Orlando Shooting: Another Weapon of Mass Distraction

My first Saturday Night ThoughtFest experience was quickly overshadowed by the next act of insanity in Florida, when a gunman (or gunmen) engaged in the latest WMD, or “weapon of mast distraction”.usa-orlando-shooting

The media calls this a terrorist event, and it was. However, the assertion that the perpetrator(s) was or were “inspired by ISIS” doesn’t ring true. What rings true to me is that someone wants you, the American People and the People of the World, to believe that “terrorism” is on the rise here, and it’s coming from an “outside enemy”.

In this case, according to “officials,” “the enemy” is ISIS, and Islam.

However, “the enemy” is not that easy to finger, for it potentially lies within the perceptions of all, and the actions of some who are much closer to home.

Disturbing Patterns

Even before we noticed, terrorism drills and practice were SOP.

Virtually every mass killing event that has occurred in America, whether labeled “terrorist” or not, has been preceded by “practice exercises” by various government-related agencies. This includes 9/11, San Bernadino, Oregon, Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, and even hurricane Katrina. (Here’s more evidence.)

Coincidentally, a simulated terrorist drill was run this past Sunday in Boston, at Fenway Park, according to an article published on Intellihub, for which crisis actors were recruited. A federal grant contributed $85,000 toward the cost.

Seeds of “terror” are being planted, and fertilized by agencies of the government. They provide arms to “rebels” in selected regions to instigate conflict and bloodshed, kill people from the sky via drone strikes, while claiming to be on the side of “good” or “freedom” or “protecting Israel’s right to defend itself.”

It’s all bullshit.

Please tell me what government agency is funding cooperation, conciliation, or remediation drills? What politician is standing up for the rights of all people, and not just his or her corporate constituency? You have no voice among these people anymore unless you are a corporation of sufficient size.

In the meantime, you and your children are being vaccinated, chlorinated, chemtrailed, and fluoridated both with, and without your consent. “Laws” are being passed to reduce even the option of discretion, in other words, the freedom to decline an offer that any intelligent and knowledgeable person might reasonably be inclined to exercise.

This is the sign that I referred to in my talk. There is a very big drive to get everyone injected, not immunized, but injected, with no consciousness of how the present use of chemical and nutritional substitutes have contributed to the precipitous decline in health and well-being of all people. This isn’t targeted at one racial group. Skinheads, preppers, socialites and aristocrats are being exploited too, whether they know it or not.


The concept of “white privilege” is a divisive tool just like “blacklivesmatter”. Until we care about the whole of the human struggle, we will always be easily divided by those who control the perception-strings. Seeing and acknowledging, cooperation and unification toward a positive vision, not guns and bullets, are the first steps toward liberation.

Food that you consume have enough chemicals in them from standard farming practices, to industrial food and dairy preparation practices, to disqualify them from meeting the definition of what “food” is. Money and profit have been reasons to allow the gradual shift away from nutritional richness.

Corporate organizations are distinguished as “for profit” or “not-for-profit”, but they are all “for money.”. They all compete for your attention and the value that only you can direct toward what you support or believe in. Yet, as long as you think money is the value and not you, then you and, your mind, and your life will be its slave.

The apparent “terrorists” claim responsibility for the evil that they do, even calling 911 while in the act, to lessen the unquestionability of the action. This is a clear sign of intent to deceive the public.

The real damage that is being done is by entities whose hand is cloaked, their role hidden from detection, and their responsibility protected by laws designed thousands of years ago, to protect a minute few from the awareness of the Many.

These are tools of social control.

A Basis of a New Dialogue?


I have been flirting with spouting off for quite some time, since once started, it sometimes takes hours for me to get a blog post done.

I talked for 3 hours last Saturday evening, without a teleprompter, a script, a guest, or even a break. I talked about money… a part of our social structure because it is ingrained in our consciousness as a thing that is, or is representative of value. This why I now see money as the root of evil. Not the love of it, or having it, or not having it. Money itself is the root of evil, because we believe it has, or is value, when it is not.

Money has no value, real or imagined.

Our belief in the value of money, as well as other items that support it, such as gold, precious metals, is how we convince ourselves that it is okay to see ourselves as separate from other individuals and groups of human beings. Our belief in scarcity contributes to this delusion. If we manage to on the “advantaged” end of the perception index, we tell ourselves that we are superior or that “they” are inferior, or not of “our” class, religious grouping, and other divisive concepts. Competition is another concept from which we’ve done immeasurable damage to ourselves.

As this is done, we turn away from the One Life, the true source of all experience, from whence ALL come, that which exists behind and beneath ALL appearances. We turn away from kindness and generosity, patience and forgiveness. When we turn away from these traits of Life, we create prisons of perception, which religious and zientific dogmas tend to perpetuate.

We are the value of this world, as we are the creators of the ideas by which the world operates. We create the ideas, which themselves are immeasurable and beyond quantification, and then live by them as though they are true. Through direct, life-affirming interactions with each other, we heal our bodies, minds, communities, nations, and planet. Government begins with self, and creates community.

Ideas shall be “true” until we decide that they are not and replace them with other ideas.

I have been, and in a way, in a money bind. Someone who is reading this article has “money to burn.” Money that has value only because as a society, agreement and customs have been ingrained.

This morning I watched a video about a coming financial collapse, and the interest by the Fed to “grow” debt.

They’re not “growing” debt, they are continuing to protect the idea that (1) money has value, and (2) this unsustainable model and tool of control must come down.

That is, unless they can convince you to fight some manufactured war, or stand in readiness to fight among, fear, and kill each other.

They are counting on being able to make enough people do this.

Only if they’re still blind, deaf, and dumb to what’s affecting us all.

It ain’t ISIS.

I will do another Saturday Night ThoughtFest this Saturday, 8pm Pacific. I will field questions and comments (couldn’t figure out how to use it), and perhaps have a guest or two or three.


IF you have money to burn. IF you have a heart; please contact me directly. I have some solutions. I have a personal need to get on better financial footing (since this is still how our society does things), and may be forced to move soon and want to settle all of these issues. There is amazing opportunity to be realized, including monetary gain, if you look past money. If you want to make a difference in the value your life (not your money) is to society, then I invite you to click that link above.

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