Life v. the Unrequitable Lure of Materialism


For centuries man has been searching for the life principle in germs of matter. He might as well cast his nets into the sea to search for oxygen.

There is no life in matter, nor is there death, for matter is but motion. Motion begins and ends, to begin again, but life is immortal. It has no beginning. It has no ending. It cannot die.

Man has long believed his body to be his Self, the Person, the Being. Man’s body is but motion. It can have no Being. God dwells in man. The Person, the Being in man, is immortal. Life in him is God in him. The body of man manifests God in him by manifesting life in life-death-resurrection sequences, as all creating-decreating-recreating things in Nature likewise do.

The body of man must be forever reborn unto the endless end to manifest god in him. There is naught but birth in this cyclic, pulsing universe. There is no death. ~ Walter Russell, The Secret of Light

I could very well end this post with the quotation above, and a mighty seed thought would have been planted in any open, inquiring mind, but there is more to add.

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In 2001 I wrote and published a book, titled, I Am My Body, NOT! with only a fraction of the conscious understanding that is mine at this moment, yet I appreciate the fundamental truth that the ideas in the book conveyed.

Our society, “guided” as it is, by “high priests” of $cience, has been firmly entrenched in the practice of trying to understand Life by posing postulates about observed and observable effects. However, this leaves the existence or nature of that which is causal and immeasurable subject to speculation, question, or debate, if not outright conflict.

Materialism is the defacto foundation of today’s $cience. We might also refer to it as the “default” view, one that is particularly at fault with respect to establishing a more comprehensive, comprehensible, and cohesive societal worldview that is based on an undisputed knowing of the implicit equality and value of ALL people.


Like a love that is unrequited, materialism leaves the one who gives their life to it unsatisfied, his thirst for something real unquenched, particularly if we don’t see or appreciate the true value that is within who we are, and that we “matter” AS WE ARE.

Favor the safety and harmony of ALL, both within and across groups.

It is politically incorrect in some circles to say that ALL lives matter, but the truth is what it is. Equality will never be achieved through the manipulation or comparison of appearances, or the dynamics of social, political, or economic favor and disfavor. The Life that is within the “advantaged” and “disadvantaged,” is One. The awareness of this truth, as well as the power thereof, is for the individual to gain by transcending limiting beliefs, not for the Originating and Empowering One (OEO) to “deliver,” as it were, to a closed, or skewed mind.

When Will We See the Light?

In every quanta of light is the power to take any form.

The “image” of God is Light. Russell writes that there is only one substance in ALL of creation, and that substance is Light. The appearance of separateness and “diversity” is just that, an appearance. The expressions are infinitely diverse. The Cause is One. The Mind is One. The entire Reservoir of Thoughts in ALL of CREATION, ALL TIME, and ALL SPACE, is One, ALL of which EXISTS NOW, and is expressing somewhere, and somewhen. The ALL of Life is One.

As such, “life and death of form” are elements that facilitate and make possible the periodic life cycles of our creations, but not of who we are.

ALL are One with “The Father” Principle, as Jesus declared that he was. The Father Principle is the concentrative motion that causes thoughts to organize, multiply, and turn into material experiences. The Mother Principle is the decentrative, disintegrating, or entropic motion that takes apart or breaks down that which had been formed. They work together, simultaneously to facilitate both growth (of idea), decay (of idea), birth (of idea), death (of idea), and rebirth (of idea).

What we “think” and give concentrative energy to, eventually “crystallizes” into “experiential objects” that are recorded in, and by that idea referred to as, the Soul.

Russell asserts that the noble gases (helium, krypton, argon, xenon, and radon), which are inert, are the recorders of all that ever happens, making the NSA’s surveillance ambitions pale in comparison. Their relative stability is worth particular note when you realize that the most easy to comprehend description in physical terms, that Walter Russel has attributed to God, is Stillness.

Big, powerful, benevolent pervasive, holistic Nature trumps little, forceful, fearful, separative thinking minds, every time.

We have an opportunity to change our world, consciously. I believe we are part of a profound change that is available to each of us, should we be willing to see and embrace it. That is, to discover, know, respect, and even cherish our Oneness, with God and each Other, as GOD EMBODIED, INCLUSIVE OF ALL Others.

God is perfect BALANCE and the CENTERING STILLNESS that CAUSES motion in response to the desire to give form to Idea. Through our forms, “we” are the first products of said desire. We enter the world of appearances, thinking that they are real. Logically, we think that the Cause of our being here, God, is something other than, or “bigger” than us. That opens the door for anyone who proclaims to “know God” more intimately, or be “more in his likeness” than us, must be listened to. This is the greatest of con games.

We are also led to think that change is something beyond our reach, and lies in the hands (or minds) of others. Such are some of the default thoughts of our society; thoughts that are at fault when it comes to making evolutionary changes in our Journey of Consciousness.

Evolutionary changes in our Journey of Consciousness are personal, internal ones. They are not dependent on politics or politicians, laws or legislation, or on freedom or tyranny. However, all of the factors just listed are dependent upon the internal changes that each makes, as we look within ourselves, connecting with the heart, and make Love our reason for being.

At that moment, we find and, if we choose to embrace it, BECOME Truth.


A New Seminar of Grigori Grabovoi Teachings

Pursuant to the topics above, I am organizing a seminar in Phoenix, December 16-20, 2015, to explore the teachings of Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, who developed a system of mentation that reprograms one’s reality by concentrating on specific sequences of numbers.

The teachers, two of Grabovoi’s directly authorized students, are Ischaia, who is native to Haiti, and now lives in Montreal, and Dr. Viatcheslav Konev, who will travel here from Moscow. Ischaia will teach Grabovoi’s number system through a French interpreter in a 2-day, “Level I” seminar (Dec 16-17). Dr. Konev’s seminar, titled, Love and Rejuvenation, will be the “Level II” seminar, given through a Russian interpreter, and run 3-days (Dec 18-20). Both courses will run from 9am-6pm each day. Tuition for both is $500 until Nov 15, and $700 thereafter. At best, we have room for 130 people.

Ischaia and Dr. Konev have given many seminars in Europe; France, Belgium, Switzerland and more. This will be their first visit to the U.S.

The venue will be the New Vision Center for Spiritual Living, 18010 N Tatum Bl., Phoenix, AZ 85032.

For more information, and to register, click here.



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