'The Protocols' of Truth


As it presently stands, the Federal Government does not represent We the People of the United States. It is a corporation operating as a government agency, whose current apparent “strength” is its “military might,” meaning its ability to represent its clients’ interests with, and by force.

That was the big bragging point in Barack Obama’s State of the Union address for 2016.

Use of force for political gain is what the United States is doing or enabling (remember plausible deniability) in other countries. That is what it is doing to the people who think they are its citizens, and that the government represents our interests and well-being. On the other hand, the people who control the Federal government think they own the People. They have the certificates of berth, and the bonds, to show as evidence of proof. Both are wrong, but both are acting as though this false assumption, is true.

Please ponder that for a moment to two.


The CEO of the United States Corporation is often proclaimed as “leader of the free world,” a term I heard often as I grew up. Also mentioned recently in the State of the Union address, I had to laugh to keep from crying. Once upon a time, there was some pride at what the idea (the American Dream, freedom, etc.), and this country (the USA) meant. Now, it has become an empty sound byte.

“TERROR” – “T” = “ERROR”

Under the guise of keeping Americans “safe” and leading the spread of “democracy” and freedom, people in foreign lands are being traumatized by terrors that the U.S. Federal government, its foreign enforcement branches, and certain of its allies are actually behind. This makes a mockery of truth and virtually everything else that “America” is supposed to stand for.

The American people are also being both misled and traumatized by errors (to put it kindly) in scientific thinking, education, and medical practice, that are being trumpeted by colleges and universities, and leading authorities and experts, as proven facts.

I’ve gone over this before, but it never hurts to review this short list of daily traumatizers, which include:

  • Vaccine administration* to people of all ages, from infant thru adulthood
    • Requiring vaccinations as a condition of entering public school is coercion of the subversive kind
  • Sodium fluoride in municipal and drinking water
  • Chlorine disinfection of municipal water
  • Chemtrail spraying
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapies
  • Circumcision of infants
  • Cesarean Section
  • Pasteurization and homogenization of dairy products
  • Chemical spraying on crops and injection into soils
  • Microwave energy, from cell phones, to ovens and towers (and if you buy into them, RFID chips to come)
  • Genetically Modification (GMO) of plant, animals, and ?
  • Radiation exposure
  • Synthetic (chemical and GMO) nutritional substitutes and preservatives (stabilizers) in processed foods for natural
  • Chemical spraying for any and all perceived threats to health

*Note: As a treatment method, the use of vaccines is not the issue. The issue is the vaccine’s premise (i.e., balance compromising inoculation for disease presumed to be inevitable but not evident now), and in the ingredients. If the vaccine, antibiotic, or other drug disrupts natural electrical, enzymatic, mineral or microbial balance or diversity, the vaccine will cause metabolic stress, and therefore, trauma. Sometimes these substances add to existing stress (trauma); and sometimes they insinuate stress (trauma) where normal function (no stress/trauma) had prevailed.

Long-term cognitive effects of all these inoculations are not considered. Source

The intrusive disruption of normal metabolic processes start at the very beginning of life. Standard medical practice seems oblivious (or indifferent) to the fact that each human being comes with a divine instruction set that will function perfectly, on its own, if we get out of the way.


Dating back to the story from Greek mythology of Achilles and his vulnerable heel. Also from Greek literature are we programmed with the idea of “the tragic flaw“, and that we are riddled with errors, both genetic or otherwise. This is one idea that was impressed upon students, myself included. The suggestion was that that’s the way we are, and life is.

Does anyone recall having the same reaction? We couldn’t and didn’t challenge it, and so we internalized it… at least, that’s what I did.

The tragic flaw concept provides unquestioned cover for a myriad of intentional sins that are committed against us that are not seen for what they are, in spite of clear adverse effect.

The medical system is so entrenched in its current methods, it does not want to risk you discovering that all the stress/trauma-causing approved standard practices that poison, maim, and kill, are unnecessary when all that is needed is the restoration of balance.

Balance = homeostasis = health.

