'Hiding' As Plain Sight: The Assault on the Human Mind

Doesn’t this look like a publicity photo?
I started this article several weeks ago, after U.S.-aligned (and probably urged) Turkey shot down a Russian jet that was obliterating ISIS targets that the U.S. has asserted was our “enemy.” This was also before more senseless domestic shootings, in Colorado Springs, and San Bernadino, California. In the interim, I traveled to Mexico for 10 days, to explore and open channels for our line of point-of-use water-vitalizing vortex generators.

I’ll get back to that in other posts.

This was one HUGE farm show held in Irapuato, GTO, Mexico.
I need to focus on this subject now.

My trip to Mexico was a life- and mind-changing journey unto itself, particularly given the divisive tenor spewed by a certain presidential candidate we love to quote.

It should be noted here, that the current crop of presidential candidates, perhaps with one exception, aren’t actually campaigning for the public’s vote. They are applying for a job that requires that they appear to be elected by the public, and to serve the public, but in actuality will be reporting to, and doing the bidding of, someone else ~ some of whom may be American, and many who are not.

Knowingly or unknowingly, this is what Barack Obama did. He resonated with the heart of the American public, but kissed the rings of unseen heartless hands. This practice did not begin with Barack Obama in the least. Americans will be just as dissatisfied with the next “winner” at the end of his term as they are with the present one unless they overhaul the system itself. Before that happens, one must see it for what it is, rather than what it purports to be.

While the presidential aspirants are actually campaigning to gain someone else’s favor or grace, and while the individuals being campaigned to may actually believe themselves to be in power, both are mistaken: the real power rests in each of us; in you and me.

The “power elite,” as some people refer to this tiny group, have relied on force to get their way. Yet, they need our consent and cooperation in order to “do” anything. Even more so, they need us to believe that we do not possess the power to change the course that they are plotting. The power rests within each of us, as we become inseparable to Love, even by fear.

Some Thoughts on Beliefs

“Belief” is an ideological position that may or may not be based on truth. However, we give “truth” to the belief by our belief in the idea. In other words, an idea that is held to be “true”, when believed by enough people, becomes apparently “true” for said believers.

The belief holder, for various reasons, does not actually know or even need to know whether said position is true. “Strong beliefs” about an idea have no bearing on whether it is true, as it is also so with large numbers of “believers.” “Believing strongly doesn’t turn a false idea into a true one.

The “truth’ of a belief is accepted on the basis of such factors as familiarity, trust, and faith. In true “Baby Duck Syndrome” fashion, the first experiences that are registered (i.e., imprinted) upon our consciousness upon entry into this world become “mother ideas” that tell us, in the most efficient form of “shorthand,” about this world, our place within it, and who or what we “attach” to. They are automatically “true” to us. Their changeability is directly proportional to the belief-holder’s sense that their power to change the situation or condition is possible, even if it is desirable.

Ideas that become unexamined, unquestioned, and unchallenged customs, will self-perpetuate. This is why taking steps to destroy people and property in the dispatching of a perceived “threat,” is an exercise in insane futility.

Ideas can even be thought of as true, even if they are not. The practice of vaccine administration is justified by the belief that “germs” are “bad,” thought to be a scientific fact, except when the “science” is not true.

Here’s another self-perpetuating idea: Infant boys are offered and even expected to be circumcised when they are not Jewish. Why is that? Outside of familiarity, trust, and faith, by what reason would anyone allow, and even require that their newborn son be traumatized through genital mutilation? (See article.)

States routinely carry out these actions as one of the rituals (and expenses) of hospital births.

Circumcision isn’t about science. It’s an unquestioned custom based on be-lie-f.

I don’t know the specifics behind the custom today, but it serves no beneficial purpose, and psychological traumas not mitigated can become precursors to physical diseases.

That may indeed be why the ritual persists.

Putting the Kibosh on Love: A Long History

We need more of this in times of non-tragedies, for “the assault” has always been on all. (Source: Veterans Today)
While the pictures that I was originally intent on using weeks ago have changed, the subject remains the same. That is because an assault, not only American MINDS, but on humanity as a whole, continues.

Actually, this assault on humanity has been ongoing for centuries, predating the colonization of America, the subsequent genocide of the indigenous population, and the rise of the slave industry. (Please download A People’s History of the United States, 1492-Present, by Howard Zinn (1980), and The History of Great American Fortunes, by Gustavus Myers (1909))

This assault has been so total, complete, and ubiquitous, that our beliefs about life, ourselves, our place within the Grand Scheme, and most important, our ability to change things, are framed by the shared experiences, memories, and history that have unfolded, and are unfolding now.

We tend to take that data, assume nothing has changed, and extrapolate it into a probable future which, should it come to pass, believers will be “right” about.

Our belief that “death” is the end of life, and that “murder” is an effective way to “silence” truth and gain compliance through fearful force perpetuates a grand delusion of control niggardly held on to by a few who actually think their position, lineage, history and “might” make them true “rulers” of the world, and all within it.

