‘The Shift’ and Growing Up

Shift is happening.

It’s certainly happening for me. How about you?

From The Shift Has Hit the Fan.

A couple weeks ago I asked for help to avert a judgment to be evicted from the place that I have called “home” for the past 11 years.

Well, it didn’t work.

In spite of a rash of product orders that came in and some donations for which I am most grateful, I was unable to raise the necessary funds in time and had to close down my idea of home in a mere 3 days.

Della and I are in, let us say, temporary quarters; a “no tell” motel near my former residence, paying a weekly rate, and itching to get on to the next stop. We downsized dramatically, giving furniture away, donating more to Goodwill, and putting other belongings in storage.

I have neither pride nor shame about these developments. They are what they are. This is how my “Shift” is looking.

It’s just the beginning.

While the transition didn’t unfold the way I preferred, it has been achieved with a minimum of acrimony normally associated with such partings. I agreed to cooperate with my landlord fully in doing what he felt he needed to do to get restitution, even as I tried everything that I could to meet my obligation.

I offered him other solutions to gain more time to come to balance, especially since I now had initial supplies of long-awaited product to sell, in our small line of vortex generators from President Water. He declined, as was his prerogative.

Garden and Traveler vortex generators are ready to ship, with Shower units on their way.

So life goes on in a different setting. The pressures have not abated. If anything, they are more acute.

Natural Solutions to So Many Problems

This week I received an inquiry from the president of a crop insurance company, asking about the nature and benefits our vortex generator technology. These are all wonderful signs, as more people are considering natural, “sustainable” solutions.

Farming practices affect the quality of life and health of millions of people, throughout their lives. Most people don’t understand how.


For example, most people think the answer to the question:

Got Milk?

Is yes. When the answer actually “no.”

From raw milk article on

Most would be even more stunned, if posed with the question:

Got Food?

If the seeds are genetically engineered, dipped in chlorine, or the crops sprayed with chemical agents, the answer would also be “no.”

Even “organic” food producers are given chemical waivers by certain “authorities” that we won’t mention. When they are used ~ and sometimes required ~ nutritional value goes down, and where that happens, disease pathologies rise.

So for all but a few sources, the answer the question, “got food?” would also be “no.”


Food; a substance that would also include milk, is defined by its ability to provide vital nutrients, and in effect, enhance health.

Natural, raw, unadulterated milk, meets the above criterion. Organic milk, while better than the mainstream product, also falls short of the optimal standard due to pasteurization, where heat (145° F. / 63° C.) is applied to destroy critical microflora (bacteria) and enzymes that are present.

We are all bacteriosapiens. 80% of the human immune system is made from protective gut bacteria colonies. Once you discover what you are microbiologically, killing bacteria become “suicidal.” ~ Mark MaAfee CEO / Organic Pastures Dairy

These microorganisms also assist in the digestion process. Their absence has a net adverse effect on health.

We, the People, have been conditioned to think that any bacteria is “bad,” which is not true. The bacteria that pasteurization kills off, are the ones (aerobic) that manage the others that survive. The thinking behind the practice of pasteurization, begun in the latter part of the 19th Century, is largely unchanged.

The spread of bovine tuberculosis in humans is clouded by historic misinformation and imperfect science. In The Untold Story of Milk, Ron Schmid does a thorough job of debunking the huge store of medical dogma on this subject.6 During the 1800s, when tuberculosis was widespread in the US, the complexity of the disease was unknown. A few people had intestinal tuberculosis presumably from ingesting, rather than inhaling, the bacteria. Since it was known that many dairy cows were infected with tuberculosis it was presumed—and reinforced by those pushing for pasteurization—that milk was the vehicle of contagion. When it was found that cows had a distinct form of tuberculosis, the dogma expanded, generalizing that all human infections with the bovine form of the bacteria were transmitted through milk (even though the vast majority had lung infections caused by inhalation not ingestion).~ Ted Beals, MD

Wikipedia tells us of Microwave Volumetric Heating, as the newest trend in pasteurization science. The information presented indicates no appreciation for the cellular stress and trauma caused by disruptive microwave frequencies. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Whether the dairy is conventional, organic, or raw, vortex generator deployment will assist the quality of operations, in the overall health of the livestock as well as the crops that are grown to support them.

