Saying 'Good-bye' to Insane Social Doodoo

To go through life on Earth, each one of us steps into a reality that, from first breath to last, is designed to capture, influence, and thereby mold the psyche — which is another word for consciousness or life essence — for the benefit and advantage of someone other than you or me.

As a consequence of many apparent, but false “truths,” we are in deep “doodoo”, made so by idiotic ideologies, polarizing policies and paralyzing practices that foster attitudes of “don’t don’t,” as in “Don’t do this!” and “Don’t do that!”


Shit is spilling over everywhere. But who notices? Who cares? Source: Twitter

It’s not a pretty picture.

For example, we’ve been taught to believe that sometimes we must do harm in order to “do good.” It’s how “The West was won” (actually hijacked). It’s certainly at the core of standard medical practices today, where “disease” is purported to be caused by infestations of microscopic creatures that make us sick or kill.

What remains unexamined, perhaps purposefully so, are factors — behavior, environmental, etc. — that brought the microorganism into the picture in the first place.


By looking at the effect and ignoring the cause, medical scribes frame, present, and respond to the ecological and environmental mess that we have created. Through standard practice, they add more chemical and energetic insults to environmental injuries.

A trusting public, encouraged to think that when disease happens, solutions are expensive though ineffective, and come from laboratories, understanding is beyond our comprehension, and that getting well again involves a painful and expensive battle (another war) that we can only “survive” at best, we have accepted and not questioned or demanded effective methods, not knowing they exist.

Oddly, the health insurance premiums that people are forced to pay through the ear, nose, and throat for, only pays for draconian warfare/kill model remedies. Mention such concepts as vibrational frequencies, Yoga, Tai Chi, or stress reduction modalities, and eyes will glaze over as rumblings of quackery fill the air.

For their part, organizations like the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and its sister agencies have taken active steps to keep the public misinformed, while approving a wide range of new toxic shitmakers and at times, even obstructing access to natural remedies.

As a result, medicine is one of the biggest and most “profitable” industries, so “profitable” that the casualties of standard treatment have long ago been rationalized as being necessary. Another way to look at it is that medicine is one of the biggest and most profitable exploiters of humanity; not only of human health, but of consciousness.

Full-Spectrum Exploitation

Medical practice is certainly not alone. Religion plays a major role, as does standard education, which includes math and science. For all the time and energy spent filling a young mind with “approved” information, little effort is made to help children to:

  1. Discover their own interests and gifts
  2. Grow emotionally
  3. Learn self-reliance and resourcefulness

Instead, “lines” are drawn in the sands of culture, which direct specific “information packs” toward specific groups of people, which profoundly influence the life experience that ultimately unfolds.

Young American black males grow up expecting to be hasselled and harassed because the suggestion is made to expect and take negative exception to it, by older “leaders.” They are conditioned to see life in a racial context as acutely as police officers see things in terms fo “good” and “bad.” Both are relying on external effects, and gain no awareness of the internal, where cause and intention come from.

The power of the intent of one human being is no different than the power of another. Each will be their own limiter or liberator, based on the ideas that they have embraced and embodied, and allowed to go unchallenged or unchanged. All are unique in perspective, yet equal in creative ability. Ideas are passed from human to human, group to group over time. They become both his and her “story” only when embraced as one’s own.

We are free to embrace any thought about who we are, what our potentials and limitations are, or what and who we will become. Nothing happens without our consent, although deception and coercion is apparently permissible.

The Inner Force is turned off by fear or anger, turned on by joy and love.

The mind of a typical law enforcement officer is calibrated to adhere to a strict code of conduct that is played through the lens of “good guys” and “bad guys.” The definition of who or what is “good” seems to revolve more around the “rights of,” or what’s good for the enforcing agency, than the public at large. As such, it’s easy to be suspected for wrongdoing even when no harm has been done. In fact, the system thrives on legislating “wrongdoing.”

For example, in California, 807 new laws went into effect in 2016, including the requirement that parents have their children vaccinated prior to entering school in September.

In Michigan, while no useful or sustainable solutions were found with respect to the water contamination and infrastructure problems in Flint, legislators had time to take a stand against animal cruelty and in the process, showcase long-standing laws against sodomy.

Greater solutions, that would benefit people of Michigan, California, and beyond, go unexamined and greater initiatives go untaken.

When groups of people who share the same idiotic ideology get together in opposition, war is the result. Each faction sees their side as noble and “good” while the opponent that must be vanquished by any means, is “evil.”

Peace is neither the intent, nor result of war.

