If they couldn’t change themselves in the now more hostile environment, the host would be dead already.

What does the medical practitioner say needs to be done? Kill the pathogen by any means necessary, generally by antibiotics. Because we have been taught that “germs” are bad, we permit a holocaust inside our own temple.

Though they tended to dismiss this interpretation when I was involved, MMS is a novel way to make more oxygen available to an environment that has, by certain process, become oxygen-deficient.

Oxygen is Special Among Gases for Life

From Paramagnetism: Discovering Nature’s Secret Force for Growth, by Philip Callahan, Ph.D.

Oxygen has a very special quality among gases of having what are termed paramagnetic properties. It is, by a wide margin, the gas (vapor) with the highest paramagnetic properties in all the Periodic Table. Paramagnetism, which is not well understood in mainstream science, is essential for the life; including that of plants, animals, and people.

If we understood these simple truths, we would not allow any vaccines to be given or taken, because they immediately and effectively lower the life-sustaining availability of oxygen. But scientists persist in telling (lying to) us that vaccines are still the best thing since sliced bread, and that its use must not just be maintained, but intensified.

Only if we don’t know better.

So I have made the understanding and restoration of balance my main objective. Products can certainly help, but product isn’t the only factor; not even the main one.

If I hadn’t decided to “live with” this anomalous condition and use it as motivation to learn, I shudder to think where I’d be now.

The Journey is Still Just Beginning

I have learned of, and tried many modalities beyond MMS. ALL of them have their merits, and can boast of phenomenal results. Few if any are “FDA approved” or evaluated. We no longer need to ask ourselves why.

This is not to diminish MMS either. The results that people report is a far more reliable indicator of the potential efficacy of method than any that may be published in “peer-reviewed journals”. Why? Money, reputation, tenure, pride, professional status. Pick your vice. All of these factors are at play when a bunch of elitist ivory tower types get together and decide to tell us what color the sky is supposed to be, thinking that we don’t have the ability to figure it out ourselves.

We’re taught to think that we cannot figure this shit out. That’s what the convoluted language and narrative-building around disease schemes is about. They weave a story around complicated language, show us some data, and we let go of common sense and agree to take poisons to “fight” a bug that, itself, is actually trying to keep the body alive in spite of other stupid abuses we’ve adopted (the process factor), not knowing their stupidity, likely because some (paid) celebrity was promoting it.

No thanks…

If you want to begin getting truth, money must be demoted from its role as motivating force in the decision matrix.

Of course, there are honest health care professionals out there. Interesting, the rash of naturopathic doctors that experienced sudden departures from this reality between 2015/2016, with gunshot wounds, found floating in rivers, and other mysterious ways.


If we don’t appreciate and understand the stress factors inherent in familiar habits (process) that cause environments to destabilize and balance to wane, we will continue taking or allowing them, which is one of the main reasons that “diseases” tend to return with great regularity.

An Obscure Source of Health (and Life) Wisdom

I recently came across an obscure, but amazing information source, whose logic is impeccable, science is comprehensible, and his command of history reveals both the progression and purpose of the current system, whose dysfunction is intentional, which means it is functioning as designed.


His name is, or was Hilton Hotema, born George R. Clements (1878-1970). I included a Wikipedia link too, but don’t be surprised if it disappears. It is already flagged for having “issues,” and that the author may not meet the organization’s “notability” criteria.

Fur sure!

Hotema’s works are notable because they do something that someone has spent centuries trying to keep from humanity; they tell you exactly how we’ve been fucked, by whom, for how long, and why. In addition, he gives valuable information on physiology, and what we can do to help ourselves.

Oh… did I say that he charts the re-write of human history through the fabrication of an external “God” figure, through a publication, 1,000 years in the making, called the Bible?

Man is eternal, with no “beginning” or “end”. The Divine Presence and Intelligence that makes one, makes ALL… that powers one, powers ALL. Some excerpts from one of Hotema’s books.

Truth is stranger than fiction, especially in this world of organized fraud and ignorance, where a Teacher of Truth (or who actually help the sick to heal) is considered a dangerous person, because knowledge based on Truth sets man free of his enslavers (Jn 8:32).

It should not be thought strange that the silver cord seems to appear out of nothing, when we know that all colors of the rainbow just as seemingly appear out of nothing, being contained in the clear light surrounding the earth.

In that apparently clear light is contained all things that appear visible on earth. Simply supply the proper occasion and condition, and the forms appear on the visible plane.

From the Primary Cell composed of invisible atoms, and out of invisible substance contained in the clear light surrounding the earth, the body and its organs are produced by cells endowed with Infinite Intelligence.

It is astounding to observe that the cells, by their work, prove that they possess a prevision of the future structure and its purpose, and they synthesize from the atomic substance that appears to be contained in the plasma, not only the building material, but the builders.

