No More 'Lesser of Two Evils' Elections

I watched the most recent shoutfest (a.k.a. “debate” 2/25/2016) among the Republican presidential candidates (with the exception of Ben Carson who complained that no one was allowing him time to comment). Of the people who were speaking, the most credible and desirable to me, was Donald Trump.

That’s not saying much. Donald Trump could be a savior, not for the American people, but for the people who run America. If you didn’t already know it, neither the American people, nor the 535 members of the Senate and House of Representatives, plus the Executive Branch, etc., run America. Just who “runs” America will be outlined below.

Even though he intimated close ties to, and respect for Israel, Trump was the only one among the remaining Republican hopefuls to dare to strike a match for peace in the Middle East, essentially acknowledging the equal rights of Palestinians to live in a society that is free of oppressive domination.

That being said, I would not vote for Donald Trump. I do not want a wall around the United States. That would be the ultimate irony for “the land of the free” to have a wall around it, like a huge, corporate prison. However, the people who run America apparently do want a wall, even though one of the greatest resources that America has, comes from the millions of Latin Americans who come here to do the work that we’re too lazy and disinterested to do. The leading Republican candidate even talked about a wall along the Canadian border, dismissing it (for the moment) because of the much greater expense.

Do you not see how this is not about keeping “bad” people out, but about keeping good people afraid and thinking that their safety depends on fearful men with small minds and big guns?

Revisionism is alive and well in America.

Given the duplicity of the “secret powers” that have run this and other countries with impunity from the shadows, bankrupted and took “title” to the country (and their Peoples’ souls) long before most of the people reading this post (myself included) were born, and have been instrumental in creating the very “nemeses” we are now “fighting,” there is no reason to expect real representation by any of would-be presidential candidates, because said representation isn’t being given even now.

Other agendas are being served. The people who run America think that they own you, while you go around thinking that you’re “free.”

Only one part of the last sentence is true. Do you know which one and why?

The video below touches, just a little, on what I mean.

Corruption is Legal in America

Of course corruption is legal in America, where the terms “legal” and lawful are two different things. One can be wrong but “right” while the other can be right but “wrong.”

The republic that we think we live in, is itself fraudulent. In act, it may actually be illegal and unlawful. Its continuation depends on We the People continuing to go through the motions as if the actions that government and its agencies take are both legal and lawful, or at least legal.

We’re not supposed to know that the U.S. government is a corporation acting as though it has the consent of We the People. The electoral system is set up to ensure, as best as possible, that the controllers get their candidate in office through what appears to have been a democratic election by We the People. However, they have many mechanisms in place to get their candidate in place, particularly since they believe they already own everyone.

I recall Barack Obama suggesting that voting should be mandatory. (See Washington Post article.) This is because not voting is a clear sign of non-consent, where the appearance of voluntary consent (or compliance), even if not conscious, is paramount.

The shadow government players have taken steps to own both the Democratic and Republic parties and to the best of their ability, the candidates, and We the People. In a country of over 350 million people, they have limited the electoral choices to two parties. Do you see how accustomed we’ve become to such a narrow spectrum of ideological choices? The fewer the ideological choices, the easier it is for the overseers to control both the parties and candidates.

This is also done by keeping the cost of campaigning high, which puts political service aspirations out of the minds of those naive enough to wish to serve We the People.

We pay for the campaigns anyway. It should not cost a thing to run for office. A fund should be set up to cover the costs of an election campaign, and We the People should say what what topics we want the candidates to address and commit to.

I would certainly want to hear each candidates peace initiative that they would commit to. I haven’t heard any, on either side, that are committed to peace.

We the People haven’t demanded it.

Tacit Consent to Tyranny

Keeping We the People sick and tired, angry and afraid, and bullied just a bit makes us more inclined to consent to tyranny, or look the other way when it stares us in the face. If we’re doing that, then we won’t be doing anything to change the status quo.

If you think that the only way to ensure your freedom is by holding on to your gun rights, you’ve already lost on that point. It’s time to find more creative, productive, and effective ways to change things.

How about making new friends instead of enemies? How about living in truth instead of lies?

Just a thought.

I cannot speak to Donald Trump’s true presidential intentions. I don’t know, nor do I really care. Personally I wouldn’t bet on him becoming president in an election. Trump’s being the Republican front-runner only illustrates how unelectable all the other choices are.

It’s more likely that Donald Trump will engender a political gag reflex in enough Republic voters for them to place their electoral bets on Hillary Clinton. It appears that preparations for such a possibility are already being made.

The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has laid out a plan that would have lawmakers break with Mr. Trump in a general election. Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times

I think that’s where the controllers are trying to take things. The media pumps out hopium about electing the first woman president. Hillary seems to think its worth a few sound bytes, but she’s blind to the political baggage that she has become.

Hillary: It’s her turn now… if you ask her.