We’re Separate, Right?


It has been suggested that killing guys off that look this way makes the world “safer.”

We don’t see the harm that we’re doing or allowing to be done to another as being harmful to ourselves. Generally, we don’t even see the harm as harm. Instead, it is necessary because we’ve been conditioned to believe in nemesēs that are so dangerous and evil, that they must be controlled through eradication at any cost. Their eradication is defined as “good.”

Vaccine practice is the essence of this thinking, where disruptive chemicals are injected into a relatively healthy infant’s body on the rationale of preventing the perceived inevitability of a disease that used to be commonplace 100 years ago.


Yet, new diseases of today, which were unknown 100 years ago, are not perceived to be related to the present and compounded chemical assault being made on children and adults today.

We not only allow it, some people defend the practice (they tend to not have children), and, as is the case in California, even want to take away the ability to refuse such institutionalized mistreatment.

What we do to others, we do to ourselves.

Included in this idiotic blindness are the erstwhile corporate overlords who actually think they’re running things here. Those who seek to control others, will be controlled.

Managed social idiocy keeps us divided into factions that talk about unity but actually live lives dominated by rivalry fueled by false beliefs in superiority and inferiority. No one is superior or inferior to anyone else internally, except that beliefs make it appear so externally.

Beliefs are the differentatiors of thought and vision, cause and effect. They determine what happens and don’t happen to, and for the believer.

A man with a gun or other weapon, is no more powerful than one who is without one. People with college degrees are no smarter than those who are not. However, chances are, they are more controllable, and controlled.

Higher education today has become institutions of control. Money, which is really debt, is the instrument of said control.

Playing this game of control often unwittingly, humanity has reached a point and time of reset, wherein an awakening and becoming of consciousness occurs that is akin to a graduation to a new level, form, and quality of reality, or conversely, a Mulliganesque reboot. In any event, life goes on as it always has, and always will.

Secrets and Solutions in Our Midst

The simple truth is that the problems, the social “doodoo” that we fret about each day, are solvable by us. Meaning you and me, each in our own way.

I listened to yet another interview about the Secret Space Program which, in itself, is a fascinating subject. If you haven’t yet delved into this subject matter, I highly recommend that you do. The subject is part of, and related to an overall “disclosure” process, which involves revelations of covert extraterrestrial and exopolitical activities engaged in by certain factions of control (government, military, and corporate) that the general population has been kept “in the dark” on.

While we are preoccupied with the chase for money, status, and things, distracted by the foibles of our favorite celebrities, and are watching debates from presidential candidates about issues that only perpetuate the status quo, two things are happening:

  1. A continued assault on the human mind that leaves us either unaware of, or disbelieving in…
  2. A larger, more expanded reality of worlds and experiences that await our emotional and spiritual readiness to enter

We are mentally ready to enter an expanded world now, except that we’ve been convinced of our unreadiness, perhaps unworthiness, due to the clear evidence that any intelligence that can travel interstellar space is “more advanced” than we are.

Who is to say whose “ready for contact” other than you?

However, we are emotionally immature, afraid to love and be loved, and terrified of its free and unfettered expression.

On the other hand, led to believe that we are “earthbound,” you’ll often hear of speculation about the “advanced beings” that “created” us. That is, if you’re not so steeped in a religious belief system that asserts that God created us, where the leaders of said religion have positioned themselves as “managers of the flock.”

It’s all manipulation and control: all if it.

If you haven’t watched The Door of Everything video series, I invite you to do so. It is unlikely that you will change your life in one “aha!” moment, but it will offer a different perspective of yourself and your relationship to Creation.

The point that I’m getting at here, is that we have been conditioned to wait on “good” things to happen, initiated by others or conditioned by some outside factor (e.g., having enough money), that will change our situation, instead of making them happen ourselves each day.

This pattern means that we do not invest earnest time using our imagination constructively and with positive intent to effectuate the change that our mind and heart actually seeks. Furthermore, we do not take action that would, with our initiative as a guide, bring the new reality into fruition for us.

As such, social problems continue to compound while we continue expecting “The Calvary” to arrive any day to rescue us.

Here’s a news flash if you didn’t already know.

The Calvary is Us

Humanity is in distress, but we are not damsels. We are not accidents of nature, nor evolved from apes. Our worthiness and value is not reflected in poverty or wealth, disease or health, or in idiotic bodaciousness or stealth. It lies within a capacity that every human possesses, but only can be exercised individually, and that is to love.

