Election Season: Time to Start Speaking Up

The Clinton Trump Show is set to come to a head soon and, it will be what it will be. For all the concerns that you hear from politicians during an campaign race about “jobs,” it is rarely considered that, for the most part, those “jobs” will be of little interest to most employees. “Jobs” is the word that politicians use to create a Pavlovianesque salivation response, which suggests that the masses have little in the way of resourcefulness to find or create their own jobs. This notion has evolved, in part, through educational entrainment, early in life, to pursue employability, so as to earn someone’s favor who will pay you money for your favors (i.e., skills). Money is deemed, without question, the way to establish one’s value, both to self, and to society. It is a false notion, and one way that we lose connection to our heart and soul.

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