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Dr. Wil Spencer ~ Host of An Alternate Perspective

It’s becoming a habit we both enjoy.

Wednesday, May 18 (2pm-4pm EST) will be my third visit with Dr. Wil Spencer, The Body Electrician and Chief Environot, on his radio program, An Alternate Perspective ( Studio A). This time we’ll discuss water, that ubiquitous substance that not only makes all life possible, but both health and disease.

[Update 5/27/2016 ~ Here it is.]

We tend to ignore water, and allow water treatment practices that compromise health to persist. Some of those practices are actually justified by telling us that they’re for our “good health.” Perhaps ignorance is simply ignoring lies we’re told that masquerade as truths.

We all know that water is wet stuff, but from there, opinions go off in many directions.

I first met Dr. Spencer in 2010 in the aftermath of the Gulf Oil Spill that occurred earlier that year. This is a picture that I used in a January 2011 post called MMS Tumult in the Gulf.


I referred to him as an “MMS Desperado,” when he was soundly criticized for the unconventional remedies that he used, which included an “Advanced Oygen Therapy.”

Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith: Not Forgotten

That seems like so long ago. Daniel Smith, who was a major distributor of the MMS product, was convicted and sent to federal prison for his role in making the product widely available that helped many. Note the news release on the Dept of Justice site refers to MMS as a “toxic chemical”.

Daniel has been transferred to the SeaTac Detention Center near Seattle. According to an alarming notice published by the Genesis II Church and written by Larry Smith, Daniel’s father, this is likened to going “out of the frying pan, into the fire.”

I’m not feeling it.

I certainly don’t know what Larry believes. However, I do know that we carry our reality with us wherever we go. Daniel is a human being who can’t be anyone other than who he is. Irrespective of the story that the Justice Department and FDA concocted about his Corporate Fiction, Daniel is neither a danger to himself, or to others. That is his biggest protection.

On the other hand, minions who run both agencies have done monumental harm to society in a myriad of ways that each will eventually and ultimately reconcile; not with “God” per se, but with their own Conscience.

I do not see any good to be gained by sounding such an alarm about Daniel. I spoke to a close associate of his earlier today, and while he confirmed the writer, he too was perplexed by the message.

I do know that Daniel’s legal coverage is almost out. Some attorneys are paid on performance. Others perform only when paid, even while the client sits in jail.

Upside Down / Inside Out

Such is the “bizarro” nature of our world today. Where harmful actions are taken against multitudes “for their good”, such as “peacekeepers” who wage war, and “cancer fighters” (oncologists) who give cancer causing remedies, and if placed in their patients’ position, would refuse to take their own medicine.

Is it ignorance to ignore these contradictions?

So Wil and I share an alternate perspective about the world; one that sees “problems” as solvable, not somewhere in the future, but many yesterdays ago.

Water is a big contributing factor in the gradual, systematic mutation of the human species. It is a secondary carrier of chemicals that aren’t directly injected, for which certain factions want you to believe are necessary for health.

The institutional obsession with chemical use on humans is so entrenched, public service announcements seek to condition the public into acceptance rather than to demand (1) a moratorium on vaccines and (2) a reversal of the condition and restoration of health.

They don’t do it because (1) they ignore the direct relationship between more vaccines and increasing incidents of autism, and (2) they don’t know (or what you to know) that it can be reversed (not by MMS necessarily, but by balance).

Tune in as Wil and I discuss water from An Alternate Perspective. You can call (605) 562-4199 to listen live. If you have questions, call:(347) 688-2902.

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