Hillary Clinton would represent the only remaining candidate that is still under the Bush branch of the Cabal Family Tree. This would mean that present social and fiscal policies will remain intact. If you don’t like the way things are going now, the pace will accelerate under Hillary. Trump’s making mincemeat of the Republican candidates may scare voters to Clinton.

A second presidency with a Clinton at the helm would mean more strife and turmoil, more chemical invasions to our air, water, land and food; more chemicals for the bodies of young and old, more corporate sodomy and fellatio against We the People, and more war. There would be no initiatives outlined that involve greater peace, prosperity, safety, health, and healing, for Americans.

Americans have been so convinced ~ intentionally so ~ in the impossibility of peace, even among ourselves, and the possibility, even inevitability of war, that many prepare for the latter.

We’re being quietly “helped” to come to such conclusions that lead people to expect the worst.

Here’s one example involving the rampant black-on-black killing by guns, in Chicago. Yes, it is happening, but you should understand that it’s not “just those lowlife people”: someone is quietly “helping” it happen.

The public is being coaxed along the path of fear and paranoia, in many subtle and insidious ways. Some of these ways are so blatant that they are invisible, everywhere, but unseen.

Chemicals are major agents in the assault on the human health, mind, and perception. They don’t have to be prescription; indeed, most are not, in the medical sense.

In all Seriousness

None of the many debates have covered any subjects that are hopeful. Can you imagine that you may vote for an individual that has not said one thing about these fundamental factors that determine the true quality of life?

Unless we demand something different, the next president, acting on orders from “supervisors,” will send more of our children ~ boys and girls ~ to war, but say nothing about diffusing the likelihood. Republicans will assert their commitment to life of the unborn while being bullish on sending them to kill and be killed in some god-awful war.

Some military strategists will suggest that, with our current “enlightened” and “advanced” technology, we can wage a “just” war by launching drone attacks on foreign targets. Less risk for our side, eh? Makes us “kinder and gentler” killers and maimers.

Unless this is nipped in the bud, local police forces will want, and get the same thing.

Ask the people whose lives were destroyed how “kind” the missile strikes were, and how “gentle” the death.

Distance doesn’t make killing innocent people any “kinder.”

Hillary Clinton will be a friend to, and facilitator of corporate interests, as was Barack Obama, who received a Nobel Peace Prize at the beginning of this first term in office, and then in a cynical fit of irony that could not have been accidental, presided over the most insidious of war campaigns.

Like Obama and a line of presidents that preceded him, Hillary Clinton would, if selected, be the “CEO” of a bankrupt federal corporation masquerading as a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” when in truth, it is no such thing.

The Thousands We Don’t See

The 535 people who go in and out of Washington as elected officials do not run the federal government. They are transients who come and go. This includes the president. He or she is told what the people who actually run the operation — who are not elected by or accountable to We the People — want them to know.

I want peace in the Middle East because that will make people on both sides happier and healthier, and our world safer and friendlier. The people who run the government — meaning that other group that is not elected — want the very things you see and hear about each day; world instability and conflict.

Israel is a major destabilizing presence in the Middle East. I pissed a couple of women off on my last trip to Europe when I said the unspeakable about Israel; specifically about the Zionist government of Israel.

Israeli Jews are not all Zionists. However, they are tools thereof.

I am not referring to the People of Israel, but to the people who were behind the forceful takeover of Palestine. If you want to know the truth, these same factions were also behind the forceful takeover of North America which involved the ethnic ridding (not “cleansing”) campaign that led to the deaths of an estimated 80-100 million Native People after Christopher Columbus’ arrival to this part of the world in 1492.

They are also behind the Crusades and the Inquisition. We see remnants of the thinking of those bygone eras throughout our society today, including law enforcement, medical and health practices, education, and the justice system.

I want peace in America, Asia, and Africa too. Quite frankly, I simply want peaceful co-existence with other human beings. It really is possible, except that it must be by choice and natural affinity, not by deception, coercion, or force. Through natural affinity, those who want peace, and who are peaceful in their nature, who respect others, will attract like beings through their actions.

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of forgetting what is important.

We have taken the peer-to-peer element of respect out of social interaction by the creation and promulgation of money. Through this idea, we have transferred our sense of value from resonance with like-minded and hearted others, to the pursuit and possession of money, and the “things” that can either be acquired or controlled. Power is thought to be associated with the acquisition or control of money. In so thinking, we fail to see the more intrinsic power of thought and imagination.

Every moment that we spend in this world in our life journey is built upon, and by, thoughts that we have either adopted, embraced, or in a moment of inspiration, initiated.

When a president says that his #1 priority is to “keep Americans safe,” it also proffers the thought that we are not. In order for that thought to be credible, “enemies” are necessary. So the Cabal has made a great operation for itself by funding conflicts, maintaining antagonism and enabling antagonists, dating back long before the arrival of the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock.