Love is the true balancing and harmonizing power of all Creation and our reason for being here. Love is the liberator that frees us from the perceptual jail that is fear. It is love that restores health when we activate and exercise our inner care. In love we find the courage to be truthful, unafraid to be who we are.

I began this commentary because our social problems are solvable, by us, whether or not the politicians see it, or corporate or government controllers oppose. Our task is to wake up or reboot. Awaken to the Saviour that is within each of us, that is each of us, or continue the journey in fearful servitude.

As such, we have a major problem in our society that I would like to fix. The candidates aren’t talking about it (I don’t expect them to since, generally speaking, both sides are beholden to the same controllers).

I want to acquire a lease to start a farming operation, beginning with 875 acres, and expanding, initially, to 3,664 acres. I have a dream that will make a difference that helps all.

Plant seeds of beneficial change here.

Our initial crop will be watermelons. They will not be the only crop, and this will not be the only location; just the first one.

I have land identified and a plan on how to use it that is clearly different from present conventions, the significance of which can be easily understood. I need an investor, with pockets deep enough, heart and mind open enough, and vision clear enough to act swiftly and fairly, so as to allow us to plant and harvest our first crop this year.

I trust that the time is ripe for what we envision, and if this is so, the person(s) will present themselves. The procedural changes that we will employ, and product that we produce, will impact everyone beneficially.

This task is not “mine” to do alone (and I am not “alone”; there are others who know of, and support this initiative). This is my first “announcement” beyond that circle, and I do want to begin with this growing season.

Though they will be employed, this is not about selling our vortex generator technology. It’s about changing a pattern of thinking and practice that contributes to many of the problems that some are “fighting” at escalating cost, and diminishing value to the consumer. If this idea resonates with you, or someone that you know, please get in touch with me.

Here are a couple of videos that I produced recently, before coming to this particular decision.

Citrus Greening Et Al, The Balance Factor


IMBALANCE: The Unnatural Consequence of Conventional Farming

Alternate View of An Alternate View: Dr. Wil Spencer with Adam Abraham

This is a distillation of a 2-hour conversation that I did recently with Dr. Wil Spencer.



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15 Thoughts to “Saying 'Good-bye' to Insane Social Doodoo”

  1. mary page

    Dear Adam,

    Thank you for your answer. I can relax as that was where I thought the only solution could be, in our focus on what we know to be pure and good and (our creative) truth. As for your farming venture, I would love to know more. I will watch those videos next.

  2. Darryl

    Adam, you’re great!! I love your articles because they are based on truth! Let the light shine and keep the messages coming!!!!

  3. mary page

    Adam, I don’t know how you can have these opposing streams of thought in your mind? On the one hand we can breathe peace in love and on the other side there is information of such disturbing content that it would make a person cringe in fear. How do we navigate through the extreme? What good does it do to listen and take in this ugliness ?
    I am not complaining or finding fault, just wondering.

    love mary p

    1. Hi Mary ~ I appreciate your question. The point that I make is that the ugliness, as well as the disparities and injustice, are all *suggestions* that have power only if we embrace it as truth. When we take that which is apparent (to our senses) as truth, we do so at the expense of exercising the inner truth of our heart. Peace and love aren’t what we inhale, as in “breathe in”; it’s what we exhale, as *we* are their originators and resonators, irrespective of the ugliness that we see.

      WE ARE love embodied and personified. It doesn’t flow “into” us from outside, it flows through us, sourced from within. The choice to love belongs to each of us, irrespective of the ugliness that we see. In fact, the apparent ugliness is even greater reason to love… which is also to be truthful, and balanced, in equanimity.

      Thank you for caring.


      1. Joyful Greetings to everyone.

        Artfully poetic Adam, and interesting to contemplate the concept of the legendary 10% “Tipping Point” exhaling Love to change the world.

        However, consider this is the Age of Deception, where this earth realm is similar to a fishbowl – where everything is connected and affected.

        Ineffective cleaning occurs when sectional cleaning is attempted.
        Obviously some readers may be appalled at visualizing swimming in the contaminated fishbowl.
        Often the contamination is written as “ugliness”, “disparities”, “corruption”, “injustice”, and so on…

        World size fishbowl cleaning is a interesting concept as awareness with the shift in consciousness is exemplified in the social phenomena of worldwide dialogue to remove the great Deception.
        This forms the natural self-organizing phenomena for new communities to form and grow.
        Adam, I see your growing relationships amplifying this phenomena.
        Thank you for being here, and thank you for sharing

