The 'Physics' of God Explained

We assign the word, (the vibration) “learning” to refer to that which we have come to accept as “true.” What we learn, meaning that which has been recorded ~ consciously and unconsciously ~ into an area in consciousness, involves every aspect of life, both as we know it, and more fundamentally, as we live it. I lay these thoughts out as a simple preamble after completing my first journey through Walter and Lao Russell’s amazing treatise titled, A Course in Cosmic Consciousness: Transformational Study of Universal Law, Natural Science, and Living Philosophy.

An inspiring and inspired work.
At One time, an inspired and inspiring work.

For all science’s intent to make us believe we “evolved” from apes, with the now veiled, but once blatant inference that some people are closer to apes than others, this work is the real “link” that has been missing in both education, and most orthodox religious teachings.

The world will be transformed into a very different place when humans wake up to the amazing Life that they are actually able to begin experiencing at any time. Indeed, by being their naturally friendly, courageous, innovative, industrious, creative, compassionate, and humane selves, humans at peace, not weapons raised in fear, will be the transformers.

As I wrote in my first article on this title, the first three units of this 520-page loose-leaf volume that is organized into twelve units that encompass forty-eight lessons, are Meditation Scientifically Explained, Prayer Scientifically Explained, and the First Principles of this Electric Universe, which includes the scientific explanation of Thinking. The last four lessons of the final unit focus on Character, ethics, and right action, with the final chapter being titled, “The Book of Love.”

Imagine how this training might differ with that a young recruit may receive when he or she joins the military, where the first objective is to strip away any semblance of who they are, and install a program of other directedness that short-circuits and overrides their natural humane traits.

Consider now, as you see the social results of the militarization trend among some law enforcement agencies, and the atrocities associated with the abuse of force, part of a greater plan to engender public indifference and acceptance, begins to make sense. What they show is how far off course we have become, socially, which no amount of rhetorical “spin” will compensate for.

The Science of Creation, Motion, and The One

The scientific weight of The Course is immense; its fundamental truth runneth over, filling not only the mind, but the open heart.

The “missing link” in human evolution is not some transitional primate, as mainstream $cience teaches, and education and $cience-based media would yet today have us be-lie-ve.

The missing element is GOD, also referred to in The Course as Cosmic Mind. These ideas are presented, with no religious context, allegiance, or affiliation, as a simple and scientifically explainable fact of life, death, and every form of expression in between, both seen, and unseen.

No Hadron Collider needed. Irrespective of what the CERN people may be flirting with inter-dimensionally through the LHC device, one net effect of the tens of billions spent to destroy particles of light, is to help keep you thinking that God is nowhere to be found. How fascinating that they still don’t have enough energy to do it, yet, since energy is everywhere, in VASTLY ABUNDANT supply. What they lack is knowledge, which is the true power.

Our predominant methods of science, education, medical, government, religion, and commerce are wrong methods, which some will continue using as long as we deny our true connection with each other, God, and Nature.

Defacto Denial

We live in a world where a person can be labeled a “denier,” in the pejorative sense, if they are against the use of vaccines. Yet, the far greater denial is the God Nature that is the very Life we’re living, which also makes it possible.

God is balance, and the centering Stillness within us all that makes ALL motion, hence, all existence, possible. If it moves, or appears to stop motion, then God is present. However, God is not the motion, and neither are you or me.

On the other hand, even if there appears to be nothing present, such as in the vacuum of space, God is present. When you begin to notice the Nothingness at work around you, your consciousness is opening up to God.

These are fundamental truths about Creation, the illusion that is our polarized reality, and exactly “who” and “what” The Living One is.

The quality of GOD, or Cosmic Mind that makes form possible is Stillness, which divides all ideas into polarized elements, around which a flow of energy ~ electricity ~ will move.

A few excerpts from the final lesson (48), The Book of Love:

For I, God of Light, thy Father-Mother God of Love, am the One Whole. From Me all unfolding-refolding things extend, and to Me they return for re-extension.

To think is to create. I create with Light. Nothing is which is not Light.

What I am, man is. I am Light. Man is Light.

All things go from the very heart of me into My imaged universe; and when they disappear from there I also take them back to the very heart of Me.

