Money and Competition: A Dysfunction Duo

What you do or don’t do with money depends on you, not the money.

I want to thank those who have responded to my call for fiscal Samaritans. I have talked to some and gained an appreciation for how the work I’ve done has touched their lives. Or to put it differently, how they have enriched  their own lives on the strength of choices they made after receiving information that I delivered.

The donations and purchases have helped and are much appreciated, but, I have quite a way’s to go, and dwindling time to get there.

Many “ah ha!” moments have bubbled up to permeate my consciousness through this process, much of which has been attached to our ideas about money. Indeed, many of the stresses that I am seeking to relieve personally, and to others to whom I have agreements, involve money. The steps that lie before me to organize and build our business, involve money.

The present “pressure” is, in actuality, a nudging to get me to step outside of my own familiar patterns. I could tell you stories, but that wasn’t the purpose of these experiences. A fundamental change is necessary, and it is us who have to change instead of expecting others to do it.

As I state in the follow-up video below, money is not “evil” unto itself. However, it is a highly effective, and apparently, an intentionally designed tool of division, distraction, and dis-empowerment whose “origins” go back 6,000 years.

Money is not evil because it’s not real. We are subject to being control by money because we don’t know that we are the real creators of value.

A wealth stone.

We have been convinced to see money is a talisman or amulet that has intrinsic powers of its own, not realizing that money’s “power” comes from us, that we are the actual powers in this world.

If you haven’t seen any of Michael Tellinger’s presentations on the Ubuntu concept and movement, the video below is a great starting point.

The evil that is allowed to exist and persist doesn’t happen with money alone. As Tellinger points out, it is complemented by our glorification of competition, that dominates the human psyche, where cooperation, the true power that makes evolution, empowerment and healing possible, has become recessive.

Cooperation causes a reduction in stress and increase in efficiency. In a community of 5,000 people, where each is contributing to needed operations, a “normal work week” is 3 hours, and eventually, every member of the community who contributes has more money than they know what to do with.

Instead of “following (or chasing) the money” all the time, those who have it might consider redirecting it. Those who don’t might consider doing, being, and bringing something that is of value to the whole of society, and trusting that it will be noticed and valued by enough people who share your worldview.

That, essentially, is who and where I am.

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