The Forgotten Players of War

On this day of remembrance, I took some liberties with someone’s Veteran’s Day poster to create this graphic.

Why are the war mongers who were really behind the killing, so easily forgotten?

To be sure, the numbers of casualties, disease, destruction, and deaths caused by warfare significantly dwarfs the number of liars and lies told that caused the conflicts in the first place. Therefore, giving some attention to the instigators, fabricators, and prevaricators,  should be easy.

We’ve never found the “weapons of mass destruction” that the Bush (43) administration so emphatically and resolutely insisted were in Iraq, that we had to go over and get.

If it turns out that their initiatives and incitements weren’t based on truth, then the “gains” received (actually taken), were ill-gotten, and should be given back. Amends and sacrifices should be made, not by those who served, but by those who served the servers up, who put them in harm’s way, and retarded human evolution via false flag.

The veterans of war are innocent victims of knowing exploitation, as are the vanquished. However, we must wake up and grow up to the equality of all people who are sourced from, and animated by the same Life. What any individual unknowingly does to another that is of ill-intent, will be done to self. To wish another’s demise, or to plot or orchestrate it, become the roots of one’s own. The demise of a nation is inevitable if its people elect to believe they have no power to know, or follow the impulses of the caring, connected, human heart.

Peace, friendship and truth are within the grasp of every human soul.

Just my opinion.

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2 Thoughts to “The Forgotten Players of War”

  1. Debbie King

    Hi Adam, First of all, thank you for this email. I have always felt exactly what you wrote. I couldn’t have put it any better! I feel for our vets and how they have been lied to and treated when they come back, if they make it back. And they give them vaccines to shorten their life span or kill them because when they come back they can tell the world the truth. Second, I hope you are doing well. My thoughts are always with Daniel, his wife, children and Tammy. And third, I have a cat who (though he is 18 he has never shown his age runs all over and chases our younger cat) all of a sudden get slow, breathing hard and wouldn’t eat or drink water. Last Thursday Nov 19th we took him to the vet. They found a tumor on his liver and a few other dark spots from an ultra sound. I went home and looked up MMS for cats and found some wonderful success stories. We had a consultation with the Vet on Saturday the 21st. The vet (Dr. Malic) is open to holistic means for helping animals. He even teats them with Raki. We told him we decided to treat Paws with MMS. And told he and his receptionist all about it and gave them your site. Dr. Malic is and his receptionist are very interested in it. Dr. Malic told us about a dog that had a tumor and the owner treated it with Zeolite (we were giving Zeolite to paws until I found MMS had a pet protocol.) and then came back 5 months later and the dog’tumor was gone. Ok so my son Beau is giving Paws a half vile dropper ( he got from Walgreens) of (he started with 2 drops) 4 drops starting today in 4oz of water. Then give him half a dropper full. We keep the solution in a small glass measuring cup. And Beau gives it to the cats twice a day until the solution is gone. Does the solution keep its integrity? Are we doing it right. We can’t give it every hours because we work all day. Also can I get some bottles from you at $10 each like we talked about for those who have no money, etc. I really want to help people with this wonderful health saving product. I think I can get a chunk together to buy say about 35 bottles if you can help me with the price. Much love your way Adam, Debbie King

    Debbie King

    QuickBooks Consultant Specializing in Construction & Job Costing

    Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2015 23:54:29 +0000 To:

  2. art kidd

    Amen, brother!! >

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