Prince: Respects yes, but there’s other stuff we need to look at.

Prince: Death is not “the End”

As news of Prince’s sudden death came in and has filtered throughout the world, my mind was elsewhere. “Sudden deaths” of high-profile people tend to serve as effective distractions to overshadow other issues that warrant our attention.

This is not to minimize the shock and sadness that some people will feel for not being able to enjoy more from this talented music icon, who from all indications, sincerely cared about people, and was committed to service even when cameras weren’t rolling. Yet, there are other maters affecting society that need more than a walk down “memory lane.”

A Microcosm


Earlier in the week, we learned that lawsuits were filed in Flint, Michigan “on behalf of thousands of children” who were, and are still being poisoned by the large concentrations of lead in the city’s drinking water. Of course, children aren’t the only ones who are affected this way, but maybe the plaintiff thought that phrasing the issue in the context of the water’s effect on children would be more likely to get a response.

The response was most likely more than the plaintiff bargained for.

It would seem that filing and winning a lawsuit, the plaintiff would seek and be awarded an amount of money to provide for the needs of children who are affected by the ingestion of, and exposure to high lead concentrations in city water, would exact some measure of “justice” for them.


What actually happens is that people take opposing sides, gather up their “accusations” and “defenses,” and go to a “court” where teams hurl claim and counter claim — of incompetence, malicious malfeasance, or general wrongdoing — before a “judge” (referee) and jury. “Damages” are calculated (dreamed up) and presented to the court, a significant portion of which will be divvied up by the attorneys.

Do you choose the yellow water, or the clear? (Source:

In the process, the water in Flint Michigan would still be contaminated with lead and many other compounds that no one has raised an eyebrow about. The Flint river would still be unsafe, and most likely, chemical-dominant water treatment methods would remain in place, unquestioned, with no other alternatives considered.

The Problem Ain’t Just Lead


Lead wasn’t and isn’t the only problem with Flint’s municipal water by a long shot. Do a cursory search for “Flint Water Quality Report” and you’ll see there’s much more in the water than anyone is making a fuss over, including:.

  • Trihalomethanes (THMs) which are carcinogenic disinfection byproducts of chlorination
  • Inorganic Chemicals ~ Fluoride and Nitrate byproducts
  • Metals ~ Barium, Selenium
  • Pesticides ~ Atrazine
  • Organics ~ Xylene
  • Regulated Contaminants
    • Chromium
    • Hexavalent Chromium
    • Strontium
    • Vanadium
  • Copper

This is a partial list from the Flint Water Quality Report for 2014.

While a big stink is being made over lead, the rest of the ingredients in the water ~ none of which help sustain health ~ are being ignored. In other words, all of these chemicals contribute to the gradual and inevitable decline in intelligence, consciousness, and health. When the general public starts “connecting the dots” and begins to understand this, perhaps people would be moved to take meaningful action.

Prince’s death left little room for more outrage when it was reported that two people associated with the Flint Water situation died suddenly, only days before Prince. They are easily forgotten.

Mourning Prince’s death, to reminisce about his music, is a pleasant diversion while just thinking about what someone did to these three people, is disgusting.

Sasha Avonna Bell (L.) was found murdered with Sacorya Renee Reed. Matthew McFarland’s death was reported as an unrelated incident. Source: Daily Mail (UK)

Sasha Avonna Bell, just 19 years of age and a mother who initiated the lawsuit on behalf of children, was murdered on April 19, along with Sacorya Renee Reed, whose body was also found at her house. On April 16, the lifeless body of Matthew McFarland, a foreman at the Flint, Michigan Water Treatment was found.

While in no way would I suggest that Prince’s death was intentionally used to divert attention away from the events unfolding in the Flint travesty, this may have been a welcome coincidental effect to anyone who wishes society to maintain the current, delusional, unsustainable way of doing things.

My concern is this:

  • Much ado about lead when it is one face of a multifaceted problem
  • We continue to use chemicals in every aspect of our lives ~ with each one creating its own consequence ~ that we are oblivious of the cumulative adverse effect that they have on health, making lawsuits laughable, when the policies and practices (e.g., to “control” lead ~ what about the 20 other chemical compounds?) would largely go unchanged.
  • Lawsuits will not solve the actual problem being argued.
  • Cash awards to individuals leave the conditions that caused the damage intact
  • Water treatment methods are not under scrutiny for their own health-compromising consequences. Flint’s problems are shared by large and small cities around the country.

Natural Polarization

I take exception to Natural News editor, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, writing this story up as an example of what “the system” is intentionally doing to a city with a predominantly black population. This is one of the story’s headlines:

Deliberate mass poisoning of a black community, covered up by those in power

Local government, state government and federal government all conspired to systematically poison the water supply of a predominantly black community, carrying out their criminal scheme for many months — and poisoning countless children — with extremely high concentrations of brain-damaging lead in the municipal water. (Read entire story).