        LOVE & Wholeness,

  4. Matt

    despite the fact that i disagree with you on so many things, i have kept up with your blog unto this point. i’m not even going to dive into why a first-year farmer should not be asking for hundreds of acres, or that all roads do NOT lead to the FDA, despite your best contortion efforts.

    it’s actually the picture of the guy who messed himself at the beginning of the article. i have never found you to be so distasteful in the many years i’ve followed your writings. he has had his picture touted all over the internet as hilarious at his expense. the point you were making was loose to begin with, and i’m not sure if you were trying to be funny or make a statement through symbolism, but you should be ashamed and at least remove the picture. i dont agree with much of what you say, and at times i find your ideas and proposals to be ridiculous, but here you have regressed into an angry teenager. even if you don’t see this as immoral, you have the ability to see how truly distasteful it is. that man is a real person with actual feelings. have you ever shit yourself before? want to put a picture out there somewhere of it? maybe a pic of you with a hard-on, hunched over and embarassed. we can cut out the face, but you will still know it’s you. so might your friends and family.

    please remove that picture. there is no point that need be made at that man’s expense. put a pic of yourself covered in shit. shit yourself. it’s the right thing to do.

    1. Matt ~ I can’t tell you how much time I took selecting that picture for some of the same reasons that you cite. I even downloaded it and cropped it so as make the image about the point being made, and not the person. Indeed, there is no way anyone can tell the gender of the person depicted. It was certainly not for “fun” that I used it, and it’s not personal. The situation that moved me to write the article, was not funny either. Yet, the message is hopeful. The problems are all correctable, even for one who can no longer hold his or her shit.

      For all your concern about how distasteful the image is it seems that you take greater exception to large parts of my particular take on life, though not enough to simply unsubscribe and be done with it. I say what I take exception to, for reasons that I clearly understand, and communicate in the best way that I know how. It doesn’t mean that everyone will agree with me, which you have made quite clear if I held such notions.

      Some far more distasteful games are being played on the public that could make one shit in their pants if they saw it, and correct the situation once they saw the real causes and changed their ways.

      As for my seeking to start a farming operation involving nearly 1,000 acres as a “rookie,” I guess you’d have to see what I see, or perhaps how I see things for it to make sense. Time will tell.

      Best wishes,


      1. Matt

        If you want my opinion, which i’m sure you don’t, it’s that you are a “rookie” on all fronts when it comes to making change in the right places. The wise man does not take on 1000 acres his first year. you don’t have the resources, the knowledge or the experience, and you will end up wasting time and resources in plunging so deeply without recourse. every kid wants to be a rock star, but no one starts there. 1000 acres on your first year is a very childish notion. it’s not bravery, its recklessness. if your bold plan is so infallible then please share this ultimate wisdom with the rest of the world just just cant seem to catch up with your brilliance.

        this directly reflects the conversation you and i had about MMS. Both you and Jim Humble refused to take it on a regular basis (or ever, for that matter), yet would prescribe a “maintenance dose” to anyone interested, without hesitation or any objective observation of the “medicine” itself. being willing to dive deep on a subject requires knowledge, and wisdom therein. being qualified to make such recommendations requires willingness to stand behind something, which neither you or Jim could. i took a maintenance dose regularly for a while, and it made me very ill. there were all kinds of excuses produced by you and Jim as to why it may have done that to me, but neither you or Jim are qualified to even purport what actually happened, because neither of you follow scientific processes.

        i understand fully the “shitting yourself” reference. i find this reference hardly applicable, and very low-brow. you seem to always point the finger toward something ‘worse’ than yourself or your actions. you should know by now that being ‘good’ isnt about relativity, it’s about that one thing, in an of itself. “goodness”. you spend much time bitching about the FDA, even when it’s not applicable, but you never point fingers at individuals, therein, or better yet at yourself.

        my recommendation to you is to learn the scientific process, and apply it to all of the work you are doing. you cant spread goodness with bitching and slander, especially when you never point a finger at an entity you can hold accountable (a person). you cant start a 1000 acre farm on your first year and reasonably expect a good result. you definitely can’t hold the FDA as an entity accountable for anything. you have to get specific and point the finger. please, get to the point. a man shitting himself on your front page is not poetry.

