CERN: Bending the World Over for a 'Little Big Bang'

[This is the longest article I’ve ever published here, which might suggest how important I think the subject matter is. Truth is, they’re all, equally important to me. The reason for the length will soon become self-evident. If you want a “Cliff’s Notes” version of what it’s all about, it’s simply about you, and knowing and Loving who you are. Problem is, there are no shortcuts to gaining that place of love and peace within yourself, especially when the world seems to be going to “Hell in a hand basket.” It is a choice that comes by ignoring external data. Be forewarned that some “sacred cows” may get eaten along the way.~AA]

Time to Wake Up


While media pundits do their best to convince the public that ISIS is “coming to get them,” the races can’t stand each other, Christians need to circle the wagons against Muslims, MORE guns and bullets are the solution, plus MORE paranoid abusive “protection” from a domestic military force, and less FREEDOM, the scientific world has been exploring both outer and inner space for some time.

On the outer space side of things, precious little has been disclosed of what is really known about intelligent life in the universe. Official involvement with extraterrestrial beings, both humanoid and non-human, go far beyond sightings and visitations. There have been far deeper levels of contact, influence, science and experimentation that have not been disclosed.

On the inner space front, I will venture that the desecration act that is the invasion and alteration of the human Genetic Code, which gave birth to the Genetic Engineering Industry, is very likely another result of “information transfer pacts” made with alien beings. Not that humans weren’t capable of such discoveries, but orthodox thinking–the kind that still dominates “public” science–conspires against it, while various institutionalized policies disturbingly appear to be against the best interests of humanity as a whole. Some examples include: geo-engineering, genetic engineering, chemical-based patent-protected agribusiness, chemical-based medical practices, contaminated water supplies and artificial droughts, with false flag events sprinkled here and there.

“Government” may actually be something very different in reality that what we’re thinking it is. Instead of being of the people, by the people, and for the people, the purpose of government is more likely for the limitation and control of the people, through the vehicles of sickness, debt, mis-education, and war. A legitimate question may be, “Control by whom?”

Let this short video serve as an appetizer before we get into our main subject.

The scientific community has been much more forthcoming on the inner space side of things, but… and yes, there’s still a but… some of the most celebrated and expensive initiatives “advanced” by modern science only add more fuel to the question of whether humanity is in fact, an “intelligent life-form.”

The Large Hadron Collider
The Large Hadron Collider complex at CERN

Today’s case-in-point involves our friends at CERN and the activities and intentions of the people who built the world’s largest particle accelerator there, called the Large Hadron Collider. These are the people who congratulated themselves for having “discovered” the Higgs boson, alternatively referred to by the ridiculously reductionist term, “the God Particle.” Science has literally distilled “God” down to mere “glue” that allows mass to form, as though “mass” is all there is.

According to the Scientific Model, perhaps that’s the unquestioned, and unchallenged implication, that “mass” defines existence. If so, this is evidence of scientific opinion masquerading as fact, as though “mass” and consciousness, intelligence, or Life were the same thing.

The CERN effort supports the notion that:

  1. finding the “secrets of the universe” is expensive,
  2. one must be very “learned” to even be on the quest, and
  3. there is little evidence of God/Intelligent Organizing Principle and Force.

All of these suppositions are false. However, undaunted, or perhaps unconcerned, some major fire is being played with, and few seem to be noticing.

You can find quite a few “warning” videos on YouTube about CERN’s activities, which are not without merit. Here is an article that spells things out.

The implications and the perceived dangers that whistle blowers espouse in their opposition of the LHC reveal a schism that festers in many a human psyche, when the “matter” of scientific reason (which is often misleading) crosses the “antimatter” that is religious dogma (also often misleading).

My definition for “misleading” includes any thought that leads you toward, and invites you to embrace fear, or any of its subsidiaries, including guilt, shame, envy, pridefulness, inferiorism, supremacism, and all forms of enmity.

Abysmal Activities

One such CERN warning video, shown below, is titled, CERN 2015 – Opening of the Abyss – CERN Documentary 2015. The publisher is listed as “Discovery Channel,” but I now believe someone simply used that name to build credibility, or ease acceptance. The program run time is 50:50.

For all the debates about geo-engineering and climate change, the near total absence of questioning, debate, or outright opposition to this project is deafening. This may be because gaining consensus is difficult without a certain level of personal research to familiarize one’s self with the terrain.

Even then, while I agree with the overall sound of alarm that the video makes regarding CERN’s activities, I beg to differ on certain critical points of reason.


I paused the video to capture the screen shot above (at the 31:28 mark) to present my first point to reconsider.

The inability to control the technology it has created will not be, nor is it mankind’s greatest mistake. The greatest mistake we can make and are making, is to not question the beliefs and “proxy truths” that we have been ladened with that nonetheless defy common sense and human decency. It is also a big mistake to not seek, know, embrace, and embody the truth ourselves.