I met and interviewed Mike (and David Wolfe) at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona 2008. I respect the work that he does. However, in my opinion, the characterization of the situation, relative to its intentionality, was unfortunate if one ares about bridging perceptual divides instead of exploiting them.

At another level of social engineering it is deemed attractive to have groups believing that they are being singled out for exceptional exploitation, when all are being exceptionally exploited without noticing.

Americans of all race, ethnic, political and economic demographics are being poisoned, incidentally, systematically, or inadvertently, through many ways, including:

  • their drinking water,
  • standard farming practices,
  • atmospheric spraying, and
  • standard medical practice.

The treatment extends to the people of most countries of the world. Why try to paint one group in a box? That’s what politicians do, then play “group against group.” Why not see and report the whole picture for what it is instead of single out specific group for special exploitation?

There is major exploitation going on, but it’s happening on a much larger scale than Adams is describing, and it is one that all people should be aware of. It won’t be solved until we’re willing to see the greater pot that we’re all in, rather than focus on the smaller pot that others have set up and invited us to voluntarily jump into in order to keep us in a competitive relationship with each other.

The World We Want; Not the World We Dread or Fear

At the beginning of this post I said that my mind was elsewhere. It wasn’t in lawsuits; it was in solutions that allow us to enjoy our natural resources again, and not have to be in continual retreat because we’ve made the soil barren, the water dangerous, and the air a fraction of its optimal state.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the people of Flint (or any city or community that has a long-unresolved environmental hazard in their midst) rallied around an initiative to fix the problem by inviting new voices and points-of-view to speak?

Why not heal the Flint River?

An obvious project worth tackling is to heal the Flint River. Even if they don’t presently know how to do it, or how their contribution would be meaningful, each resident of the entire city should be willing to rally around such an initiative.

Instead of protests, they can come together and, through balance-restoring acts, institute measures to detoxify their river and beautify their city. This  will change things for the better for all.

Single-minded cooperation is powerful beyond most people’s wildest dreams. A small group of individuals have cooperated in just a fashion for many hundreds of years, to create and maintain a perceptual matrix that has entrapped most human minds in an artificial reality of objects and things thought to be real.

We (each human being) are the only power. We are the reality creators. We have been thoroughly convinced that we are existential afterthoughts, when we are actually, we are the stars of this show.

Prince may have had a similar epiphany from the other way. He knew that he was a star and took umbrage to being treated like a slave. Some have been sold the idea that they were, or are slaves, while others have been sold the idea that they are “privileged”. Neither idea is intrinsically true, except if one believes that it is, and organizes their life around the mindset.

The good news is that a mind can changed. Put another way, you can change your mind about anything and everything. You (we) can chart a new course.

Interesting comments about chemtrails during a 2009 interview with Tavis Smiley.

Years before that, Prince wrote the word “SLAVE” on his face to express the exception that he took to the fact that, under contract to his record company, he did not “own” the masters and rights to his work.

Prince writes “SLAVE” on his face (1993) to protest the control that he had to give up in order to get a record company contract. (Source:

I find it hard to believe that Prince was killed for statements that he made in 2009, but I don’t find it hard to believe that his life may have been ended without his consent, as was the life of his one-time consort, Denise Matthews, who was known as Vanity, in January of this year. She too was 57. The media story is that she had “battled” liver cancer


That might have been an “inside” warning to Prince, but its only speculation.

There’s a Lot of Earth that We Can Fix

The most relevant thing that I can offer to anyone who has read this far, is to know yourself, to look within, to see with, and ask of your heart for the power, strength, and guidance that you need to break whatever limitations or transcend any challenges that you have created for yourself.

IF we are to change things, it is because WE will, not because some “savior” intervenes on our behalf.

I don’t fly airplanes that spray chemtrails. I don’t spray insecticides and herbicides on crops, or give hormones and antibiotics to cattle, chicken, and pigs. I don’t put mind numbing chemical compounds in water supplies and tell the public its for good teeth. But some of us do these things, and the public consumes the products anyway.

I definitely don’t make a living by giving children or adults vaccines even though growing numbers are seeing their children’s light abruptly dimmed. However, I am connected to it all, as are you.

Each of us is able to do something to change these practices, because they exist and grow when we do not seek to know the causes of harm and, upon discovery, make different choices, whatever they may happen to be.

In spite of the bad news that inevitably crosses our awareness, we are free to imagine the world and life of our highest, most wonderful dreams, and then to live that life into existence. That, in my opinion, is the power someone doesn’t want us to discover, because it is already ours, already within.

All we have to do, is know it, and exercise it.

Let’s Talk Solutions

There are many things we can do to make our soil, water, and air, our homes, farms, and businesses healthier.Key is restoring balance naturally.

If you want to fix a problem area in your community, or have resources to invest in, or underwrite such a venture, let’s put our minds, hearts, and energies together. Contact me through the contact tab on the site.

This was a great recorded conversation on Body Electrician LIVE! hosted by Nancy Weegar Piscatello and Cheryl Whitehouse, and with Dr. Wil Spencer on Google Hangouts.

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