The Ascendency of Balance

January 5-18, 2016

I have just returned home from a crisscross country trip that covered 6,250 miles in 14 days. The “crisscross” comes from the fact that I began by heading west toward California, and returned home from the east.

My destination was the Treasure Coast of Florida to deliver and install the largest vortex generator that we’ve made to date ~ for a 12″ line. It is the first to go in service on a citrus grove that has been impacted, like citrus orchards throughout Florida and the citrus growing states, by a condition known as citrus greening disease.

Since 2007, Florida citrus growers have seen a $3.6 billion reduction in revenues, the result of a precipitous drop in crop yields due to so-called “citrus greening.”

It’s getting harder to find healthy fruit when they’re ALL supposed to be healthy.

I won’t go into a tirade over this, just yet. However, while presidential candidates vie for the job to kick ISIS’ ass (although the U.S. government is implicated in its creation and funding), and experts push to take your right to refuse vaccinations for your children, these developments are affecting you, your health, and that of your loved ones, right now.

Water is an overlooked, but key component in both the decline and restoration of health. Just ask the people of Flint, Michigan about water’s role in their health’s decline.


The situation in Flint is related to the situation in Florida, around America by other names, and throughout much of the supposedly civilized world. It is the same situation that afflicts health care, and compromises, by standard practices, our environment.

Current approaches to these problems are stopgap measures, at best, because the thinking that went into the creation and evolution of the problem, has largely gone unchanged. As such, standard practices are actually antecedents to the problems they are designed to control or eliminate.

Vortex generators represent a different way of thinking, not only about water, but about science, physics, chemistry, Nature, and even God. A change in thinking reveals solutions that have been available all along, for which resistance has been, shall we say, high.

Now the problems are becoming too big to dismiss, or to blame on the blameless. I’ll talk about that more in a bit.

A BIG Vortex Generator

The vortex generator that I delivered, dubbed the PW1200 or “Big Kahuna,” was made for The President Water Company, which I co-founded last year with Jody Spencer, a native New Zealander who is presently based in Western Australia.

This one was too heavy to lift on our own.

Here’s a short video introduction on the President Water site that we shot in New Zealand when I visited there in 2015 to attend the Fieldays farm show.

I have spent a large amount of time, energy, and research into the nature of water and the relevance of state, related to the efficacy, potential, and importance of what some refer to as the organizational “structure” of the water itself. The term refers to the establishment and maintenance of a certain alignment and ordered pattern of orientation between the elements within the matrix of the water itself.

The establishment and maintenance of said order affects the transmission and assimilation of the information contained therein. The greater the crystallographic order of the elements within the water, the more effective and efficient transmission and assimilation will be. This effectively increases the “potency” of anything that is in the water, if overall balance is not factored.

More on that, later.

High-Ordered Water; A Different Substance

Greater crystallographic order in water causes changes to occur within the its physical properties and behavior that allow one to use less of virtually everything, including water itself, such as, for hydration purposes.

For example, lead has become a dominant mineral in the Flint River for reasons outlined in this article. Instead of (1) remediating the lead imbalance in the river, and (2) remediating the lead imbalance at the source, the river was essentially abandoned until it was seen as a lower-cost alternative to buying water from Detroit.


“What is remediation” You ask? Remediation is the process of nullifying the causative factors that will have led to, and become the contaminated state. The goal of remediation is to restore the balance to the transfer medium, which is water. While conventional methods would attempt to do this via chemistry, nature restores balance in a combination of ways, including vortex movement, electromagnetic ionization, and enzymatic activity.

It appears that the Flint River has been written off, presumed to be beyond help, as long as an alternate source that is not as contaminated (e.g., Detroit municipal water, or Lake Huron), is nearby. This way of thinking ignores the continuing toxic, adverse impact that the Flint River was having on the people, wildlife, atmosphere, and consciousness of Flint by non-action.

Of course there are threats of investigations and lawsuits to see who is responsible and can be prosecuted, but at the end of all those stories, the Flint River would still be contaminated, which is another way of saying out of balance, when balance would change everything.