ALL that exists, ALL that moves, is first imagined. Yet, ALL that is imagined is centered by a dividing, equatorial Stillness, which causes polarized light (blue is positive, centripetal, organizing, implosive, and red is negative, centrifugal, disintegrative, explosive) to form the One Light.

Light particles are formed through concentrative, implosive, centripetal motion in cyclical, rhythmic balanced interchange with dissipative, explosive, centrifugal motion, which creates cycles of formation, birth, growth, death, and, eventual re-emergence into form. Another “a-hah!” moment came was in learning that the “substance” that particles of light were formed from, through implosive, gravitational movement, was darkness.

No Death of Who You Really Are


We don’t “die” because we are not the form. We are the LIFE, the One LIFE. We are Light, the One Light. Everyone is, even those who believe they, or you and me, are not. We are the LIFE because The Living One is God, whether we realize it or not.

Clayed images of My imagining who know not Me in them are but dwellers of earth’s dark. To sensed man the doors of My kingdom are self-barred by darkness until the Light of Me in him is known by him as Me.

Until then he is but moving clay, manifesting not Me in him while sensing naught but moving clay of him, knowing not the Glory of My Light in him.

For again I say, all things are One in Me as man is, when he knoweth Me in him.

All knowledge existeth. All knowledge cometh to man in its season. Cosmic messengers periodically give to man such knowledge of My Cosmos as man is able to comprehend, but that which he can bear is like unto a thimbleful out of the mighty ocean, for man is but beginning to comprehend.

What this all means is that there is no life that “God” isn’t present in. None, nada, zilch.

ALL of life as we know it, is NOT God intending, but ALL life is God experiencing and expressing. We are eternal because The Living One, the One that makes movement, which then makes particles of Light, and then the “material” world possible, is eternal.

The word “material” comes from the Latin “mater,” which means Mother. The material that the human body is comprised of, is from the Earth Mother, combined according to a specific vibrational pattern of frequencies, with the electrical Light from Father Sun, where Russell says ALL patterns for ALL life in this solar system, are stored.

Opting Out of a Fearful Cult

Unknowingly, the bulk of the human population has been part of a “cult” that could be called by various names, such as; “The Divided, Categorized and Alienated”; “The Alone in the Universe”, or “The Blind”. Even sheep can see the shepherd, who they follow because their trust has been rightfully earned. Multitudes have placed trust in puppets who stand for ideas that exploit human kindness and trust as weakness.

We have become accustomed to placing value in money or things, rather than in the relationships we form with each other.

We’ve even been convinced that the competitive, combative, puerile behavior that we so often see encouraged and demonstrated by others who are, if you listen to them, sworn to “keep us safe,” is warranted. We think that guns make us safe, rather than laughter, handshakes, and hugs.

The Russell’s take the time to discuss love and its engendering in others as a cornerstone of one’s evolution into a greater consciousness and awareness of the Force that indwells the form. Love is the only gateway to greater consciousness, and every Living One is already equipped to step through. By choosing fear, blindness and heartlessness is sustained.

They also talk about how not only the fear of death, but the fear of what happens after death, has turned society into a multitude that is in search for itself in all the wrong places, not recognizing that the Animating Principle itself is Source, not the visible animation.

We assign the word “genius” to describe those who appear to have grasped vast knowledge that is beyond the common view. We spend much time and energy, as I have done, and continue to do, seeking answers to the questions that weigh upon our souls. Turns out that the aspect that perceives itself to carry the burdens of life, is the one that thinks it is separate, vulnerable, inadequate, and alienated from everything meaningful, including love, knowledge, respect, power, and God.

This is what causes nations of people to build walls around itself. The builders suggest the wall is to keep “undesirables” out, but it’s true purpose is to keep its population in… to make them feel more satisfied with less freedom.

Solving the Black Hole Puzzle

Between the opening and summations are important principles which make some of the deepest mysteries of science far more comprehensible.

There is more happening in this picture than we realize.
The current definition proffered by mainstream science of what a black hole is, is exposed as just another adult fairy tale when Russell describes the how particles of matter, which first emerge as light, are formed.

The black hole shown above is described as one that “outgrew” its galaxy. (See story.) Black holes are said to be areas of space that have such a strong gravitational field that nothing can escape, not even light. The inference is that they are like giant vacuum cleaners that will “suck in” and consume anything nearby. This is the adult version of the Santa Claus or “stork” (where babies come from) stories.