Eric Jon Phelps – Eye Opening Information

This is just a sampling of findings from researchers who have, for their own purposes, gained a different take on world affairs of today by tracking history. I do not subscribe to his literal, and to some, racist interpretation of the Bible, or his preference for racial purity. Nonetheless, I find Eric Jon Phelps’ discourses on history well-researched, and important to hear and know. This is a great conversation with Jeff Rense.

Independent of Phelps’ work, research into this subject would confirm that the City-State that is Washington, DC, functions as a branch office of the Vatican, with ties to the Jesuit Order and Freemasons.

Feeling the Bern Yet?

Bernie definitely comes across as genuine, not a puppet.

To me, Bernie Sanders comes across as the most genuine, human, and grounded of all the candidates. He strikes me as authentic in his commitment, not only to represent We the People, but to actually change the course that we’ve been taking.

It’s a daunting task, to be sure, because any candidate that speaks to real solutions would have to articulate, with great precision, the real problems.

Sanders’ position on vaccine practice is vanilla orthodox mainstream, so much so that we would expect no change in the current direction, which presently is becoming increasingly draconian. Mr. Sanders has a long, well-documented history of activism on behalf of We the People. Yet, his non-exception to the vaccine practices, as well as trends toward microchipping people, is a yellow flag.

I was going to say, “the common man,” but that’s just the point; we’re not “common”. We are not cattle (or “chattle”). We’re not powerless, helpless, or hopeless. We should not look to politicians to promise to create government that will take care of us. Government exists to implement our wishes and protect our interests; we do not exist to implement and protect either government’s or the Vatican’s wishes.

In the debate  series, the organizers presume to tell We the People what the issues are, which the candidates then dance around. In this way, real solutions go unaddressed while artificial problems are exacerbated.

The presidential election campaign has devolved to little more than theater for most candidates. Mr. Sanders appears to be an exception. Please note my use of the word appears.

On the science front, the general population is operating under the mistaken idea that chemicals, taken in little doses, are of little consequence or danger to life. This is an outright, boldface falsehood.

As such, most fail to see the pathologies that so many eventually contract as the effect of chemical ingestion, whether medical or incidental (such as prolonged sodium fluoride intake while brushing teeth, or high-fructose corn syrup in processed foods.

This is one idea that should be discussed on the campaign. No one has come close to touching it.

Also, no one is talking about the trillions in Federal Reserve Notes that are ostensibly earmarked for “defense” but are actually for offense, such as the F-35 jet fighter.

$98-$116 million each (not including the engine)!

War is not only hell, it’s expensive. With the exception of defense contractors and the banks that finance these projects, the money that is spent on offense only fuels ill-will. The United States isn’t the Wackenhut Security Service of the world. Spending $100+ million per plane for what amounts to 20th century propulsion technology, when 21st century knowledge would suggest other ways, is the height of irresponsibility. I’m not even saying we shouldn’t have defense. Of course we should. But there is other knowledge, other methods, and other capabilities available that have been kept from We the People, that none of the candidates are discussing out loud.

The TR-3B, code-named Aurora.

Personally, I don’t want to choose the “lesser of two evils” anymore. I’m not saying that Bernie Sanders is an “evil”. I am saying that his not yet noticing the connection between the epidemic use of chemicals and gene-altering methods, and chronic and degenerative disease (in plants, animals, and people), means we can expect little change in policies from a more aware and responsive government. As such, like Barack Obama and a succession of presidents that preceded him, he would be party to an ongoing evil that is affecting everyone.

But then, government hasn’t been aware of, or responsive to We the People’s service for quite some time.

We will have to continue seeing the truth that awaits our willingness to know, embrace, and use it.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you very much for bringing these subjects to light again! Everyone on the planet needs to become aware of these things.

  2. Bruce

    I’m hoping that people are waking rapidly to the real nature of the system that “owns” us, its complete lack of legitimacy, and its needs for deception, manipulation and stealth to continue its oppression. Perhaps this is the year that the question of where “government” gets its “authority” will start to emerge into the main stream. Check out Larkin Rose’s talk at Anarcapulco last month:

  3. artemisandangelio

    I love your emails! I read every one. I haven’t finished the videos on the previous one yet. I enjoy reading about what is really happening and has been going on for decades. The authorities have created such a rotten and corrupt system that its collapse is inevitable.

    I expect that the authorities are waiting for you to make a typo mistake, which they can arrest you for. Big Pharma and the FDA must be livid, for example. Thank you for your hard work!

    1. Thank you Peter ~ However, please realize that “the authorities” need truth too, and may not know or see the adverse implications of their actions ON THEMSELVES. So in your imaginings, please consider that said authorities, Big Pharma, and FDA may be grateful that I’m writing what I write, because unless the people wake up, THEY WILL BE STUCK IN THEIR OWN THANKLESS, JOYLESS HELL.

      They are people, just like you and me, and they are affected by the nature and intent of their actions, just like you and me. When I imagine, it is to the benefit of everyone involved, including myself; not to harm.

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