On Raising Our 'GQ' (God Quotient)

Timeless principles to learn and live.

My journey through A Course in Cosmic Consciousness, by Walter and Lao Russell, continues. I am past the midway point of this 520-page volume, presently in Unit 10, Universal Law, Natural Science, and Living Philosophy, where my highlighter has been put on overtime. So many simple but profound truths, not only in this chapter, but throughout this work.

Walter and Lao Russell

Under the heading, THE CREATION OF BODIES, they write:

Visible matter emerges from invisible space, to which it cyclically returns.

We could stop there and have much to discuss, but I’ll continue:

The physical universe of two visible lights arises from one invisible Light of Cosmic Mind to which it cyclically returns—as motion returns to stillness and sound disappears into the silence from whence it sprang.

Creation is, therefore, the result of the desire of Cosmic Mind to give visible form and motion to invisible idea. To accomplish this purpose, Cosmic Mind builds material bodies of visible light, which constitute the universe.

Similarly, your creation is the result of your desire to give visible expression to your invisible idea.

In other words, what Cosmic Mind does and what you do is to build visible bodies out of invisible Light and set them in motion to manifest invisible idea for a period of time. All bodies eventually disappear into the invisible equilibrium from which they sprang and reappear in rhythmic periodicities of time.

The Light of Cosmic Mind that the authors refer to, is The Originating Idea generally known as God. Throughout this course, we are encouraged to recognize, embrace, and consciously and knowingly realize that we are of, and one with God (Cosmic Mind), and we are both the cause and result of our being here (with body), for the purpose of giving bodies to invisible ideas, to make them visible.

God is described as Stillness, Motionlessness, Silence, and Perfect Balance. God is also described as energy. They assert that “energy” doesn’t exist in the realm of motion, seen or unseen. It exists in the causal reality of Stillness, Silence, where Light is imperceptible, and from whence perceivable light springs. Perception being an effect related to motion which, in and of itself, requires movement.

Motion requires polarity, which is created by the division of ideas into generative (organizing, integrative, building) and radiative (dissipating, disintegrative, destructive) components, which themselves are centered, at their “equators,” by Stillness. The “eye” of a tornado, cyclone, or hurricane, or the “null” area on a bar magnet, are all examples of this phenomenon. God is everywhere motion exists, allowing it to happen for a time in response to our desire to create and express idea.

Each time we, or any “living” being, or creature, goes to sleep, some “time” is spent in the Stillness, at Rest and in balance. When we awaken, which actually means that we go to sleep and are again unaware of our connection to, and oneness with The Originating Idea and ALL of Creation, we are energized once more, and able to go about our imagined “life.”

ALL of Creation IS God. God is ALL of Creation, and MORE.

The real treasure that awaits each of us lies in experiencing an awakening to, and knowing of said oneness, and the Power vested therein. This is the power that so many people believe (be-lie-ve), exists elsewhere and, like a Cosmic Santa Claus, judges whether we’ve been “bad” or “good.” The most likely answer is that we’ve been both.

While news in the outside world centers around humanity’s survival, this Course hints at mastery, not over others, but of our ideas, which include every aspect of the lives we imagine. We are always free to imagine life differently, and give whole-heardtedly to its unfolding. No one can take that power away from us, but we can deny it or use it as though it’s not ours.

There’s much more to say, but I’m not here to preach to, or convince anyone. I am saying that there are more meaningful things to know and discuss that merit earnest consideration than who the next “terrorist” is, or where the next tyranny comes from. Indeed, the way to “stop” Monsanto,” or “crush” the Cabal, or “win” equality won’t happen by external process if empowerment hasn’t first been sought and achieved within, if peace hasn’t become first nature, and if love hasn’t filled inside to overflowing, so that as you give, you are not depleted because you are bountifully re-given to.

The ability for a few people to convince the multitude that “terrorists” are such a threat that they demand to have walls built to keep them out (and hold “us” in), is dependent on the Multitude so be-lie-ving in their powerlessness that they need to develop, carry, and use the biggest weapons.

