An Elegy for Daniel Smith

The following passage is from Walter Russell’s The Secret of Light:


The coming age will mark an epochal advancement in man’s evolution toward his goal of omniscience and omnipotence.

Man becomes a higher being with greater power as he acquires knowledge. In knowledge alone lies power. Only through knowledge can man become co-creator with God.

Knowledge can be obtained by man only through awareness of the Spirit within him. Lack of that awareness is the tragedy of today’s civilization.

During the last century of the greatest scientific progress in the history of man, great nations of the world have killed, robbed, and enslaved other men to build their own empires.

Even today man kills by the millions, condoning his killing as necessary for his self-preservation. He is now but reaping the seed of his sowing. He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

No man can hurt another man without condemning himself to greater hurt.

I would say that some people have embraced the Ideas outlined above. However, it appears that those who have, which is a SMALL, infinitesimal number compared to the general human population, are intent on encouraging humanity to think of itself as “lower” beings, or at least, that “others” are “lower” than them.

As such, we have embraced so many systems of externalized measurement and comparison, that we routinely turn away from, or dismiss the internal resource that is always available to work on our behalf: i.e., common sense, and our own humanity.

The other day I saw several lists of some of the most guarded places on earth. The archives at the Vatican showed up on several.

It’s very apparent that the Vatican is in possession of information that just might change attitudes or behavior.

The impetus behind such “protection” is restriction, withholding, or at least, maintaining control of access, as though the information belongs to the Roman Catholic Church.

Excuse me?

What group “owns” information? A “steward” is not an owner.

Who appointed them to decide who cannot know something, when God “Himself” doesn’t place such restrictions or limitations on anyone?

The idea of “ownership” is a pernicious one because it can be, and is applied to virtually anything or anyone. While many are quick to say that slavery was, or is a bad thing, a large proportion of the world population today is, in practice, treated like it is “owned” by the controlling interests behind the various national government entities currently in operation. Virtually all such entities are organized as corporations, which provide a layer of “protection” to the controlling human beings ~ another form of apparent restricted access to personal responsibility for their decisions.

No one can run or hide from the effect of their actions. Their intention will always return “home” to their source.

Placing a protective wall around one’s self is ill-advised, because sustains several elements that one would be better off without. The first and more important, is fear. It would be a great question of which came first, fear or ignorance. Perhaps the question would be splitting hairs, since both go hand-in-hand. Ignorance is consort to every fear, which serves as its protector.

Ignorance gives way to knowledge as fear is not replaced, or set aside, but transmuted. This happens, not only as one sees the harm of current methods and practices, but the greater benefit to all that stands in the offing when new principles and practices are seen, considered, understood, and then embraced.


My friend Daniel Smith nears the day of sentencing for his role in bringing a product to market, based on unorthodox principles and practices to the many who are paying a dear price under current medical and social tyranny.

His corporate entity ~ some will understand what the phrasing refers to ~ was “convicted” by a jury that did as it was instructed (for which it received payment), on several counts for selling the product known variously as the “Miracle Mineral Supplement,” “Master Mineral Solution,” or “MMS”. Anyone familiar with this blog for any time knows the story, as I have written about it extensively here since 2007. However, here are two perspectives on the case. one two

He was considered the “mastermind” of this “scheme” to sell what the Justice Department classifies, in its news release that is on display at the moment of this writing, as “industrial bleach” (clearing Chlorox of any possible allegations).

Tell this to the Justice Department.
Tell this to the Justice Department.

Unless an individual is able and willing to stand on their own and explain, in common terms that anyone can understand, the principles behind which his actions were taken on, the risk of spurious prosecution may indeed exist. The idea behind the action ~ given that neither scientific nor legal truth supported the Justice Department’s and FDA’s efforts, nor was harm claimed ~ was to deter the public, and more importantly, the medical profession, from using this product, at least, not in this form. While harm was inferred in the beginning, it was not a factor in the trial, except occasionally as a prejudicial tool to smear Daniel’s character.

So the idea was to deter “little people” from taking things into their own hands, and selling “non-approved” products that might help them, by telling the public in general that a salacious character who was “out for the money” sold “bleach” to people and claimed it would help them..

