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Ho hum.

The public is being primed for the “next big scare,” in the form of another “viral outlaw” that, as the story will read, is going to make you sick. “Pandemic” potentials are being attributed to a virus that has been given the name Zika. This little bugger is distributed by mosquitoes, with warnings that the disease can lead to birth defects if women contract it during pregnancy.

And the mindwashing of the world continues. Forget the brain. It is the human mind that is continually being contaminated with dire thoughts of threats, enemies, both large and small, outer and inner. It is done by building awareness and credible evidence of what constitutes a “threat,” while neglecting to provide any information on what would mitigate it. People are left feeling powerless to do anything to change the situation.

And that’s just the way someone wants us to feel.

Source: @TheEconomist via Twitter

Fortunately, there’s another way to look at any problem, even if “all the King’s scientists, and all the King’s bureaucrats” can’t find a way to put the “Humpty Dumpty” puzzle of human and environmental health, back together again.

Someone wants us to be experts on “recognizing” disease. No one acknowledges that the “food groups” that make a healthy diet makes no mention of the lifeless nature of most “foods,” being devoid of enzymes and loaded with preservatives as they generally are.

We Just Want You to be Aware: Yeah, Right!

Years ago we were being guided to seeing “the warning signs” of stroke and heart attack. The tactic, fueled by fear, made a person hyper-vigilant about the disease by helping them conceptualize and visualize its eventuality in their life. What the public servants do not tell the public is:

  1. under what conditions the condition may come into existence,
  2. how to change those conditions in order to prevent it, and
  3. how to mitigate the condition without damage if it does take shape.

The other trend is to encourage people to be satisfied with surviving, or “living with” the ailment, such as “living with diabetes,” or being a “cancer survivor”. In so doing, we set very low expectations, not only of the vaunted health care profession, but lacking self-knowledge we have adopted low expectations of ourselves, and pay dearly for our ignorance, innocent though it may be.

Nasty Little Enemies


The greatest deception associated with these tactics is the blame that is laid on the “bug”, be it virus, bacteria, or “pathogen” by any name, as cause. The bugs, which are part of Life, and hence, of Nature, cannot speak for themselves. However, they are the results of the unnatural re-ordering and manipulation of Nature, generally in the form of chemicals, but also today, in the form of disruptive energetic fields, as well as dogma-based misinformation.

Dogma-based misinformation, and institutional lies, cross the entire subject gamut, that includes religion, science, medicine, agriculture, energy, society, and government. Whether it is the intent or not, the effect of institutional lies is the “control” of the vast majority of the world’s population by an infinitesimally small minority of people, when considered as a proportion of the whole.

What you are not told, early in life, is that you are a being that is equal to all other living beings, and that you entered this world possessing everything that you truly need to “succeed” at your life’s mission, the reasons that you came here.

That pretty much runs counter to the typical “civilized” worldview, which establishes a social pecking order that is based on such box definers as race, class, education, religion, income, etc. Youngsters are told what they can expect out of life from an early age, then, not knowing that they actually have the final word, grow up to live up to, or down to their elders’ expectations.

I Am My Body, NOT! by Adam Abraham
Let’s teach our kids who they are, and what they are not.

Children do not learn that they are not their physical form, that they express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions, as well as take their actions through said form.

Although your form is made up of earthly material and therefore, is most resonant with the planet’s bandwidth of frequencies, you are not of Earth. When your ashes or dust return to the Earth, you’ll be somewhere, and somewhen else.

We are free to travel the Cosmos at any time, through the power of our intent, which drives our thoughts and actions of consciousness. The only restrictors that limit us are those that result from ignorance and fear.

The Inner Matters Count

Your outer appearance is an effect, and has no bearing on the quality and value of the life that you lead, except if you make it causeworthy. Your bloodline is also an effect, and also has no bearing on the quality and value of the life that you lead, except if you make it causeworthy. The money or possessions that you, your family, or group has, or does not have, is an effect, and has no bearing on the quality and value of the life that you lead, except if you make it causeworthy.

Making effects causeworthy tends to be a most familiar habit, carrying its own inertia to the extent that it goes unquestioned. However, the place of cause, where changes are actually made, are unseeable, but knowable.

The Zika virus is an effect, and has no bearing on the quality and value of your health, except if you make it causeworthy by believing yourself to be vulnerable and are not dedicated to restoring and maintaining the natural balance within the environment that you live.