Notice the lightning? This happens whenever tornadoes are formed, large or small.

While they are not “filters,” and involve no additives, President Water vortex generators help restore said balance to the water that passes through them using the forces of motion and natural ionization.

They have no moving parts, but cause rapid acceleration of spin via the vortex events that occur inside, changing the electrical and magnetic properties in the water in the process.

These changes, create a cascade of physical changes:

  • The water molecules micro-cluster, increasing cavitation
  • Reduce surface tension, making the water “wetter”
  • Eliminates calcium “scale” (lime) build-up in pipes (or a living body)
  • Makes more oxygen and hydrogen available to the environment
  • Provides several degrees of freeze tolerance
  • Higher zeta potential
  • Slower to rate of evaporation

This is how Nature restores order and balance to chaotic situations that are much larger than the Flint River. These same principles can be applied, not only to the Flint River, but to the homes of the people of Flint, to restore the life-compatible energy to the tap, faucet and shower head, and garden spigot.


President Water vortex Generators for 1″ (top and bottom) and 2″ lines.

Vortex Water Benefits All, but Especially Agriculture

The benefits of vortexing water are particularly attractive in farming because improvements in plant and animal health become self-evident statements of efficacy. They respond automatically, without prejudice, to that which most benefits them when given the choice.

Not knowing how deeply we have been misinformed and misled by our mental entrainment (education) system and practices by experts, authorities and institutions that we trust, it is often harder for people to accept, at first blush, a water treatment method that goes counter to conventional thinking. Vortex generators are one such technology, which “treats” all the water as it passes through, and doesn’t filter out “bad” elements or adding other “good” ones.

Vortex Generators Address Real World Issues

The PW1200 vortex generator is readied for installation in Florida.

Since I mentioned the water crisis in Michigan, the situation is not solved by switching from the lead contaminated Flint River to Detroit water. The Flint River will still be contaminated. The solution is decontaminating the Flint River, which means restoring its natural balance, which is possible. However, current conventions of antagonistic and adversarial thinking must step aside.

We dubbed our devices vortex generators because, after studying the work of many natural scientists, Viktor Schauberger and Marcel Vogel being just two luminaries, but Walter Russell’s work in particular, it became clear to me that “structure” or crystallographic organization was dependent on the powerful physics behind, and within each vortex event itself, to the extent that effectively producing it was necessary to produce the desired effect.

In the vortex are natural centripetal and centrifugal forces that cause an increase in both the multiplication of new “charged” particles (protons) and electrons that divide, discharge, and disintegrate.

A 2008 tornado lifted this school bus and flipped it on top of a damaged
elementary school in Caledonia, Mississippi. Source: Wikipedia

The forces that can lift a school bus, semi-trailer, or home and redeposit it miles away would have little problem breaking hydrogen bonds that hold often unstable man-made molecules together.

Man has simply declared himself a superior authority to Nature, and is paying the price of his arrogant ignorance. Arrogant ignorance is to ignorance what hate crimes are to crime. The consequences of ignorance can be forgiven, or at least taken into consideration. The consequences of arrogant ignorance is assured destruction unless and until the truth emerges and prevails.

We created the President Water Company to make not only the technology, but the knowledge available that will help humanity recognize the damage it is doing to our planetary home and environment, so that we can repair it and heal.

Deception is Out There; In fact, it’s Everywhere

You can easily find web sites that will claim water structuring devices belong to the realm of “pseudoscience and quackery.” However, none of them will explain to you how charged particles come into form and dissolve into formlessness, as Walter Russell does in his seminal book, The Universal One (1926).

Conventional or mainstream science is the pseudoscience, as it is the study of effects, which it mistakenly labels, intentionally or unintentionally, as cause.

Yin without Yang.

This is tantamount to recognizing, studying and only acknowledging the existence of the yin that one can see and measure while ignoring the yang that is unseen and considered dismissable.

So for the past year I have been organizing an entire line of vortex generator, starting with those for 1/2″ lines (shower and undersink), garden hose and 3/4″ inch, all the way up to 12″.