The public is in a constant state of distraction, by stock prices and market volatility, political divisiveness (a redundant statement), geopolitical pyromania, drought engineering, End Times scenarios, anything Kim Kardasian (not all distractions are depressing), and Fantasy Football, to make spending a few moments seeking and discovering the treasure and power within a popular trend. However, that is where change is going to come from, from a realm that is not accessible by NSA, INTERPOL, or any other agency.

Whether knowingly or unknowingly, we use our Treasure and Power with every breath that we give and re-give. Who our giving matters to, and how it is done, is the One who chose to take physical form. You wanted it, and now you have it. But that wasn’t the beginning or end of it. The purpose of the form was to give you a place of worship, a temple that exists in this world at this time because it is centered by and through the Stillness.

The Course in Cosmic Consciousness is science, philosophy, and amazing knowledge, all nicely presented in a cohesive Whole. It is not a religious text. It does not quote from religious scripture. It does quote generously and appropriately from other Russellian works, which were written after Walter Russell’s period of enlightenment, direct, conscious, plugged-in to Cosmic Awareness and ALL KNOWING that lasted 39 days.

A Comprehensible Science

I am not suggesting that the Course is the ultimate, or the only valid interpretation of how the universe works. Russell asserts early in the Course that Natural Science is simple and comprehensible to anyone of average intelligence.

The concepts that are presented in this Course make sense to me. They are actionable by anyone and everyone who chooses to embrace them. They also explain principles of Natural Science that anyone and everyone can see being played out right before our eyes, making some previously thought of “mysteries” actually make sense.

More over, Russell encourages each “student” to exercise and strengthen his or her own connection to the Source, by going within when you have questions, knowing that the answers will be found there. Like a muscle, genius must be exercised in order to be strengthened. Genius? Yes… We think that Genius is rare.

Genius is normal to each of us, because connection to all knowledge, all thought, all ideas, is Ours too… except that we allow our bodies to be filled with life-stifling chemicals, almost from the moment we emerge from the womb.

Do you think we could create a world that is still interesting to live in, if genius, health, self-sufficiency, abundance, peace, and harmony were The Norm? Requiring that there be polarities in order to create motion doesn’t preclude the evolution of the World Idea described above.

Genius is what our society has sacrificed by the mistaken notion that differentiation via money, race, class, religion, technology, exclusiveness, and other forms of “advantage” were preferable to the intrinsic egalitarian, efficient, powerful, and eternal nature of Nature.

Imagine how life would be different with Inner Knowing.

For the multitude who profess a “be-lie-f” in God, it is amazing how low our collective “GQ” (God Quotient) appears to be. For those who desire, and have the courage to know, The Course in Cosmic Consciousness continues to prove itself to be time and money very well spent.

Those with more awakened consciousness think of life and death as they think of day and night—with full knowledge that morning will again come as surely as night follows day, each leading to the other with periods of rest between to mark the division of one into seeming two in every phase of existence as a body on earth.

This is what life and death mean. This is also what inbreathing and outbreathing mean. Each manifests the other and each leads to the other for the purpose of manifesting life by living it, and Love by expressing it through the action-reaction of giving and regiving. There is no death. There is only life.

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  1. “Mediocrity is self-inflicted; genius is self-bestowed. The choice is yours.” Walter Russell by Joey Korn is a “spiritual dowsing site.” It has all of the in print Russell books for sale at very reasonable prices. Joey is a devoted student of Walter Russell teachings.

    One of Joey’s articles (“Quest for the Blue Books & the Russell Connection to Dowsing”) relates the Russell teachings to earth energies, vortexes and “Dowsing.”

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    Thank you for continuing to share your journey and evolving insight. Blessings. – Kathleen

    1. Kathleen ~ It’s a joy to discover, a joy to share, and always a joy to know the sharing was of value to someone else.

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