Now, Earth’s information controllers have done a great job of convincing us, myself included, that “germs” (our early word for microorganisms, bacteria and viruses) caused diseases, and that killing germs, in any way, shape, or form, was “good.”

We were also encouraged to believe that the truth was too complicated for us to know or understand, and that we should leave figuring it out to those who were accepted into prestigious schools of “higher learning,” never suspecting that their minds were as much under the control of others, as ours were.

That is what makes mindwashing so effective. The goal is to be adopted, protected, and defended, without knowing how we’re retarding our own evolution. However, the controllers are retarding their evolution too.

The “what’s good for the goose…” rule applies to them too.

As such, we have cultivated a generally dim view of the world, of our fellow human travelers with whom we share this planet, and ourselves, never suspecting that many of the world events that mark human history, were instigated and orchestrated by a succession of individuals who run corporations that have, for so long, exploited the mind of humanity, and the resources of the planet. Their method has been to weaken and destabilize by upsetting or destroying Nature’s balance.

Does this put vaccination policies, which destabilize and disrupt natural information instructions, and degrade normal enzymatic activity in recipients, into a different perspective for you?

Does the thought of a ban on vaccine use still sound far fetched or heretical?

Maybe I’m going too fast here. There’s more to consider.

Getting Back to Balance

Balance is sacred. How sacred, you ask? Balance is so sacred that when it is restored to any “disease” situation, healing happens. Health is restored. Balance strengthens the immune systems of one’s physical, emotion, and mental bodies.

However, balance must first be restored in one’s mind, and the only balance restorer and harmonizer of the thoughts that we allow ourselves to be “channels” for, is Love.

Love balances minds, opens hearts, and creates a harmonic resonance between them. Our heart is the most powerful transmitter of intent, particularly as it relates to changing or transcending the pathogenic suggestions that have been offered to the public consciousness for our consumption, which each, though one may not know it, is always free to reject.

The Zika virus, the Huanlongbing (HLB) bacteria that is decimating citrus groves around the world, Ebola virus, which some are suggesting that the Zika will supplant as a worldwide “threat,” and all other pathological elements, are results of institutionalized, sanctioned, and in some cases, government enforced, unnatural imbalances.

The list is long.

Yet, the solution to all of them, even the ones the “experts” say have no “cure,” is the restoration of balance.

Balance is the answer to the lead problem of the water in Flint, Michigan. I’ll say here that lead isn’t the only problem surrounding Flint’s water, but it’s the one that is presently undeniable.

Balance is the answer to citrus greening disease, which is the result of environmental imbalance caused by the continual use of chemical-based additives ~ pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers ~ year after year.

We picked the grapefruit pictured below from a tree in Florida. It’s not that some trees are infected, virtually all of them are. Virtually all of the farmers have the same sanctioned farming practices that make chemical salesmen happy.

A sampling of grapefruits from a citrus greening infected tree.

Experts in plant science, who make a handsome living by regurgitating what they’ve been taught in school and ignoring facts of life, which include obvious disruptions of natural balance, have seen nothing wrong with farming methods.

In the same vein, medical researchers see nothing wrong with vaccine practices, or standard cancer treatment methodologies. Proponents of genetically modified food products also see nothing wrong with their methodologies, except that they’re not willing to do simple tests to confirm the benefit that they claim. They simply pay large sums of money to gain bureaucratic and even legislative protection by Presidential Executive Order.

Label GMO product? No way!

Preventive Vaccines Are Insanity

Who is to protect the most vulnerable? Source:

Forcing chemicals to a living environment in order to “kill” an imagined “threat”, or on a mission to prevent a future disease threat, no longer plays. It has never held water, and still does not.

These practices have been profitable, to be sure, but at a great and unconscionable cost to humanity as a whole.

With all that said, balance can always be restored, for it is the cure; the only cure. While they contribute to causation, drugs do not cure disease if they are not enhancing or restoring balance.

A naive, trusting, distracted, mal-educated, and misinformed public has enabled its own exploitation by believing that $cientists, politicians, and “authorities” have had our best interests at heart, and that the individual is powerless against the exploiters, needing “rule,” “laws” and “enforcement,” to live peaceably with each other.

How safe have you felt lately? Better yet, where have you been led? Source:

How many times have we heard politicians say that the number 1 priority of government is to keep Americans “safe?”

This is a great misstatement. The number 1 priority of government officials, who are mere puppets doing the bidding of behind-the-scenes controllers, is to keep the public under stress, believing in its powerlessness, and hoping for a “savior” of some sort to arrive on the scene to kick the asses of social bullies.