What most don’t realize is that the agent of change is neither money, technology, nor weapon. It is love re-embraced, re-embodied, and re-shared; something that is within each, and while it can be influenced by all experiences, cannot be controlled by any “other”.

As such, due to distorted seed thoughts and actions planted long ago, the love of the entire “civilized” human population is under assault from the moment we enter this world.

Such distortions of mind disturb the equilibrium that is the One Animating Life that ALL THAT IS, springs from. The sense and appearance of separateness, as well as space, time, “life,” “death,” and that which we perceive as matter, are possible only through such distortion.

Consciousness Creates Context

Major assumptions are planted in the first moments, days, months and years of life; that we will automatically accept as truths. Because they represent all we initially “know” about our world and how it works, these assumptions can go unquestioned and even defended throughout our lifetime because they appear to be true. That is, until we begin to feel that there’s something bigger that we’re ready to see, feel, experience, and know.

Our state of consciousness determines whether and when what we see and accept as true changes. In other words, when familiar, unquestioned truths, no longer nurture us.

Change cannot, and will not happen unless the orthodoxies of the moment is questioned, and vetted once again in this way. Change happens as consciousness initiates a redefinition of one’s truth.

If today’s orthodox truth no longer passes muster, then every dependent assumption must also be called into question and challenged.

Cancer cause and treatment thinking would be a clear candidate for a complete and total overhaul.

No one individual, or group, has “eminent domain” on innovation in thinking. No one can dictate who has the “right” to “own” an innovative thought, or dismiss an advancing idea, even if vetted, because it did not come through “accepted” channels.

Today, a university degree is more likely to mean the recipient’s mind has been turned into a vessel of outmoded knowledge or conventions, and is closed to new insights that haven’t been “approved” by the institution. University, medical and farm research has been under the same assault as other areas of social discourse and interaction, particularly with respect to problems that plague us, with little or no acknowledgment of how current practices cause problems (e.g., vaccine policies, GMO, pesticide spraying in farming, cutting down forests, burning petrochemicals for fuel, chemtrails, etc.).

The free exploration into new courses of action within universities, has been virtually non-existent. Research has followed research dollars, which has led academicians away from real solutions, and into diverse ways to compound the problems while rationalizing them. The truth is that if a solution is not sustainable, or support sustainability of life, as Nature is and does, then it is not a solution. It is a problem masquerading as a solution.

The Assault in Practice: MMS

A hidden hand has sought not only to control change, but who is allowed to articulate said change. This is one reason that the idea of the “Miracle Mineral Supplement” product (MMS) ~ the use of a simple solution of sodium chlorite (NaClO2) broken up with a light acid as a novel way to get NaCl (an inorganic tissue salt critical to cellular metabolism) and O2 in a mineral and oxygen deficient body ~ had to be brought “under control.” Lies had to be told to the public to dissuade the product’s consumption and validate its efficacy, all while the public remains unaware that it is intentionally being made sick by artificial and deliberate orthodox means, from using a product that would help them to mitigate and reverse the process.

I am not saying that MMS was, or is the only way to help a sick person get well, for there are numerous ways to do so, once you understand the causal factors. The MMS case is an example of a fraudulent system seeking to minimize its exposure and discovery, even while its credibility wanes.


Daniel Smith is in jail for his part in selling MMS, “convicted” without ever presenting his defense, a defense that the FDA and Justice Department were okay that the public not hear. MMS is still billed to the public as a “toxic chemical” by these agencies, while they broker deals to use the product “on the front lines of the war on Ebola in Western Africa.”

These same agencies continue to claim and support the notion that the sodium fluoride added to drinking water without our consent, is a harmless tooth hardener, that belong not only in your water, but in your toothpaste.

They don’t tell you not to swallow your sodium fluoridated drinking water.
In preparing to leave for Mexico I looked forward to the opportunity to meet Kerri Rivera in person.  I have interviewed and spoken with her by phone.

Through her book, Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, and protocol which includes “CD” (chlorine dioxide), roughly 200 children diagnosed as “autistic” have reversed the diagnosis. When the book was first published in 2013, 93 children had “come back”. Alas, for all her efforts to help others by sharing what she has learned, Kerri no longer lived in the area.

Yet, these are minor examples of the assault on humanity. Max Igan outlines some major ones in this 2 hr. presentation.

When you learn new, liberating truths, old, familiar restrictive lies simply won’t do. Those who live in those old, restrictive lies, hold on to them because that’s all they know, or because their livelihoods depend on them… until their conscience is no longer satisfied by money, or they themselves need real answers to problems that their proxy answers never did solve.

The Assault on Humanity is Both Covert and Overt

The airwaves and news feeds of the media machine move toward a saturation point with news of Paris, ISIS, Syria, war, and terrorist migrations, with the latest being in Colorado Springs and San Bernadino. This is somewhat akin to the invasion of the Africanized “killer” honeybees a few years ago. The difference is that the “killers” appear to be seriously pissed off human beings that have been convinced that they’re making a religious statement.