If you’re in a collision or fall off your horse and break something, of course, go to a hospital, see a doctor and let them repair it. But I’ll say this, even there, we’re not getting the best treatment methods available. We only get what the Medical Industrial Complex overseers have said are the best methods available.

Chronic and degenerative diseases are something else. They have causes that, when resolved (meaning balance is restored), automatically result in health. If this sounds incredible or unbelievable (as they did to me at one time), the reaction is reflective of just how deeply you have immersed yourself in a myriad of lies.

There are countless occasions throughout recent history of cures for various conditions that were suppressed, with the developers persecuted, maligned, or otherwise hindered.

In contrast to health heroes who are suppressed or persecuted, war heroes are exploited and celebrated.

WWII Soldiers Standing In A Flag Draped Sunset - SIlhouette

Not really.

The heroes ~ the soldiers who served in battle ~ were exploited. Only war is celebrated, because the cause is never “just”, or as it appears.

Warmongers don’t go to war. They drum up support or fabricate justification to send our children to fight their battles.

The only ones who have a thirst for war are those who profit from it. They hold the mistaken belief that they are protected from its fallout.

They are not, and will not be exempted.

You wonder what he knows that people aren’t interested in listening to.

Youngsters who become soldiers enter the military and are summarily dehumanized (so they will set natural, life-respecting, humane traits aside and carry out inhumane orders), drugged up (vaccines), and then used up. If they don’t come back from conflict in body bags, they are mental and emotional basket cases that get cast aside like dirty, wet dishrags. If they are reintroduced to society, their unresolved stress/trauma, which can last for years like the trauma of circumcision, is largely ignored, dismissed, or treated with drugs.

Here’s something different. This video, which I shot at the Extraordinary Technology Conference in Albuquerque, requires its own post. I’m talking with Aeron Goldheart, an annual exhibitor with his Tesla Energy Lights, about the effect that they have on the human biofield, and its effect on stress/trauma, which is so connected to emotions and mental state that it bleeds over to affect all physical experience.

Continuing, the error in this biological and environmental holocaust is that there appear to be no apparent consciousness of:

  1. the effect of drug treatments on the natural balance of the people so affected
  2. the causative role (intentional or unintentional) of approved, prescription drug treatments themselves in conjunction with other overt and covert areas of synthetic or mutagenic dosing, on the resulting imbalance

Supported by $cientists, which I am now going to begin calling Zientists, experts tell us that the “bugs” (i.e., bacteria, viruses, pathogens), not drugs, are the cause of the diseases that invariably and inevitably come, which then becomes reason to start a new round of what? Chemical and energetic stress (trauma) sessions, further taking the subject away from balance and closer to the grave.

And guess what? We say, “Okay!”

Mainstream Media as Mental Sleeping Pill

Mainstream media is no help to us. They maintain the ruse. Look at the spin that they put on a hamburger that a man purchased from the Golden Arches Company, 14 years (now 17) later.

Microbial decomposition had stopped altogether, a point that was neither observed nor commented on. There was no mention made of how such a material — i.e., that microbes won’t break down — if consumed on a regular basis, could easily become debris inside the body, clogging up tiny passageways or short-circuiting neurological signaling systems to such an extent as to cause such pathological effects as diabetes, heart disease, or stroke.

Add to this the fact that the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in medical zience narrows microbial diversity and enzymatic activity within the body, so as to impair its ability to break these products down. That’s the recipe for the health holocaust that we have today.

Whether intentional or not, it’s what’s happening.


No presidential candidate, past or present, has presented any proposals, or any vision, to change this state of affairs. As such, no candidate is truly speaking to the real needs of American people, or the people of the world for that matter.

What the F*ck?!

Until a couple days ago, while listening to one of the Eric Jon Phelps interviews, I had never heard of a book that was first published in the early 19oo’s, titled, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. I decided to look it up.


First published around 1905, The Protocols is represented in the media today as an anti-Semitic work when in fact, it is anti-human, Semitic and Goyim (non-Jew). Given the other lies, as well as poisons that the public has been fed for decades (and is still being offered now), I would caution against buying the assertion, and read, or listen to it yourself.