On a couple of occasions, some otherwise very intelligent people told me that when Jesus returned, he was essentially going to “kick ass and take names.”

IF Jesus “died for anyone’s ‘sins,” there’s no reason for anyone to care about anything that anyone does, including one’s self, because “the debt’ has been paid if that was true. But the idea of being in debt, and sinners needing “salvation,” is part of the control mechanism that puts clamps so many minds and closes off the powerful heart.

Let’s Declare a War on War!

Name one candidate who has seriously spoken of healing and peace.

War is heartlessness and soullessness raised to a high level of effect.

Yet, this is pretty much the central topic surrounding the presidential campaign. For all of our admonitions to “support our troops,” we ignore the fact that the humane spirit is the first thing that must be broken in order for these kids to be considered, “good soldiers.”

One important part of this psychological dissection, is the requirement that certain vaccine injections be administered. Each injection degrades and retards balance; mental, emotional, and physical. Cognitive, emotional, and physical function is altered, if not immediately, then in time.

But again I’ll say that any balance torn asunder, can be restored.

This needs to become a personal priority, that is, to restore balance in the “environment’ that is one’s life.

Part of the process involves this simple change in perception that involves seeing visible anomalies and dysfunctions, such as the latest disease outbreak, as results or effects of imbalances, and not causal. As such, the remedies will need to contribute to the restoration of balance, and not to its further disruption.

Worth Your Consideration

Schidigera Yucca Extract

Turns out that Nature makes natural balancers, and the contents in the bottle shown above, is one. This is extract of Schidigera (pronounced, “she-daay-gra”) yucca, a desert botanical and member of the lily family, from Zenus Global Health, based in the Las Vegas area.

I met Doug Widdifield, founder of ZGH on a trip through Las Vegas in 2013, and offered to interview him. I didn’t get around to editing and uploading the video until 2015, and still didn’t tell him that I had done so.

Doug eventually called me after someone who saw the video called him. Not being all that keen on network marketing-based businesses, I was conflicted, even though impressed with his products.

The video tells far more about the schidigera yucca than needs to be noted here, but it is so effective at what it does, it is referred to as an adaptogen, or natural balancer. It stands as just one example of what Nature does naturally that assists in the restoration of balance, in plants, animals, and people.

I told Doug what I had been doing with my time since we had last met, and that agriculture is a major focus with the vortex generator technology that we’re organizing. With that, he informed me that he had a product for agriculture as well as waste, odor, and other forms of remediation; i.e., the yucca schidigera extract.

Available for small and large growers, odors, and other applications.

One beauty of products such as these, is that besides being effective at restoring balance, they’re not overly expensive. They provide the plant, animal, individual, and soil, certain components that had become unavailable, to restore that availability naturally.

To give you an example. The 135 acre orchard parcel where we installed our largest vortex generator in Florida, injects sulfuric acid (H2SO4) into the water line when pH levels are too alkaline. In other words, when it is out of balance. However, this is a most unhealthy way to try controlling pH, to the land and to the tree’s root structures.

Furthermore, the cost of just this one treatment ~ they use pesticides and herbicides too ~ is contracted at $200 per acre, to cover the entire growing season. For 135 acres that cost is $27,000, and the real problem, which is sometimes referred to as “salt lock,” is not actually solved.

In contrast, a 1 liter bottle of Schidigera yucca extract treats 17 acers (2 oz / acre), requiring 8 bottles to treat the entire orchard (likely even less if a vortex generator is present). Doug said that the orchard would need just three treatments over the course of the entire growing season, or 24 bottles.

Total cost, $1,080.

Imagine what is possible with balance, when balance is understood and made sacred once again. Imagine the restoration of health, and increase in yields.

That’s what I’m imagining. Balance in land; balance in water; balance in my body restored.

It’s that important… and powerful. No need to fear the bug when you know you’re protecting yourself with natural balancers.

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  1. artemisandangelio

    Thank you for your regular messages, which serve to restore balance. As you can see, societies, institutions, and governments, which have based their policies on imbalance while also ignoring timeless principles, are crumbling everywhere. I expect that most will collapse at some point. On the bright side, the world’s two largest cocoa producers of cocoa will start to go 100% organic this year and/or next. This will have a domino effect with other cocoa producers. 100% organic farming is going to win out in the end even if Monsanto, Syngenta and their likes will scream and throw tantrums.

    Thank you for keeping these issues in the public mind. Their ripples will spread.

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