Saturday Night ThoughtFest Debut

Saturday Night ThoughtFest Debut

How about this for little notice or planning?

If you have nothing better to do, please join me in some realtime interaction tonight (for me), 8-11pm PST, when I host my first Saturday Night Thoughtfest on Google Hangouts.

You can watch it on YouTube.

The recent (and current) issues that I have been experiencing have crystallized a number of subjects that affect us all. I would like to set a framework for a new way of looking at our world and our places within it.

Topics of interest:

  • Money / Materialism
  • Evil
  • Competition
  • Path of Evolution
  • Where Prosperity Begins (and Ends)


Perhaps it’ll be a regular thing, with guests even.

For now, it’ll be me. Let’s see where we can take it.

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