Gee, sounds like Orthodox Water Treatment 101, which is ironic since more responsible municipalities use a species of chlorine dioxide as a safer approach than chlorination.

On the other hand, if people of conscience don’t take actions such as Daniel Smith did, the “empirical evidence” of social benefit would be sparse, if non-existent. If MMS had actually been harmful to anyone, the word would have spread like wildfire on its own. The opposite was, in the final analysis, true.

We’re Quick to Second-Guess Our Own Judgment

Knowledge, which comes through direct experience, takes even longer to become self-evident. Look how many generations vaccines have been allowed, as many people, myself included because we trusted the medical profession to be operating on our behalf, truly believed that taking them was better than not.

As the evidence that it wasn’t a good idea to take vaccines mounted, it became expedient to do it rather than stand behind our own common sense. We weren’t the ones with the certificates on our walls. We hadn’t been to indoctrination schools, and didn’t understand how they turn well-intended young people into lie-sensed egomaniacal sociopaths who actually believe they are above being questioned.

Notice the sharp upward arc in vaccine injections after around 1986. (Source: Vaccine Truth)

Little did we know that the chemical cocktail in vaccines became stronger over the years, particularly after 1986, and the dosing frequency increased, along with the chemicalization or genetic alteration of virtually everything else in our social order, including food, water, land, and atmosphere.

Almost 200 children have reversed their autism spectrum profile with Kerri Rivera’s protocol. Two-hundred families that have a re-awakened being in their midst, their potential for a wonderful life of their dreams restored. This doesn’t happen without a Daniel Smith being Daniel Smith.

I’m singling Daniel Smith out because he is the one facing the specter of time in prison. But the ones who know that this product has helped them, also know that “standard medical” practices today have become a menace to a sleeping trusting, and still confused society.

It looks as though a purging of MMS as an informational subject is in-progress. It was brought to my attention the other day that some of the MMS-related sites were down, including the Genesis II Church site and the Jim Humble sites, which are now based in Iceland. I took a look, and sure enough, they were nowhere to be found. Yet, as I write these thoughts now, both sites are up and running.

The question, however, is what can you and I do that is meaningful about the situation with Daniel Smith? I’m sorry ~ actually I’m not ~ but I will not be signing a petition, asking the judge who administered the case for sentencing leniency. Daniel has already spent an excessive amount of time in custody given the harm that he was purported to have done. I wouldn’t be asking for sentencing leniency, when release is the appropriate action.

Because some factions believe that knowledge is a dangerous thing “in the wrong hands,” we have unjust Justice systems, and disease-causing “health care” systems. We have a nation of fearful people who are only “brave” if they have a gun (or more bullets than their “enemy”), but don’t have the courage to transcend or transmute the enmity. As such, we still “combat” disease the same way we do rodent infestations. Indeed, rat poison is one of many re-marketed, and FDA approved treatments still routinely given to humans (as an anticoagulant).

Uninformed, the humans take it, because their lie-sensed doctors suggested it, or they saw one of many innumerable ads during the football game.

Health Fundamentals Aren’t Hard to Understand

They just run counter to “medical common sense.”

People who are given medicines designed to lower their immune function will naturally be susceptible to a cascade of other ailments due to the imbalance that said medications cause. This is no longer acceptable. If a vaccine made by a pharmaceutical company actually enhanced metabolic balance within a child or adult, I’d be for them. They do not. Instead, they trigger an internal crisis within their tiny bodies that can’t be too much worse than abortion.

But in the long-run, the diseases that can be reliably predicted from those chemical injections early in life are far more profitable for the medical industry.

I send Daniel my love, which reaches through every barrier, every injustice, and every innuendo and lie. I see him safe and well-treated. I see the truth about MMS bio-chemistry being known. More importantly, I see the truth about biochemistry being known, and that there is agreement that balance restored is health restored; and that stress removed is health restored. This is what Daniel knew, that the experts at the FDA don’t appear to have learned.

As long as balance is one’s goal, it matters not how it is achieved.

This piece is not technically an elegy, nor is it a eulogy. If my tone is somber, it’s not for Daniel, but for those who yet defend a travesty that they don’t see.


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