A Voice and Power From Within: ‘Dear Diary’

Doorway to an inner journey.

By whatever name or tradition you prefer, I send joyful and sincere Holiday greetings to everyone. As this new solar (and soular) cycle ascends, may our appreciation, awareness, trust for, and use of the Great Power within us, also grow.

Did that sound a bit “woo woo”? If so, so be it. It has become evident to me that the netherworld of what mainstream opinion shapers might call woo woo phenomena is where we will find the answers to our very prayers. Hiding not in “plain sight,” because you can’t see this, but still right under and even within our very noses, nonetheless.

The holiday season that ends/begins each annual cycle, with all of its celebratory revelry, contests and competitions, all work quite effectively of keeping the patterns of distraction, from truth, awareness, growth in consciousness and conscience, in place.


Because by doing so, we become practiced and passive observers and participants in events that we think are inevitable and beyond our influence or control. We do not see these experiential unfoldings as the outpicturing and playing of inner dreams, fears, and hopes that we collectively share. As such, we don’t spend nearly enough time looking within ourselves, uncovering the conscious connection to the Great  Aspect that awaits our beckon and call.

We think that “God” is someone, somewhere, and perhaps somewhen other than here and now. Because we don’t call ourselves “reverend,” “father” or by some other ecclesiastic term, or for any of many other reasons, we presume, incorrectly, that we are less likely to receive “heavenly” favor, or more likely to suffer from hellish attention.

Allison P. Long

The cover art above is long overdue. It is for a book, Dear Diary, My Soul Speaks… A Return to Consciousness… A Return to Godhead… shared with me quite some time ago by Allison Patricia Long.

I will refrain from describing Europe-based Long in professional or vocational terms. Her web site simply describes what she does, which includes:

  • Removal of Entities, Attachments, Curses
  • Clearing Elementaries
  • Clearing the Blocks that Stop You in Your Tracks
  • Removing Residue from Trauma
  • Changing the Magnetic Field
  • Energetic Clearing
  • Energetic Vibrational Assessment

I would be hard-pressed to come up with a word or two to describe these services in a vocational sense, but for what I do not know (e.g., clearing Elementaries), I do know that trauma, magnetic fields, and certain energy states are often overlooked and not considered when it comes to restoration of well-being.

I also know that we are impacted by many forces that are unseen, some of our own creation, and others, a product of tacit acceptance. The impulse that caused the concepts to coalesce into Dear Diary would likely reveal many more tantalizing insights into the nether worlds of life that we affect, and are affected by.

Written in a relaxed, informal, diary style, even down to the selection of a handwriting-styled typeface, Long addresses the very essence of what is important to all ~ more than Trump, the Illuminati, New World Order or anything else. That is, the Godhead (her term for God), the Tree of Life (and Light) that each of us are, and our relationship to It.

From beginning to end, Dear Diary is packed with wisdom, and a humility of one knows that for all she knows, there is always more to learn. The reader is not “locked in,” as we have come to expect from self-styled “experts”, to her viewpoint as the ultimate and only interpretation of “What Is.” She knows what her Soul confirms as true to her now, and yet welcomes other points of view.

She appreciates that each individual sits on her own “mountain” perspective-wise, with our primary task and purpose being getting to our own pinnacle, whatever that might mean to us.

I believe that, not only are we all not in the same place but we are also standing on different mountains and our main purpose is getting to the top of ours. We are also not on opposing teams or anything of that nature; we are playing different games – each of us his or her own.

More nuggets.

Finally, I am no feminist, but if anyone tries to persuade me that GOD is male, I would question their belief system, just as I would if their belief system was based on a female GOD. On whose authority can anyone really use this to ground a teaching? It is certainly not based on common sense. All over creation, starting with us, male and female are required to create new life. Therefore it follows that Godhead is both, or, neither.

It is amusing to listen to the discussions that go on regarding this topic. Do we seriously have so much idle time that we can spend it fighting over GOD’s gender?

From virtually any place, you can open Dear Diary and glean a point or concept  worth pondering.

I have only scratched the surface of this wonderful work, leaving the real exploration to you. In the spirit of The Door of Everything by Ruby Nelson, which I was so touched by as to do a reading of the entire book, Dear Diary holds the same intent and strums the same chords.

Here, Long describes clarifications given to her by her Soul, about their relationship:

Since She (referring to her Soul) had to create a body, mind and all that goes with it to get here in the first place, in her quest for adventure and to make those messes, She requires the same to sort them out and get back. When it is all done, She will release the need for the clothing – the body, mind etc. – and re-enter the home as She left. Meanwhile, She dons this apparel every time She decides to come and take another walk on the path. She comes, goes part of the way, goes for a rest, and takes off these clothes. When rested sufficiently, She looks at the map to see where She needs to go next and chooses the apparel suitable for that journey. If you are going to Siberia you would not wear the same clothes or pack the same essentials as you would need for Majorca. The Soul does the same. It packs what It needs for the path It is going to set off on and gets on with it.

Another gem.

To me, my body is like the car that needs a wash from time to time and new parts and a tune up, and my conscious mind is the passenger who always has an opinion or a better idea. My Soul is the driver. There can only be one, but she cannot function without the car and she wants the passenger for good company but just needs her to shut up, be good company and remember her role, and let her/him, the Soul, take care of the driving.

Here is a link to more excerpts.

I have read several books lately by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa (1910-1981), whose writings describe what is essentially the same relationship, except he uses the term Overself. It is gratifying to see the synergies in viewpoints, even when there may be minor differences in interpretation or semantics. I have tremendous respect for the life that T. Lobsang Rampa lived, the example that he set as well as the wisdom that he left behind through his books. The works of Walter and Lao Russell are more examples of priceless knowledge and wisdom that have been left for each of us, like cosmic breadcrumbs to help each to find the way Home. In each case, each had their “blind spots”; factors that they did not see that have now become self-evident from or through  my own seeking.

The choice of a handwriting typeface lends to the book’s more “human” sense.

Thank you Allison for opening up your heart to the power and message of your Soul, and sharing it through Dear Diary. May those with the ears to hear and eyes to see be guided by the wisdom of their own Souls, to take a deeper look at themselves.

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