Black holes do have strong gravitational fields. They direct polarized energy to a point that causes atoms, people, planets, suns, and galaxies, to form. They can be very big, or very small.

Our reality of motion exists due to the division or polarization of the Originating One. The One exists as perfectly balance, non-movement. When One desires to express Idea, thought is created, which divides “Stillness” to form two polarized and unbalanced pairs. Each being; both “male” and “female”, are expressions of said polarity. Yet, each “seen” aspect (in this reality) has an unseen one of the opposite polarity.


The Course quotes from numerous titles written by the Russell’s, including The Message of the Divine Illiad (1971), and The Universal One (1927). You could say that it outlines the physics of God, which is also the dynamics by which Life, energy, matter, antimatter, incarnation and reincarnation, and the appearance of “good” and “evil”, all unfold and refold. How amazing that through twelve years of primary and secondary schooling, Russell’s name was not mentioned even onee. 

It’s no mystery why this information is still considered obscure even today. Just look at how humanity is still exploited, and realize how such exploitation would not be possible with a greater population of self-aware, peace, loving, and free people.

Just sayin’.

In no way does The Course represent an end to one’s quest for answers to the riddle that is Life. More appropriately, it is an auspicious and hopeful beginning. One doesn’t have to pay a cent to begin enjoying and reflecting on Walter Russell’s work. Look up any of his titles, such as Atomic Suicde? and A New Concept of the Universe, The Secret of Light and others. All of these titles are available in both printed form and as downloadable pdf’s.

This information will factor into future presentations on water and Nature, as I prepare to announce a new venture to offer vortex generation technology to enhance and remediate water.

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4 Thoughts to “The 'Physics' of God Explained”

  1. Steve G

    I haven’t been on this site much in the last couple years as I’ve been keeping away from things “conspiracy” related to preserve my sanity and focus on what really matters. That stuff matters and affects our everyday lives, but I’ve been focusing more on the reason I was born into this mess of a world. I know it’s because I still have valuable lessons to learn. We tend to focus on the negative and not notice the positive that comes along with it… I’m digressing. My point is that I never noticed you were into Walter Russell until today and I look forward to hearing more of your interpretations. Well, reading them at least!

    I figured I’d share something I realized the first time I read “The Secret of Light.” I have an electronics background. It’s not extensive, but it’s enough to understand the idea of resonance… Our senses are based on resonance, but they are variable based on our level of consciousness. We tend to believe that if we can’t see, feel, hear, taste, or smell it, it doesn’t exist. Let’s think about that. If all of those senses are based on sensing vibrations with feeling being the lowest frequency and sight being the highest frequency (of the physical senses). Visible light is in the Gigahertz range, sound for humans is in the 20KHz to 20 or so Hz range. Touch can be close to zero Hertz up to probably low audible range. The others senses would fall somewhere in the middle I assume. These are approximations not based on any scientific research. My point is that frequency ranges are infinitely large and infinitely small. What we sense isn’t even a percent of a percent of all those different vibratory rates so we can never assume that what we don’t see doesn’t exist.

    In your head, say “I am not my body.” You said it and you heard it, but your body didn’t reproduce that thought through your mouth because you willed it not to. Your body is a vessel at your command in this world, but it is not you. So who are YOU really? Who are WE really? We call that consciousness the soul. As we see things from personal perspectives when we are not truly conscious, we assume separateness exists. I know I didn’t reach cosmic consciousness or I’d be in that state right now and I’m not! However, at the peak of my meditation practice, while out of a job, I was able to reach a state where I was able to see everything around me in my room, even beyond peripheral vision, without moving my eyes or head, so I know that what we see isn’t just perceived by our eyes. I believe any part of our body is capable of any sense if we are in proper control of our consciousness since we, the perceivers, are not housed within the body. I believe that as our souls mature, they become more integrated with the soul we refer to as GOD. That’s not to say our souls are separate, but we perceive them to be and as long as we have that perception, this illusion we call life in the physical plane will reflect that separation.