The Eternal Elements of Universal Production are endowed with the properties of prevision and provision. They know the end of the beginning and the beginning from the end. These elements proceed in an orderly cycle that has extended throughout eternity. They know their purpose and their work. For they have always done it and will always do it, now and forever. ~ Facts of Nutrition (p.9)

I could go on. It’s actually hard to stop, because (1) it rings true, and (2) it feels great to discover or perhaps uncover these little known information about the nature of our being.

Here we have been thinking that “bugs” were our enemies that needed to be killed off, to fight some malicious force, only to discover that the malicious force is greed born of ignorance and stoked by fear. Both of which we can cure ourselves of.

I am reading and enjoying Clements’ work as I have that of Walter Russell and other luminaries. The insights shared in his work are as relevant today as they were when published over 50 years ago. While it was the second book of his that I have read so far (and I am now on my fourth and fifth), I would suggest starting with Man’s Higher Consciousness (which can also be found as a pdf, but the Kindle version is great if you have a tablet to read on). Before moving on, I’m going to give you one more tidbit from Cosmic Creation, Part II.

Word of God

The Bible was made, presented to the masses as the “Word of God,” and became the law of the Christian world. To question any statement in it meant speedy death for the impious offender; it was not until 1816 that a “papal bull” to torture and death (by burning) at the stake for opinion’s sake.

History states that between 1600 and 1670, the Inquisition in Spain alone roasted alive 31,912 victims for questioning the Bible.

“This mode of execution was employed to avoid the spilling of human blood.” (Wall p. 339).

Livingston states that in Spain and Italy more than seventy million victims were put to death for questioning the Bible (p. 141)

And so, the authors and historians of the Christian world from the 4th century to the 19th, fearing to incur the wrath of the Church, shaped their work to fit the biblical pattern.

There is so much more. And this is not to condemn religion, for most people earnestly believe what they are taught to believe ~ from people that they trust ~ to be true. This is also the case with most medical professionals. They do not suspect that their training was faulty on purpose, and for a purpose.

I looked, but could not find a papal bull of 1816, and you can find many sites that minimize, dismiss, or justify many of the actions taken by Church leaders, such as torture being permitted in order to obtain the truth. But here’s a link to look up some of the history for yourself.

Notice that the list is incomplete!

It becomes easy to see how, and why “believers” would be very disinclined to question the authority of the pope, the Bible, or any other self-appointed (or elected) “authority”, given the social and cellular memories that have been imprinted in human consciousness. But this is why so many still slumber, and exactly the darkness that each, in his or her own way, must awaken from.

Given the timeline that Hotema gave for ending death for questioning, it’s interesting to note that the practice of issuing vaccinations began roughly 15 years previous, around 1800, when Edward Jenner (1749-1823), sold the idea that cow pox, which was much easier to obtain and culture, was essentially a substitute of equivalent effectiveness in treating smallpox. While Jenner is lionized in orthodox medical history, his story didn’t hold scientific water either, and still doesn’t.

Source: The Truth About Cancer

It’s All Connected

I could go on writing, for there is so much to understand. This is partly why I don’t write as often. It takes time and energy to do this, yet it’s worth it.

Our first objective is to know ourselves, for the more you know who you are, the more you will love who you are. Why? Because you are amazing. We are made of magical stuff that works on our behalf and to our benefit, even when we don’t.

One other Hotema observation, is that we are designed to need nothing but the Breath of Life. In other words, matters of health, disease, poverty or well-being are all the result of acquired habits that we have come to believe, erroneously or purposefully, are necessary for life. Again, the bell of Truth rings loudly.

So I started this missive with a picture that was embarrassing, and on the basis of insights gained from the discovery of this and many other great sources of wisdom, have made some changes that, if you want to know, I will tell you about.

This is how I look now.

Noticeable, positive results in a short period of time.
Not done by a long shot, but a great start!

I didn’t have to hold my belly in for the last picture. The changes you see here happened in the course of about 2 weeks. My body went from around 209 lbs to 194. Waist size, from 36″ to 34. All I did was to simply drink water and fruit juice.

After about 10 days, I began consuming smoothies, fruits, and nuts. No meat of any kind, no poultry, no fish. Today, and unfortunately, consuming any of these items, no matter how tasty they are, also means taking in chemicals that went into their production. The cells are simply on overload with all that we allow in our innocent belief that they do little harm. We pay the price, not only in money, but the real important stuff, such as health, longevity, hopes, dreams, joy, discovery, and meaningful accomplishments, all due to lies started over 1,000 years ago that persist to this day.

I’ll share one more thing here that is really important. Just 24 hours after beginning my fast, I discovered, or re-discovered, my thirst impulse for water. I mentioned a sugar habit. What I make of this is discovery is that sugar inhibits thirst for water, as well as what it delivers, which is not just oxygen, but hydrogen too. It is, in my opinion, the number 1 gateway drug in all of society.

Not that it’s “bad” though.

Ponder that one while watching this video.

But I’m not done. Yesterday, I decided to go back on just water and juice for at least 30 days.

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