U.S. Politics: It’s a Sham Shame

It is a pleasure to be at a “normal” keyboard again. For any who have wondered, after being unable to raise sufficient funds to climb out of arrears in the place where I resided for 11 years, I accepted and cooperated with my landlord to vacate the premises via an eviction process.

Of our belongings that weren’t given away or donated to Goodwill, enough “stuff” remained to fill several storage spaces. My calls for help, combined with having initial production of our small vortex generators available to ship, resulted in enough income from vortex generator sales in that allowed us to move out, secure the storage, and move in to a temporary location, a little motel near my former residence. Although I could pay weekly, the “rent” was actually higher, and the neighborhood, very different.

It was what it was.


Then, as fate would have it, I received an inquiry and eventually a sale of two larger vortex generator units, for a large 8″ (PW800) and 2″ (PW200) lines. The sale provided me with the funds to personally deliver them to the buyer in Florida, overseeing the installation and getting acquainted with his operation.

Shidigera Yucca Extract

This farmer has lost over $300,000 in his citrus operation (oranges) due to the condition referred to as citrus greening. After watching a number of my video commentaries on the subject, he contacted me, asking for more information, and eventually, making the purchase. We are both looking forward to seeing the change that may come from this installation, which also included a natural, “balancing” soil conditioner that I have mentioned before.

Turns out that this material can be used in many environmental crises that we currently face, which are generally being approached with chemicals, which is all that those who are trying to address these issues ever here, or are accustomed to considering. Chemicals are generally the only “approved” approach, even to the point of rationalizing the adverse “side effects” that invariably come, as reasonable.

The sale set off an entire chain of events that included our decision to move from Arizona to Las Vegas, a transition that we’re completing now, even as I write this from a hotel room in Bakersfield, California, where I have been for the past three days.


I have much more to share about the above experiences, but that is not why I started writing today intent on finishing before I packed up for the journey to my new home.

Several sorrowful events happened that touched us obliquely while we were on the road, including in Dallas and Baton Rouge, both as we passed through those areas. In Florida, the governor recently declared a state of emergency in response to the periodic “outbreaks” of putrid algae that form in Lake Okeechobee, and are eventually released to the ocean.

Outside of money, build-up of forces, or building walls, none of the candidates have anything constructive to offer about these and other issues that face people who are not professional actors. I find myself in the odd position of being aware of many solutions to these issues, and having a dickens of a time keeping a roof over my head.

I have taken solace in the knowledge that my financial shortfall would be temporary. Just how temporary was, and still is, the question. I am grateful for the occurrence and timing of the sale, but it did not diminish our need for investment funding. However, I have more to show and share, of wonderful developments by brilliant, innovative people, that will, when deployed, make life easier, healthier, more abundant, and even profitable for many who are willing to pay attention to and respect the insights of those who have journeyed along “the road less traveled.”

That being said, Americans and people around the world have witnessed two “false flag” events in both the Republican and Democratic conventions. In truth, they are part of a single, ongoing false flag history that we know as the electoral process. The electoral process is part of a larger false flag event called democracy or actually, a democratic republic.

It’s actually a sham.

It’s also a shame.

That makes it a sham shame.

The electoral process is a sham, and that’s a shame.

The shame is that so much effort is being expended to make the public believe that the sham, in this case, a United States  of America that conforms to the Constitution of 1776, is legitimate, when in fact, it is not; nor has it been for many years, long preceding the Organic Act of 1871 and the incorporation of the District of Columbia City-State.


Please enrich your mind by reviewing The People’s History of the United States: 1492-Present, by Howard Zinn (1980), and the voluminous, The History of America’s Great Fortunes, by Gustavus Myers (1910).

myersYou don’t have to read these titles from cover-to-cover. Read enough to see for yourself the pattern of exploitation of the many by the minions of a minuscule few, while pitting group against group.

Here is a great blog site where you can find narrations of Myer’s book.

Furthermore, these books are not the only evidence of the kind of manipulation that humanity has been, and is being subjected to.

Another great book is Secrets of Power: Individual Empowerment vs the Societal Panorama of Power and Depowerment, by Ingo Swann. I am not surprised to see a used paperback edition of this book (which I have) going for $164.97 on Get the Kindle edition for $4.99.

Secrets of Power is not about any specific “historical” narrative. It is about a psychological system that is in place and operational, that must been seen from inside order to be changed, because its operation depends on voluntary, although unconscious, adoption, by the subjects. If you review the two books mentioned above, you’ll know who “the subjects” are, and have been for quite some time. You’ll also have a much greater appreciation for why this shameful sham has persisted for so long.

It will not go away on its own until you see it and change your mind about it, and about who you are.

The shame is also that this is all so much part of our concept of history (his-story; a story that we bought fully as true and have been reluctant to look at, question, challenge, or reject), that many Americans continue to go through the motions, “acting as though” the numerous, vacuous platitudes and lies that we are fed through the education, religions, politicians and the media, are true.

Here’s a nice analysis, by John Corbett (, of the Hillary who aspires to rise to the throne. (Click here.)

What happens to America and the world is not in Hillary or Donald’s hands. It’s in yours and mine. Even doing nothing different is a choice that comes with consequences.

My partner Jody Spencer brought this chap, John Pilger, to my attention. This is time well spent.

David Icke comments regularly on these developments, and has done so for many decades, long before there seemed to be any sense to what he was saying. Fortunately, his material is well-researched and documented, providing many opportunities for corroboration.

It has been Arizona hot in both Las Vegas and Bakersfield, but I needed to offer a thought or two after watching portions of the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention and some of the analysis that followed.

Mrs. Clinton is not just eager, she’s champing at the bit to show she has balls as big as any man who has occupied the office of the presidency, but it won’t be her running the show, as very few of the men who preceded her “ran the show” either.

They toed a very specific line that was dictated by individuals or groups who are occasionally read about, but are generally out of the limelight, or are thought to be totally dissociated from governance over the affairs of your life through American government. Mrs. Clinton, Donald Trump are essentially and functionally, actors who have been cast for a role, as it was with Barack Obama and a line of predecessors, both Democrat and Republican.

They might as well be sock puppets. The consequences of their “success” at maintaining the ruse is not about something as mundane as money. It is about the liberation and freedom of your consciousness and soul. It is about your awareness of who and what you are as Life everlasting and free. We have believed (“be-lie-ved”) ourselves into a matrix of our own creation, though we know it not.

Only we can remove ourselves, from the inside, not of the matrix, but the Center of Light that is our awakened heart.

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