However, evidence suggests that they are not. The evidence of history suggests that these events have been planned and intentionally carried out.

False flag events are part of a long line of operations and policies that bring smiles to a small number of businessmen who fancy themselves as members of a covert few who have, for centuries, effectively “run’ the world and humanity… into the ground.

I presume that they are “businessmen.” The businesses that they run, or whose resources they draw from could very well be many hundreds of years old.

What they do not apparently know, and the people who serve them, is the “prison” that they have created, for themselves.

It is not a physical prison, as some would like to suggest; it is a mental one, a prison without bars, which cannot be escaped by physical means. The jailer cannot be bribed, intimidated, nor bought.

Persistence is futile. Pushing ahead along the same forceful line of thought, will only net less of what one seeks. Inner peace, harmony, and satisfaction.

And yes, Love.

Did I Mention Love?

It all gets down to Love, that unpossessible, immeasurable and mercurial, yet ubiquitous thing. Love is always on our mind, always part of our desire, always part of our reason, somewhere, for what we think and ultimately do. However, our “success” at receiving Love is only as good as the Love we give, which is as full as the Love we choose to be.

Our world today is what happens when the real but apparently intangible, immeasurable, and easily dismissible Love is set aside for something unreal, but is easier to “control”, i.e., money, property, or possessions. The businessmen who have run the world and humanity down for so long have more “money” and the favors and allegiances that it can bring, than most people can imagine.

However, if they had open hearts, war could end. If they had love, famine and disease could end, as would planetary and human destruction. Enmity could end, because the deliberate injuring and poisoning, of human minds through politics, science, medicine, and “religions,” would come  to an end.

Can you imagine NOT having even a “perceived need” for these ships that cost $4Bn each?
Why is it that we continue to expect and prepare for more conflict? Why is it romanticized? The only people who romanticize war have never been in a war zone.

Video games distill war down to “kills” with no regard to the reason behind the conflict, and no impulse to mitigate that.

Video games put the “player” behind the gun, able to pull the trigger.
Products like Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s X-BOX continue, and even encourage, the mindless celebration of violence for the sake of violence.

video game psychology
All sense of empathy is set aside for “self-preservation”.
Some people cannot imagine a fulfilling life without war or the threat thereof. They also cannot imagine resolving differences with anything other than a bigger or more destructive weapon. They are encouraged to believe that some people are “good,” and others, generally the most unlike “us,” are “evil.” They believe that “solutions” are “scarce,” and come through force, not conciliation, fear, not cooperation.

As harmony, balance, cooperation, mutual upliftment and empowerment gain popularity, the abusive use of force will lose its appeal. These are the seeds of freedom, not from oppression, but from the absence of love. Oppression is how it feels when love is absent.

Having said that, change is not up to business entities alone. The liberation of your mind and opening of your heart, the enfolding of your Love, is not up to anyone other than you.

Are We Convinced Yet?

People who spend an inordinate amount of time watching mainstream and even alternative media, believing everything they’re hearing or reading, could very well be on edge about now, because the convincing point approaches. A concerted effort is being made to convince you that this massive ISIS/ISIL psyop program is real, and that they are on their way here.

Now what do you do?

The better question is, who do you become?

That choice remains yours. No one can take that way from you. Whatever you do, or whoever you become, must be, will be, your choice, based on the best information that you have given yourself, or allowed yourself to be subject to.

Are you girding for battle? Is “battle” what you want? Do you believe, as pundits on almost all sides of the question seem to be suggesting, that terrorism is the next “sure thing” at a neighborhood near, or like yours?

Then you’ve been convinced. Your mind belongs to them.

I don’t know whether the heinous acts we’ve seen will make it to these shores, but I won’t lose any sleep worrying about it, obsessing over, or predicting “how bad” it’s going to get. Such action advances one from being convinced, to being an advocate for the experience in question. I won’t be going there because I foresee other outcomes that are just as probable as the ones that someone wants the masses to believe.

Do you ever ask yourself why you’re here? Why are you on this planet at this time?

Is it to be a “good Christian” or “Muslim?” Is it to set your value by the money you made and the things you acquired or apparently controlled?

Or are you here to replace hostility with harmony? Discord with accord? Or the fear with love?

Are you here to succumb to darkness? Or to be a light in dark times?

These choices are yours alone.

Only you can answer these questions, and be the answer that you come up with.

If you spend a small amount of earnest time exploring and discovering your own nature, asking the question “who” or “what am I?” You will be amazed at what you find, and astonished at how the truth differs from the “truth” we have been led to believe.

Here is another video that I produced recently.

Detoxing the ISIS Idea: Stuff You Won’t Hear on the News

Enjoy these snippets from Ken O’Keefe, a former Marine and now ex-patriot with a conscience.

From the 2015 Open Mind Conference, Denmark.

More on false flag history with Alfred Lambremont Weber and Ole Dammegard.

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