Let’s do a ‘Mulligan’ on the Primaries

Caricatures of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (Photo: DonkeyHotey/flickr/cc)

I’m no fan of the “lesser of two evils” school of political choicemaking. What you get, in the end, is evil, not so much in the candidates personally (although there could be some question about Mrs. Clinton), but in the perpetuation of policies and practices that are already exploiting the mass of humanity (not just Americans), for the profit and continued control over them, by a few.

Here’s what you can pretty much count on:

  • More preventable environmental disasters.
  • More domestic militarization and abuses of force.
  • More domestic surveillance / infringement on privacy.
  • More legal protection of corporate agendas and interests against public recourse when the harmful effects are confirmed beyond deniability.
  • More arming of tyrants and warlords internationally and attempts to disarm of Americans domestically.
  • More animosity against nations, peoples, and ideas, to maintain a “enemy” status somewhere.
  • More presumption that anyone who disagrees with “us” is “bad” and an “enemy.”
  • More vaccines.
  • More war.
  • More walls.
  • More pandering to Israel’s brutish behavior towards Palestinians and placing its interests ahead of Americans.
  • More arms sales to countries what hold public beheadings of their people and condone the suppression of, and stoning women to death.
  • More debt and a continued narrowing of abundance.
  • More pollution.
  • More spraying of people, land, air, and water with mutagenic chemicals under the guise of fighting a bacterial or viral “menace.”
  • More disease and its related expense.
  • More requests for money to cure diseases caused by the above but blamed on bugs.
  • More stress.
  • More fear.

These are the real “evils” of life, not the candidates themselves. Neither has taken genuine exception to, or umbrage with these practices. Neither has vowed to respect where other people are, but not be party to the reprehensible perpetuation of these “traditions.” (That would be true leadership.)

We, the general public, are as much responsible for the above list as the candidates are, that is, unless we exercise the courage, and the love, to choose differently.

Changing the Momentum

Toward that end, I’m going to say what has been on (or in) my mind for a few weeks now. I choose neither candidate: not Hillary, not the Donald.

In addition to the reasons listed above, Mrs. Clinton has shown every indication that she believes that she is above the law. However, she is not above the dollar. She and her husband have been “for sale” for quite some time, particularly since Mr. Clinton left office.

The numerous speeches that both gave to various corporate and foreign entities, at fees far beyond what might be considered reasonable, is well documented. The documentary film linked here is just one chronicle.

There is also the evidence of fraud in the primary process, which is outlined in the video below.

What is not discussed is why, in a nation of 324 million people, only two political/social points of view are considered viable? Yet today, neither candidate stands for peace. Both tiptoe around on rhetorical eggshells when it comes to Israel. They do not stand for health, the repair of our infrastructure, or a shift to more efficient, less destabilizing and depleting sources of energy modalities.

Neither did the other candidates before the great culling. The American public has been fed such a steady diet of “terror” (much of which appears to have been artificially manufactured) that they’ve not noticed that nothing worth looking forward to has been presented for their consideration.

Same old shit: We’ll finally make the rich pay their fair share in taxes, and create millions of new jobs.

Ho frickin’ hum.

Source: the Los Angeles Times

And if Bernie Sanders had somehow made it through a deck of primary election cards that was “stacked” against him, the “Super Delegate” card stood at the ready to be pulled in Hillary’s favor, which would have been just fine with her.

In other words, what you really want ~ peace, health, respect, freedom to pursue your dreams, and prosperity ~ doesn’t matter, and hasn’t for quite some time.

Let’s set ‘precedents’ for the right reasons.

While she’s poised to be the “first woman president,” Hillary Clinton isn’t the best woman available for the job of president, if the benefit of The People is the criteria. Jill Stein of the Green Party makes far more sense, except maybe to mainstream media (MSM) puppets.

But Jill Stein is not alone. Gary Johnson and William Weld, of the Libertarian Party, both speak with maturity to the issues of peace, productivity, and creating a social climate that is better for all.

Yet, there is great security in what appears to be familiarity. With the ability to manipulate polling data and a compliant media that reports what is put before them to read, as long as the source is “reliable,” there’s no true way of knowing that the support for these relative unknowns, is marginal.

This hasn’t been important, because the American public has the candidates that the puppet masters want us to have.

A House Divided: On Purpose

This is a testament to how completely the American mind has been fractured, much like the earth in the quest for oil that is not really needed any more, if present-day human knowledge were actually used to its fullest.

So while it might be premature, it is practically a foregone conclusion that a Democrat or Republican candidate will be elected president. I will vote for neither. However, the presumptive air around the campaign, given the decidedly questionable, shady, and objectionable acts that have taken place.

  • Election manipulation (fraud) in a least two states (California and Arizona)
  • Justice department tampering (Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch days before FBI announcement of negligence that anyone else would have been prosecuted or sanctioned for, but with no action would be recommended against Hillary)
  • Trump’s idiotic wall proposal and claim that Mexico would pay for it (more criminals come to JFK than across the southern border. Thousands of former Nazi’s were brought into the U.S. after WW II via Operation Paperclip by the government.

I agree with the principles proffered by Ronald Reagan in the following speech at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin, 1987. They apply as much today as then, and here as there.

How can so many people who championed the words of Reagan the actor, now support the wall-building vision of our latter-day actor (member of the Screen Actors Guild) and would-be president, Donald Trump?

Time For A Woman President?


The article published on Global Gathering ( just before the Iowa caucuses posed the question of whether it was time that a woman was elected president. However, feeding our social gaming addiction, the strict comparison was based on speculation on how Mrs. Clinton would fare in a race against Mr. Trump.