PW800 Vortex Generator for 8″ Line

While the missionary work for vortex physics continues, I will simultaneously begin building an income stream that is independent of our water technology business.

In the Meantime

I still have plenty copies of my book, I Am My Body, Not!. The book itself is special, but these are particularly so, as they have remained with me since I originally published the book in 2001.


I experienced a similar “residence separation event” many years ago in California, also eventually losing the contents of a storage unit, which included over 6,000 copies of the 10,000 I originally had printed.



The book itself covers a timeless and universal subject, broaching fundamental questions of existence in a manner you can present to a child, all children; “Who and What are we?

As wonderful a temple of expression as our bodies are, they are NOT who or what we are. “If we are not our bodies, then what are we?” you ask? We are the living being, in other words, the Life that expresses its thoughts and feelings through the body.

The body is our temple of expression. It is our church. The only one that really matters. We can commune by going within, for the Light that animates our form is who we are; a Source that is without beginning, end, or even limitation.

We are the creators of our form. This is an insight that now makes sense to me in spite of generations telling us that someone else, God, Annunaki, etc., “created” humanity.

For that to be so, the human form would have to have an existence that could not be dissociated from the indwelling being. That does not appear to be the case.


With a current known world population of roughly 7.4 billion people, a net addition of roughly 83.6 million beings will be present on the planet between now and this time next year. In the U.S. the population will increase by a net of roughly 4 million people.

Who is creating them? Transhumanists aren’t doing it yet. More so, where are they right now? Many of them will not have even been thought about by their eventual earthly parents. Yet, we can pretty much rely on fact that more will be here next year if we don’t wake up and allow a few among us to take the insanity of money, war, scarcity, competition, and fear to a pitiful conclusion.

When do we begin looking at life from a knowing place, which has embraced the idea that we express ourselves through the form, but are not the form? If the form comes and goes, but we are without beginning or end, and we are the ones having an earthly experience, then there’s nothing in Nature to suggest that we are not our form’s Creator.

We certainly cause (or create) the changes that the form goes through over the lifetime of experiences. Neither science, nor religions really help us in this understanding, nor do they even agree.

If a truth is true, there should be agreement across various planes of thoughts. This is why “beliefs” can be so dangerous to true evolution. You can have billions of people believing in a certain idea, and the idea can still be wrong.

Remember a lie that is at the center of all “beliefs”.

I Am My Body, NOT! is a simple, non-sectarian way to plant the seed of appreciation and respect for self and others into a young mind, which may be why it was for all practical purposes, “banned” in Chicago Public Schools after a wonderful review by one of the district’s administrators.

It will still be my pleasure to include a personalized message and wish for each copy that you buy.

So life goes on. I would have preferred to not to talk about this stuff, but it highlights another aspect of our social structure. We judge ourselves and others by the money or property that we have or control. As such, we lose sight of the fact that we are the actual creators of value and not simply afterthoughts.

We are not just creators of value, we are the value of this world, but have been taught very well to not notice it. We have created abundant riches for a small minority that has held, and continues to hold, the whole of humanity in disdain.

These practices end, and Shift begins, when we wake up… and then grow up.

Speaking of growing up.

In spite of the truth about money, in that it has no inherent value of its own, the fact remains that adequate working capital is required for a business to operate and grow properly.

A new crowdfunding platform, called SmashFund was recently brought to my attention. Presently in pre-launch, it presents a contributory model that is fueled on the strength of one’s social networks.


If you are inclined to take a look or get involved, kindly connect via the link below:

We will also welcome conversations with conscientious investors.

Doing my best to get settled in my unsettled state, I am planning another talk with Alex DePeña on Google Hangout On Air on Tuesday (6/28) (I’m still working out some wi-fi issues, so I don’t have to use my phone as a hotspot).

The same issue and intention applies to the Saturday Night ThoughtFest. I have some guests in mind that I’d like to schedule. It’s time we decide what subjects to talk about instead of waiting to be told what “news” is important.

Thank you for your encouragement and support.


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