      2. Thank you for this Matt. I see you holding Jim Humble and me responsible for a lot of pent-up resentment related to MMS, in spite of the fact that I have never suggested that anyone take “maintenance doses” of the product. My views on what MMS does and how it worked evolved over time as I learned more about human physiology. I have never been part of the church structure that he crated, even though I was present, in the Dominican Republic, the first time he announced his vision. This doesn’t make what he wanted to do “wrong”. It simply wasn’t right for me. I did suggest to Jim Humble that a person shouldn’t be allowed to be a “health minister” until they had treated 1,000’s of people, or 1,000 hours, and actually knew a thing or two about what they were doing. They didn’t follow my advice. However, they haven’t done nearly the harm that is currently being done to people the world over, without their noticing. You say that I “bitch” about the FDA; and that’s the way you see it. I see that their policies and actions are “protective,” but not for my well-being or yours, for that matter.

        When you say that my FDA bitching isn’t applicable, feel free to elaborate, because I can give you instance upon instance where it directly applies, and why, scientifically too.

        As to my farming fantasy, I’ll be sharing more in due time. You might even see merit in it, for it is far bigger than “me.”

        Best regards,


      3. Oh Matt, you make others smile. If only you put as much energy into creating something that would benefit the world, as you do into pulling the vision and creativity of others to pieces. Who know’s what you might come up with.

        As for “reckless” regarding a farming prospect. You have no clue who Adam has on his team, so how on earth’s name do you think you are qualified to make judgement.

        Like I mentioned earlier. I am going to be a little more blunt this time. The sooner you pull your finger out of your arse and tell what you are doing to create a better world, the better.

      4. Matt

        Thanks for chiming in, Jody.

        you seem to be making some assumptions here, yourself.

        where there is truth, productivity, creativity and kindness — i will be there.

        where there is untruth, wastefulness, jadedness and malice — i will also be there.

        i spend much time reshaping my world and criticism is just one more way of doing that. what do i know about farming? i have been farming and gardening my entire life. i have studied permaculture for the past 10 years and lived/worked on several farms. you?

        i spend my days learning about, experimenting with and sharing my interests in alternative energies (hutchison cells (built dozens), GEET (built 3)), automation (coding, robotics etc…), nutrition (fats vs carb fuels, natural medicine, structured water (built several machines) and most of all EDUCATION, which knows no bounds. you?

        so, what service have i done humanity by bitching and bragging about these problems and solutions? should i target ostensibly nameless groups of people and pursue the unattainable? this scrutiny i provide is what people like Adam need to stay on track. i’m not telling him to stop. i would prefer that he keep doing what he does. i dont follow this blog because its all bullshit. Adam is doing his best and i know that.

        but you? wtf are you doing? blindly defending a side of an argument you were not a part of? what are these great accomplishments you seem so humble about? dazzle me, please, and try to be more respectable about it. you dont seriously talk to people like that in person, do you?

      5. Matt


        you fare well against my ridicule.

        i totally agree that the FDA is doing an injustice to society. i just dont think anything is done about it until you point some fingers at someone that can be held accountable. i know this is a dangerous practice, but it is what is required for real change. otherwise, you just end up with the same crowd that already knows all about it, also not directing their attention to an accountable party.

        i know you didnt tout MMS as an actual miracle, but you endorsed Jim Humble, who has turned out to be a know-nothing, and even though you’ve retracted your stance with him you were still the company you kept. i actually put the stuff in my body for a while so i became overtly aware of the dangers, first-hand. it was just a mistake, for both you and i.

        i wish you well on your farming venture. i wish i knew more about it. i hope youre ready for it. my last venture was only 5 acres and was still a nightmare. i promise i see the merit in it… it’s the logistics that sound crazy.

      6. Matt ~ calling out people to hold accountable only makes my complaint personal when the problem is systemic. The person in charge isn’t the one that created the system. However, that one may change the system without my making it personal.

        I took MMS too; had a major reaction. Then I did my own research on what it was, what it did, then started writing about it. When my interpretation changed I didn’t renounce it. However, I continued my search to understand causes.

        If we don’t understand how pathologies come about, we’ll continue feeding them, and forever play the game of reaction. Between a disinterest in the church metaphor, my new interpretation of MMS chemistry, and Jim making MMS the “end all and be all” for what ails you, I drifted away. On the other hand, results always speak louder than conjecture. Whether I agreed with his approach or not, Jim Humble has helped far more people, doing things the way he did them, than most can ever hope to do.

        People appear to be having a pretty good experience with MMS as part of a broad-range regimen to restore balance. But then, there are many ways to restore balance once you know that’s what needs to be done.

        I will talk (video) or write about the farming vision soon. I think you’ll like it. Maybe you’ll be involved. It’s bigger than “me”; not something I’d ever dream of doing alone.

        Best regards,


  5. It is out of love that the world was created,
    it is out of love that the world was saved,
    it is out of love that the world has to be re-generated!

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