Election Season: Time to Start Speaking Up

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The Day of Reckoning Draws Near

The Clinton Trump Show is set to come to a head soon and, it will be what it will be. For all the concerns that you hear from politicians during an campaign race about “jobs,” it is rarely considered that, for the most part, those “jobs” will be of little interest to most employees. “Jobs” is the word that politicians use to create a Pavlovianesque salivation response, which suggests that the masses have little in the way of resourcefulness to find or create their own jobs. This notion has evolved, in part, through educational entrainment, early in life, to pursue employability, so as to earn someone’s favor who will pay you money for your favors (i.e., skills). Money is deemed, without question, the way to establish one’s value, both to self, and to society. It is a false notion, and one way that we lose connection to our heart and soul.

As relates to establishing a high quality of life, money can be a byproduct of one’s activity, but not the overarching reason for said activity. protocols_book_cover

Between money and competition, wherein participants take opposing positions and, putting all rational objectivity aside, proceed to cheer every “win” against the opponent (enemy) and protest every retreat, even if it was appropriate. Because the referee, who plays the role of “judge”, is outside of self (like God is generally thought to be), the players/participants do not, and are not expected to self-police, and essentially, do not develop a sense of ethics, trust, truth, or honor. You get away with what you can get away with. The only remorse is in getting caught. And even then, only if the components of the system have the individual or collective will to honor principles.

Currently, our system of politics and government apparently, does not.

There is ample, documented reason to halt the election for failure to present all viable viewpoints that for consideration by the electorate. Now, we know that the people don’t actually vote for the president anyway. However, they are to believe that they do, and it is to appear that they do. That is why there is a large “get out to vote” campaign on. They want the turnout to be high, so as to appear to have a clear mandate to do what they intend to do.

If I say that this is all by design, it is not with a partisan political heart. My partisanship is toward humanity, and the choices that have been presented to humanity are both short sells.

I have mentioned this book before, but it would be a good time to bring up The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion, a book that was first published in 1903. Buy or download and read this book if you dare, and take stock of where we are now, a scant 113 years later. Also know that this is not the only book that describes this kind of thinking.

I first learned of The Protocols from Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins. Some would call him “right wing,” but I simply listen to what he has to say, and how well he supports his facts, which he does quite well.

In the video linked below, Phelps cites a very different historical and political narrative than what you’ll hear on NPR or PBS.

Cozy Alliances

Thirty-seven minutes into the recording he distills the Clinton/Trump dynamic as one of cooperation, not competition. While Mr. Phelps sees that white men are being “played” (and he’s correct), the fact is that everyone is. I have far less problem with his solution, i.e., separate bordered nations organized by racial-purity believers (black, white, etc) if that is what they want. Such a place won’t work for me. You respect my desire to be with whomever I want (and who wants to be with me), and I will respect your right to decide the same for yourself. Don’t impose your beliefs on me, and I’ll simply be content to live my own.

There are black folk who, wanting to preserve their sense of “race,” express the same desire. Personally I don’t agree with, or desire either, but the points of view should be heard and respected, with the understanding that the world, and the universe, is large enough to accommodate them all. When people actually have the opportunity to live out their sense of what is the “right” or “best” for them, they will either be happy and live in peace, or they will change of their own free will… which is also their right to do.

Just like our right to vote for candidates other than “Democrat” or “Republican”. I think we should actually do away with labels and party affiliations, because today we are witnessing the depths that a soulless, heartless, and unprincipled approach, where Phelps and I are both in agreement, has taken us.

I cannot imagine one person who is supporting Hillary Clinton, with all the revelations that are being published, feeling passionate about her succeeding at becoming president. I do not say this in judgment of her as a woman. She does women of the world a great disservice in thinking that gender means anything substantive that is not related to attitude and principle. It is Mrs. Clinton’s superior attitude, which I don’t get from Eric Jon Phelps, and “win at any cost” principles that I object to. It’s not that she will sell her soul to the devil. She’ll sell it to the highest bidder. She is already beholden to people and factions that see profit in war, as was Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and others before them.

Here’s one person who is pretty confident of where he stands with both candidates. Why aren’t the American People as confident? (See story.)

While there is far more genuine enthusiasm for Donald Trump, he remains beneficiary of a corrupt election process, part of an equally corrupt system of governance that is designed to function as a filter for individuals who will be acceptable to the will and whims of someone or ones other than the American People.

Laws Without Principles is Tyranny (and Against the Law)

I have heard people say that we are a Nation of Laws, but that is not true. If it were, we would not still be waiting with baited breath for the moment when the evidence of unlawful and criminal behavior against the Clinton organization is egregious enough that it invalidates her ambitions to be president and can no longer go unprosecuted.

Even the president, to this very day, is still dutifully expressing his support for Hillary. All the king’s actors and all the king’s entertainers are pointing you to his chosen disciple. But what he has in mind through her presidency, you’re not going to like. The next candidate will blame the failure to deliver (what you want) on Republicans.