We’ve forgotten to ask ourselves, does the candidate represent me? Does the candidate care about what is important to the quality of my life, and that of the people of this country? Do Democrats feel that Republicans care anything about them? Or vice versa?


I’m all for a woman president, but not this woman. I am for the best candidate for all, particularly People. Corporations are run by people who represent very small constituencies, whose interests, because they are profit-based, are sometimes at odds with the public, even though it is the public (consumers) that gives them their ability to influence politicians by purchasing goods and services.

It’s time to say no to exploitation. If you must vote, vote for someone who actually cares about you. If the politician doesn’t respect or care for the well-being of another group, then they don’t care about you either. They’re only looking out for their own interest.

My preference would be to hold a new election, which would include such matters as:

  • Peace commitment and initiative
  • Demilitarization, both international and domestic (Programs that involve spending $1 billion for a single plane are boondoggles, or covers for other projects.)
  • Equitable and non-exploitative trade relations among nations.
  • Release of suppressed energy (transportation, power, etc.)
  • Restoration of Environmental Balance
  • End of Institutionalized, imbalance-causing vaccines, unnecessary chemicals in waters, soils, and atmosphere (watch chronic diseases go down)
  • End of unnecessary poisoning of our foods and water supplies (taking chronic diseases down further)
  • University-level Credit for lessons learned and demonstrated through one’s service in the Schoolroom of Life
  • “Zero Out” Debt and exposé of the Central Bank Control Scheme
  • Discover the power of respect, beginning with self.
  • Encourage the creation of valuable, joyful life experiences versus seeing value only in jobs we do, for which we have no interest or passion, for others.
  • Knowledge of, and well-documented interactions with Intra-Terrestrial civilizations (IT) (i.e., Germanic and Nordic people living inside the planet, not in caves, but in a concave complement to our convex surface reality), as well Extra-Terrestrials (ET) (from beyond Earth)

There is ample, credible information to support the relevance all of these topics. There are larger opportunities for humanity waiting in the wings, held in abeyance until we show greater individual responsibility and collective maturity. Money and its pursuits have served as great distractors and corruptors of intelligent thought and behavior. Both candidates have shown themselves to be “peas in the same pod” with regard to placing higher value on money than on conscience.

We deserve better, but won’t get better until we’re done settling for less. I cast my vote for better. I want more for myself, for my kids, and for you and yours. I don’t want my children to be turned into killers for hire. I’d prefer they become healers, not for my sake, but because they know that, through such service to others, they will grow.

I’ve read some amazing books lately. This passage comes from one that was first published in 1920.

Whatever happens in November, make the commitment to enjoy your time here, and be a joy to the people whose lives are touched by your presence.

Every attempt at control which is not voluntary, not with the controller’s own mind, is not only disastrous, but it defeats the end. The goal of each soul is freedom, mastery, freedom from slavery of matter and thought, mastery of external and internal nature. Instead of leading towards that, every will current from another, in whatever form it comes to men, either as direct control of my organs, or as forcing me to control them while under a morbid condition, only rivets one to the already existing heavy chain of bondage of past thoughts, past superstition. Therefore, be aware how you allow yourselves to be acted upon by others. Be aware how you unknowingly lead another to ruin. True, some succeed in doing good to many for a time, by giving them a new trend to their propensities, but at the same time, they bring ruin to millions by the unconscious hypnotic suggestions that they throw around, rousing in men and woman that morbid, passive, hypnotic condition which makes them almost soulless at last. Whosoever, therefore, asks anyone to believe blindly, or drags mankind behind him through controlling it by his superior will is an injurer to humanity, though he may not have intended it.

Therefore, use your own minds, control body and mind yourselves, remember that until you are a diseased person, no extraneous will can work upon you, and avoid anyone who asks you to blindly believe. ~ Swami Vivekandanda, Raja Yoga (public domain).



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3 Thoughts to “Let’s do a ‘Mulligan’ on the Primaries”

  1. Tom Ashley

    I don’t think of it as evil, but just severely misguided. I don’t think Hilary intentionally does evil…..shes just caught in a mindset that that winds up as evil, but wasn’t her original intent. It’s a fine line between being driven by money where you become blind to its effects, and true evil…..where you are intent on harming others. Sure there are evil people, but others are just not evolved and don’t see the big picture. It’s myopia more then anything else.

    1. I agree with you Tom. It’s not Hillary that is “evil” anymore than it is Barack Obama or George Bush (for people who personalize their frustrations with federal government).

      There ARE operations in place that are clearly *against* humanity’s best interests, and are being actively perpetuated by these very same people.

      We cannot expect them to feel inclined to change if we excuse and condone, without rebuttal or retribution, the continuance. Silence and passivity is approval of the fraud by default.

      As more people see the fraud that IS being perpetuated against the masses, and has been an ongoing operation for centuries, we’ll see changes in willing compliance, because an individual’s “consent” is nonetheless required even if they are unaware that it has been given.

  2. Rahim

    Dear Abraham. As always: ‘I fully agree’! But what is the way out in realistic and practical terms? I think that the only ‘sober’ solution to this is that every human being here on earth begins to take responsibility for his/her thought and actions first and polishes their inner being. Know ‘WHO’ you are and ‘WHY’ you are here in this incarnation. The earth is nothing but a schooling ground for ever living souls. When this is understood, all the negative outgrowths we see in our time could and can not exist anymore. So, all you complainers, stop complaining and first bring your own inner house in order. The rest are nothing but challenges for you to act upon.
    With Love and Light.


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