Much of the ambivalence and complacency around the CERN activities is due to the fact that half-truth and untruth is pretty much all we’ve been fed, so we’re comfortable when a scientist (doctor, politician, or anyone who appears to be in “authority”) tells us something that doesn’t make sense, or even seems ill-advised. (Remember, “We’ve got to invade Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction?”)

Instead of allowing rote information to be crammed into our minds from a young age, the process of emotional and spiritual growth would begin early in life to help children KNOW Who and What We are, independently of religious steerage, and grow up in the appreciation of that truth and knowledge.

In the absence of this simple act of Self due-diligence, we fall under the spell, and suffer the consequences of other’s beliefs and agendas, such as we have today.

‘Units of God?’

A light exists within each of us, that we do not see.

Who and what are we?

We’re “units” of God, not in the biblical, Judeo-Christian, or Islamic sense, but in a much GREATER context, one that includes, but is beyond this body, includes, but is beyond this planet, includes but is beyond this galaxy, dimension and Universe.

We — you, me, each of us — are One with the One Power and Force of Life. God is LIFE, as both the Life-Giver (Alpha/Unseen/Antimatter), and LIFE-Liver (Omega/Seen/Matter). This relationship is eternal, infinite, and irrevocable. However, awareness, knowledge and understanding of this connection is, in a way of speaking, “alienable.”

Walter Russell (1872-1963)

It matters not whether you know me, like what I’m saying or doing, or vice versa. If you are in motion, then Stillness, as Walter Russell described it, is your Center. The motion of ALL particles (even Higgs bosons) that may not have the Life that we recognize flowing through it, will nonetheless be centered in Stillness.

By Russell’s definition, the Higgs boson cannot be a “God Particle.” Here is a description written in 2012 by Frank Wilczek.

A Higgs particle is a highly unstable particle, visible only through its decay products. It has zero electric charge, and—unlike all other known elementary particles—no intrinsic rotation, or “spin.” (See full article.)

Three points: “unstable,” “particle,” and possessing zero (zilch, nil, nada) electric charge, begin the disqualification of a Higgs boson being anything special, particularly when it can only be observed through a destructive act. The universe is anything but “unstable.” Where there is no electric charge, there is no magnetic property either. How can this be “glue” if it possesses neither attractive nor energizing/organizing properties?

Balance, stability, and organized motion is what defines all of life, from plants, animals, and humans, to planets, solar systems, and galaxies. Stability is necessary to allow coherent creation and growth… even of mass, to occur. This is why the centering Stillness around which genero-active (centripetal/implosive) and radiative (centrifugal/explosive) motion flows described by Walter Russell as the presence of God in everything, makes sense.

FROM: A New Concept of the Universe ~ God’s still magnetic Light is the fulcrum of this creating universe. Electricity is the two-way lever which extends from that fulcrum to give the universe its pulsing heartbeat of simulated life-death sequences. Wherever God’s Light appears in matter, there stillness centers motion, but there is no motion at that point. The center of gravity in a spherical sun or earth is one locatable point where God’s Light is.

The unfortunate error of science lies in assuming that the power which belongs solely to the fulcrum of Light-at-rest is in the motion of the lever which simulates that power.

FROM: The Secret of Light ~ Man must know that his power lies in the stillness of his centering self and not in the motion by means of which he manifests that stillness. He must know that his Self is God in him. Also he must know gradually the dawning awareness of the cosmic Light of God in him, for with it comes an awareness of his purposefulness in manifesting the Light and the power to manifest it.

Man must now know the universe of God for what it is instead of what his senses have made him believe it to be.

God is so ubiquitous, all-pervasive and all-encompassing, it is easy for us to not see, much less believe just how One Power and Force of Life can be behind, and an expression of ALL.

Expression of, and connection with the One Power and Force of Life by and as every human being, and every non-human life form, both intelligent and otherwise, is beyond religious belief.

All are “units” of the Giver of Life to ALL, BAR NONE. The fact that we Live, that we are self-aware, and that we’re empowered to act so un-intelligently, is proof of our Divine Nature. That the “gates of hell” haven’t already opened, were that even possible, is also indicative of both the Love and Grace of this Great Power.

However, ignorance of our interconnectedness with the Creator Presence (God Allah, Source, etc.), and to each other, is neither “bliss,” nor is it an expression of our highest Divine Potential. As a society, we presently hover on the low-end of the Divine Potential Spectrum, largely because we are conditioned to live life in a perceptually isolated, emotionally immature, spiritually unbalanced, and un-centered state, where the One Power and Force of Life is just a shadow of its true capability.

What “public” are these officers serving?

You want evidence? How many people do you see witnessing police brutality against citizens, and justify it simply because the police weren’t obeyed? Human beings are neither soldiers, nor automatons. Increasingly, the “law enforcement” officers are instigating contacts, and then escalating them against innocent citizens without probable cause.

However, as citizens and police officers discover who they are, each will understand that no one needs to be a victim, for all have a Power, a point of balance and stillness, that is accessible from within.