    If you visualize the world under a microscope, you will see that we really are all connected. Solid materials slowly disappear as you increase the magnification until eventually all you see is atoms with space between them. You’ll no longer be able to tell your body from the air around your body beside the vibratory rates of the atoms. From that perspective, you can see that physical existence really isn’t that different from a tv screen or hologram. Just a bunch of dots of lights giving the illusion of solid objects. Something Walter Russell points out is that light doesn’t move across a space. It disappears and reappears somewhere else. Since atoms are made of light, they don’t move either. They chance from one type of atom to another. Two atoms don’t move together and combine into another, they void each other and a new, different one comes into existence. Apply that to our solar system. If light doesn’t travel, what we refer to as light from the sun is actually a copy of light from the sun. Perhaps our planet is one such copy??? Maybe in that sense we are a copy of the planet, but in a limited frequency range. I think that’s the idea behind the Merkabah. On paper, it looks like two triangles overlapping each other in opposite directions, but if you assume those are pyramids or more specifically rotating magnetic fields (torsion fields), you would end up with the void zone in the middle. De Vinci’s Vitruvian Man illustrates that, energetically, man is a copy of the same process that creates stars. The void zone of that torsion field falls right on the area Martial artists know to be the center of our WILL, which is used by martial artists to either generate or radiate what they refer to as Chi or life energy (Prana in India). Yin and Yang energy would be akin to centrifugal and centripetal forces, that is, generating or radiating energy. Google John Chang aka Dynamo Jack! If all of that isn’t just coincidence, our bodies exist because we WILL them to do so, not because we eat, drink, and breathe. I’ve experienced complete calm during very long periods of breathlessness so I know we can live without breathing. I wasn’t holding my breath while meditating, my breathing and heart rate slowed so much that I just didn’t need to breath anymore, but I was completely conscious. There’s more to The Matrix movies than meets the eye!

    Ok so what started out as a paragraph or two kind of ballooned into this mess, but hopefully it makes sense. Just some things I came to realize. Now take a second look at all the pyramids around the world… Watch the History Channel series called The Pyramid Code for more about that. Christopher Dunn also wrote a good book on the subject. Both Tesla and Edward Leedskalnin (Coral Castle) claimed to know the secret of the pyramids and both worked with resonance and antigravity… Ancient people knew much more than we give them credit for both in technology and spirituality. Well at least more than what HIS-STORY tells us. If you look at all the wars that have occurred in the past few hundred years, it appears that the cultures that are aware of this side of our existence have slowly been getting wiped out from the Native Americans (North, Central and South America) to Africans to Natives of New Zealand/Australia. People in the middle east probably should be included as well. Look at the meaning of the Swastika. It existed before the Nazis, but they used it because of what they were really pursuing… Joseph P. Farrell has a lot of info on that.

    1. to Steve G … what you wrote is interesting. I have not studied cosmic consciousness per se, but as a Qigong internal arts practitioner and teacher for over 20 years, I understand much of what you say from my own personal experience and understanding of Qi (aka Chi) breathing. What you described as slowing your breathing down so that you didn’t need to breathe any more, I relate it to a state that I have reached during still or moving meditation called “wu wei”, where there is no doing, only being. The dancer becomes the dance, and in this case, the breather becomes the breath, so there is no conscious effort but everything that needs to happen is accomplished. This is a unifying state attainable in mental and spiritual stillness, regardless of what the body is doing. That’s all I wanted to say for now. I wish you the best on your journey.

  2. Rahim Petsch


    GO WELL!!


  3. Steve G

    It’s awesome to find other people out there who come across the works of Walter and Lao Russell. If only politicians and their puppet masters could understand the spiritual value behind it… I’ve read The Secret of Light and The Universal One multiple times. His works explain what both Nikola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger were discovering in their research. GEET would have to work according to these principles as well. Understanding this stuff helped me to understand what Christ was really teaching his disciples and it seems the Church was established to keep us from achieving our ultimate goal. Empathy is the key! I highly recommend reading Autobiography of a Yogi followed by The Second Coming of Christ to compliment these lessons. Russell uses scientific terms while Paramahansa Yogananda uses spiritual terms for the same process of personal, spiritual evolution/alchemy.

    Until you’ve developed a mindful meditation practice, you can only understand what these two are teaching in a logical sense. In meditation, you begin to KNOW the same truths that they knew. I highly recommend at least one Reiki session to get an idea what meditation should feel like. If you don’t feel anything, find a different Reiki practitioner. At the very least, one should feel a deep, deep, deep level of relaxation if the practitioner is very well centered. A qi gong master can probably give the same results if not better.

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