The entry models are molded vortex generators that we expected to be making as early as last October, but are finally preparing the first production run now.

Small Format Vortex Generators: TVG (L.) and SUVG Magnes Opus™ (R.)

The first part of this process was designing, manufacturing, and shipping the molds from China to the shop where the product will be made.

Injection molding system for President Water vortex generators being readied for service.

The next part was placing our first order for our first production run, which includes raw materials to make each vortex generator, and ancillary elements, such as the boxes they’ll come in, etc. Some of these steps have been in process for some time. The most important; placing (and paying for) the order to produce the first 1,000 pieces, is happening this week.

Water isn’t a cool “new” item, such as a drone that follows you and will do selfies on command, so I’ve been disinclined to attempt to raise money via crowd funding in spite of how much we’ve needed funding. Of course, water is far more important than “follow me” drones, but that very importance, combined with the thinking that has long permeated water treatment science, is another reason to quietly move ahead to build a case for change that others will see and take kindly to.

That is what led to my circuitous trip to Florida.

I recorded and produced the video below after learning what the experts say about a phenomena called “citrus greening disease.”

This talk led to a phone call from a man from Florida, to whom this video spoke to. Our conversations led to the purchase and build of the first PW1200.

I might add here that the buyer showed the video above to people at the University of Florida, which has done extensive research into the citrus greening problem. In spite of telling him that they could find no fault or flaws in the logic presented in the video, they had no interest in receiving a vortex generator that was offered to them to do their own research, saying “We’re not ‘believers’.”

Well, yes they are.

The final stages of PW1200 installation.

Natural Amendments and Vortex Water: A Winning Combo

Dr. Wil Spencer

I also want to acknowledge and thank my friend Dr. Wil Spencer and his partner Delanne for meeting me in Florida. They adjusted their schedule, after attending a bee conference in Jacksonville, to meet me on site, and to bring some of their all-natural soil amendments, which employ a full spectrum of microbes and minerals. The importance of this natural toolkit is that they contain the ability to mitigate any unnatural combination of elements.

Here is a conversation that Wil and I had on the greening, and related problems.

We applied some of his soil amendments, along with a natural enzyme activator concentrate, to selected rows in the orchard, assisted by one of our prototype Travel vortex generators.

The Vortex makes soil amendments sing too.

Time will tell what changes occur here, but this approach represents new possibilities, that re-awaken an appreciation for Nature and its ways, that have all but atrophied from lack of regard and use.

We’ve paid a great price for this arrogant ignorance.


It would be well to remind any $cientist that may stumble upon this article, that everything that is created on earth, comes from the earth. Even the patented chemical compounds that are presently doing so much damage to the environment, are made of elements from the same Periodic Table. As such, Nature has no problem breaking down and decontaminating anything, if given the opportunity.

A Real Beginning

Leafs of an infected tree.

The citrus greening story warrants an article unto itself, particularly when you see the tremendous cost this condition has already meant to citrus growers, not only in Florida, but around the world. However, one fails to appreciate the real enormity of the problem when it is looked at as a phenomenon that is isolated and unrelated to anything else.

The answer to one problem is the answer to all. It’s natural balance. Lead contamination in the Flint River is the result of decades of dumping by factories that used lead in their products and processes, and the balance was not restored. It wasn’t restored because no one thought to do it. As such, few believe such restoration is possible.

On the other hand, if they knew, we’d immediately have to rethink virtually every way we’re using chemicals today, including vaccines (which would be a great idea).

The bacteria that is blamed for citrus greening is the result of decades of chemical spraying, such as 2-4-D, glyphosate (Roundup), and others, on to crops and into soils, to upset the natural balance.

When you look at our problems, whether they are health, agricultural, or environmental, from the perspective of balance, sustainable solutions come into view, becoming the only ones that make sense.

In one of the videos on the lead contamination in the Flint River, a doctor commented stated that once lead enters the body, that’s it, inferring that a person has no other choice other than to live (cope) with it. Given her training and the tools that she is licensed to work with, she is right. If you follow her standard medical treatments, you will not recover from lead contamination. However, if you restore balance

To be continued…

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