The interview below, with Julian Assange, is additional evidence that partisanism in politics has ceased being about principles, and is now firmly ensconced in the business of government of the People, but not for the People.

A Facebook Rant

For those who might have missed it, I posted the following thoughts on Facebook a couple days ago, as I was unable to access this site at that time.

I am utterly amazed by how many people appear to be so intent on helping “their guy” or woman “win” a contentious, vindictive, extremely polarized election process that so few really meaningful issues have been raised, or solutions presented.

This shows just how deeply the American public perception has been narrowed to accept candidates that only wear the “Democrat” or “Republican” label. People claim to want change, but are only willing to go so far as one they think can “win”, even if it means nothing really changes outside of problems getting worse.

There is no way that Mrs. Clinton should even be considered for the presidency with all the legal and criminal baggage she carries and the massive evidence of election fraud and malfeasance. However, IF she is disqualified, this does NOT mean that Mr. Trump is the de facto“winner”.

With all the manipulation and dirty tricks, HE also got a pass from having his ideas compared and contrasted against that of candidates of other parties not labeled Democrat and Republican. The American people have been snookered long enough. The voting system can be manipulated, and Mr. Trump may be an “outsider,” but he was “in” enough for Hillary to prefer to run against. She and her husband have behaved as someone who *knew* that the laws didn’t apply to her, while saying publicly that they apply equally to everyone.

This entire election process is corrupt, and is tilted in favor of “Democrats” and “Republicans”. This one needs to be shelved and new referendums brought forth for THE PEOPLE to decide upon, instead of political and media hacks.

It may be time to call an end to party affiliations altogether, so that people can rediscover principles, that long missing and forgotten factor that helps make both people and countries great.

American is not great for lack of great people. It is no longer great because too many people have sold their souls to money, putting human principles and values aside. Throwing more money at such people, or being indifferent to the practice, is part of our collective social problem.

MONEY SHOULD BE *ELIMINATED* AS A FACTOR THAT DECIDES WHO CAN BE PRESIDENT. Perhaps then we will rediscover, honor, and embody the principles that once made us feel great about being “Americans”.

What Do You Really Want?

The corruption is so deep, most of us still don’t see it. By personalizing the culprits of the moment, such as Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump, many are ready to welcome the other to the presidency. However, few have actually taken time to ask themselves, “What do I want in a president and a government?”

While they get most of the attention, the president, senate, house of representatives, and judiciary are not “the government.” The people who operate the government work for such agencies as the FDA, EPA, Homeland Security, FEMA, Dept of Energy, Health Education and Welfare, CDC, the branches of the military, BLM, and others. You don’t vote for these people, and generally don’t know who they are, but their actions definitely have a direct affect on the quality of life in America and around. The small group of people who are elected through the voting process don’t “run” this much larger and anonymous body of people.


Why have so many law enforcement agencies begun acting like paramilitary and even fascist entities? And when their actions are clearly abuses of force, why do they (1) tend to justify or excuse it, and (2) the public tends to accept these inexcusable excuses?


Some of this happens as a result of our being conditioned, early in life, to be quiet! Is that not what you heard time and time again as you came up through school? That and the more rigorous, shut up! Speaking up for yourself is often done at one’s own peril. Speaking up today, even for me, requires that I overcome my inclination to keep my opinion to myself. Yet if we do this all the time, we stand to be imperiled by likes of those who do speak up for themselves and could care less about you and me.

I’ll tell you what I want.

  • One who does care about me (and you and you and you…). We’ll know it when we see, hear, and feel it.
  • One who welcomes open discussion of new approaches that solve problems at home and abroad.
  • One who suggests ways to dissipate animosity and enmity between people rather than instigate and escalate it.
  • One who seeks to minimize the reasons for war rather than prepare for it in times of peace.
  • One whose vision helps show the greater profit gained through cooperation.
  • One who values the wisdom of elders vs the opinions of pundits.
  • One who sees the role of education to encompass growth in emotions as well as intelligence.
  • One who appreciates Nature and aligns with its ways.
  • One who shows confidence in people’s ability to work out their differences with minimal intervention by the state.
  • One who respects life. Honors truth. Can forgive where appropriate. Sees value in everyone, and encourages them to exercise and share it.

I appreciate that some people may prefer more specific “issues-oriented” stances, such as being “tough on crime”. However, many “crimes” in the eyes of the law, because no harm has been done or intended, are not actually crimes, and some practices that are not against the law, which cause harm, whether intentional or not, are crimes against humanity. This needs to be sorted out. We have not made the world “safer” by being tough. We have not extended peace by proliferating arms. We’ve only succeeded in going deeper in debt, both on social and karmic levels.

We have allowed “lawmakers” to take such liberties with making “laws” so as to virtually criminalize being alive. If they could levy a tax on breathing, you can be pretty sure they’d do it. Next best thing is to require people to take drug injections early in life, which virtually ensure future sickness, thereby taxing vitality and future potential.

This insanity is ours to stop. It won’t stop itself.

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