Zionism and Judaism are two different things. While Zionists may be Jewish, all Jews are not necessarily Zionists. The ones in this video aren’t (well maybe one).

Zientists are simply Zionist scientists. They may or may not be Jewish, but are completely controlled by Zionist ideologies.

In the early 20th century, Henry Ford (1863-1947) was impressed enough to publish commentary about The Protocols in his day, which may be why he has been characterized by some as anti-Semitic.

The same can be said for healthcare.

The term “anti-Semitic” is generally responded to as a hatred for, and loathing to all Jewish people. However, Zionism is really about the ideas that the person has embraced, which can’t be pegged on the basis of ethnicity alone.

No one can judge another on the basis of their thoughts, because even thoughts can be harbored and not acted on. Ultimately, it is the experience that one creates based on thoughts acted upon, that will be judged.

Based on recorded experiences, it is ironic that the historical and cultural trajectory of the 20th century has tracked very closely to the premise and intent of the ideas outlined in The Protocols.

We have allowed a full spectrum of stress and trauma causing practices to become systematized, then led to believe that they are the best approaches, supported by Zientific principle or research.

Results are proving otherwise, but opinion makers refuse to acknowledge the evidence.

Is The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion about the Israeli people? No.

Or about Jews? No.

Does there appear to be a connection to Zionist ideas, particularly as outlined in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? Most definitely.

Whoever wrote those texts, by whatever name, was of a specific mind, with a very clear vision. AND APPARENTLY, we’re playing right into it. How? By sitting around believing that the world is going to hell in a hand basket. If it is, then what are we doing to change its course and direction?

Infant Penis Torture

Who would do shit like this? Who would allow shit like this? We do.

Ever wonder why circumcision is performed on between 55% and 65% of infant boys, period. That means the vast majority of them, myself included, aren’t Jewish. I will say that my father, bless his heart, told me once that we are (I am) of the lineage of Abraham. That may have affected his thinking, but no one asked my opinion.

Circumcision is a huge action to be instituted across such a wide cultural swatch, for a procedure that has no categorically beneficial effect, and a definite traumatizing effect on an infant. I’ll get to the “lineage of Abraham” matter in a bit.

I didn’t have a choice in the matter. By the time I knew what my penis was, it was already cropped, as I allowed it to be done on my son. Why? Because it was done to me. I didn’t have the knowledge, courage, or interest to determine the benefits (if any).. No other reason. My lineage with Abraham wasn’t determined by cropping my penis, nor my connection to, or covenant with God.

This has all the markings, and smell, of a middleman or money changer.

There are no benefits to circumcision, but there is trauma that stays with the infant and can affect attitudes and choices, even health, throughout his life, until he’s ready to take an earnest look at himself and decide who he’ll be.

Until we decide who we are, others will decide for us. They have already made up their mind about us. Growing up means speaking and acting on our own.

I can see how my father would have allowed or even requested circumcision for me, although I don’t know if it went down that way. I was raised in a Southern Baptist family (sans my dad). Except for him, there was no known cultural or religious reason for me to be circumcised. Once my son came along, there was no reason for me to authorize his, or anyone to be circumcised. Yet, look at how often it is done.

An unquestioned sacrifice. Source

It appears that the Bible may be directly connected to the practice of circumcision due to a passage in Genesis. Making up the first five chapters of the Old Testament, the Torah may have been the reason that circumcision is in the Bible, as a covenant between Lord God and Abraham.

Today I find it easier to accept that Abraham may have thought he was talking to God, not knowing that the Intelligent and Divine Life that flowed through him as Abraham, was/is God. The “Lord” in the Bible speaking to Abraham is an egocentric control freak who needed homage to be paid by the “flock.” That ain’t God, if he’s “appeased” by the suffering of his Creation. The “Lord” could have been a humanoid time traveler, speaking through a breach in the space/time continuum. For some more devout religious types, that “Lord” could have been Satan. What loving God needs sacrifices, torture, pain and death?

How would Abraham know? He was going to kill his son Isaac for that same voice!

Talmudic tradition takes circumcision even further down the trauma chute on the circumcision ritual. The Rabbi must orally suck the would!

“No no no no!”

Circumcision is desecration of our temple that was designed for us to enjoy our time on spaceship earth fully, not to be a lifeless, repressed, automaton.

The foreskin held nerve endings, and signaling circuitry are part of our Intelligent Divine Design. If there wasn’t a purpose for them, they wouldn’t have been there. However, the writers of The Protocol No 24 clearly saw sensuality as a distraction against their plan to cultivate a large pool of workers. While it didn’t mention circumcision, it provides a rationale as to the spread of the practice beyond Judaism.

Also, what better way to demonstrate your control over someone else’s mind when they mindlessly adopt detrimental acts for no other reason than that’s what others have done?

The Protocols had been published only 16 years when Henry Ford made note of them. Almost 100 years later, what do we see now?

Money as Tool of Debt and Control


For over 100 years we have had a debt-escalation system that can never be satisfied. Do you understand that the present monetary system will only produce higher debt (which itself is only an idea)? In other words, the sense of servitude cannot be settled in the current monetary system, just like healing cannot happen by continuing to add balance disrupting agents to an environment, be it in soil, a plant, animal, human body, or atmosphere.

Suppose this is true?

Money, as it is presently used, is a debt instrument. The Federal Reserve Note is a promissory note; nothing more. It is a “promise to pay” a certain value. It is not tied to anything that has any universally accepted value. As such, the value of your “money”, if you have any, can be diluted at any time.

The Federal Reserve Bank, is a private corporation formed in 1913, and is the manager of the money supply in part by manipulating interest rates that it charges to banks.

Here is a bank whose customers are other banks in America and around the world! It is part of an organization that owns the central banks of nations!

The Fed doesn’t answer to Americans, nor to the Federal government. Its “owners” are Jewish, but more importantly, they are Zionists. The system that they run is also unsustainable for the whole of humanity, which means that their policies will ultimately destroy them too… if we do nothing differently.

I write these thoughts today because if a change in direction is desired, none of the candidates, including Bernie Sanders, represent it.

These are the things I’d vote for:

  • Peace
  • Health and Healing
  • Prosperity ~ Not just in America, but around the world
  • No perceived need for a wall against “bad” people
  • Restore Natural Balance

If a person is “bad”, they’re likely mad as hell. A reasonable person, with no agenda, might ask why is that person mad, and what is being done about it?

Now it’s reasonable to assume that anyone who subscribes to Zionist ideology wouldn’t feel any obligation to ask such questions. That’s one reason more people should be aware of it, look at the history that has passed since Henry Ford’s day, then look at things now.


How many times do you see posts on Facebook or your favorite news feed that say something like, “BREAKING NEWS: World War III is Starting”?

Some people think that the outbreak of a World War III would fulfill a prophecy, which portends the “second coming” of Jesus, who will then “rule” instead of whoever the current one is.

My question to them is, where will humans have done the things that Jesus did, “and greater things still” in that equation?

Greater things that we can succeed at than were done in Jesus time:

  • Loving each other
  • Respecting each other
  • Healing ourselves
  • Helping heal our planet
  • Making our neighborhoods healthy and cities safe
  • Honoring the beauty of the human heart and spirit
  • Nurturing self-respect, self-reliance, and cooperation with others

While adrenaline junkies might find this vision a bit boring, I submit that there will be many outlets available to feed their need for tension. They just won’t involve taking away the peace of others through force of lawlessness or “legality.”

We have become almost numb to violence, while being deathly afraid to express love, kindness, or tenderness toward another, or be truthful, lest we be called some dreaded name. We’re encouraged to expect the worse in others, in line with the fundamental thinking espoused in The Protocols.

The question is, by bowing to this fear, what are we turning ourselves into? Disease begins in the mind, in the ideas that we embrace as truth. However, it is us, individually and collectively, that make ideas, Zionist and otherwise, “true”… or “false”.

We have a tide of thinking that calls for change.

Only balance is the cure for disease, not drugs or chemicals. Disease is the inability (or unwillingness) to maintain equilibrium or equanimity on one’s own. These principles apply to all life at every scale.



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