Human Evolution: An Inward Journey

We are self-healing, self-correcting, and self-balancing beings by design, as is the planet that we live on and the Cosmos we live within. Our intelligence does not require validation of, or by any earthly “Authority.” Schools of higher learning don’t teach what each is capable of KNOWING through inductive query.

One needs only to earnestly seek to KNOW, being receptive to TRUTH, and it will be unveiled, largely because it’s already inside. There are no real “secrets” except those that we protect, and are protected from through ignorance and fear. Yet, any thought that is knowable to One, is knowable to ALL, because ALL are connected to the One Power and Force that is Life. Consciousness is that Life, expressed through our individuality. That which is within one, is within ALL.

What does seeking and knowing the truth about yourself set you free of? In a word, fear… even the fear of “making mistakes,” and others’ “judgment.”

All other “mistakes”, such as believing that technology defines our state of evolution, or that money defines our value, or that the opinions of “authorities” (e.g., the Supreme Court) or “experts” (such as that of a doctor), outweigh our own innate intelligence and judgment, cascade from Self-unawareness, as consequences of a degradation in personal value, respect, esteem, health, and power.

Un-DisCERNing Scientists

I have written about the activities at CERN on several occasions. Located on the border of France and Switzerland, they operate the world’s largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider. It’s a very big machine that forms a ring, 17-miles in circumference.

CERN’s “Big Bang” Machine, the Large Hadron Collider (Source: CNN)

The published purpose of the people who have spent $13.25 billion (see related Forbes article) to build what I’ll call a False Idol, is to re-create, on a miniature scale, the “Big Bang”.

In the short video below do you hear how presumptuous the engineer is, in saying that they are trying to recreate the circumstances and conditions that existed prior to “the Big Bang?” Who has convinced these people that a relatively small explosion of this type wouldn’t be enough to blow up the entire planet? Can getting a handsome paycheck, which actually represent debt instruments, be that dumb-making for otherwise bright people?

Ostensibly, they seek to understand how the Universe came into being. I don’t believe their published purpose, but it is likely that the official spokepeople for the project believe that’s what they are doing. After all, they did “find” the God Particle, didn’t they?

As for the original CERN video that got me started on this, human destiny or “fate” is not dependent on what the people at CERN are doing. It is dependent on an inner realization that the Life which animates each of us also animates everyone and everything. The core essence of that Life Force, its motivating Power, is Love, which, having Free Will, each is free to choose, or turn away from.

Yet, the conscious decision to choose to Love, and to be the highest and best expression of “You” that you dare to imagine, is the only way to mitigate fear, restore inner balance, harmony, and equanimity, taking each of us closer to, and influenced by the Stillness.

Balance doesn’t come from taking overt “corrective” actions against someone else (in part because there is no one else). It comes by going within and being One’s Highest and Best Self irrespective of what appears to be happening around us.

Not to single police out; where is the “Murdered by Citizens” protest?

You cannot balance anyone other than yourself. Yet, you can inspire others to put themselves back into balance, by being balanced, yourself. Run current trends that we’ve observed in “law enforcement” through the lens of balance, and see if their approach is still worth defending. On the other hand, is “citizen on citizen” abuse or killing any less reprehensible than those of law enforcement?

Technology is Secondary to ‘Innerstanding’

New “pentaquark” particle is conjectured by CERN scientists.

Our ability to “control” technology will eventually come through an innerstanding of our oneness with everyone, even those who appear to be “enemies,” or express an intent to do us harm. Innerstanding motivates us to transcend the fear that we are constantly being enticed with, and goaded into embracing.

The greatest power is love. Its technology is not only within us, it is us. If we are not in Love, we are not our Optimal Self, which adversely affects our bio-physiology. If we are not in joy, if we are “going through the motions,” but our heart is not actively behind what we’re doing, we take ourselves down, which makes us even more susceptible to the many and varied methods of exploitation that we’ve innocently embraced, and even defended.

The CERN effort is a very large and dangerous deception that most of the players — the scientists — don’t appear to realize; playing with forces that they don’t respect, or comprehend.

There are many pause points in the CERN video that call for one to stop and reflect, and even to reset our thinking, because the power to change the course of our destiny, individually and collectively, begins in the realm of thought and imagination, and is dependent on the suspension, even momentarily, of current beliefs.

If you’ve watched the 51-minute video, what is your overall feeling? Do you see this as a sign that Jesus’ return is nigh? Do you feel more secure, or ill-at ease?

These Gates Are Made for Lockin’

Paster Lawson teaches from the King James Bible.

In the video, a minister addresses his congregation throughout the film. His name, church, and denomination are not mentioned. Perhaps this “documentary” was essentially a polished way to frame the pastor’s message, because it turns out that I take exception to as many of his conclusions as I do with the CERN activity. I have since found another video that lists his name; Pastor Charles Lawson.

One conclusion that pastor Lawson and others are making about the activity at CERN is that they are, intentionally or otherwise, potentially opening the Gates of Hell. He says so because of some of the strange phenomena that scientists have witnessed while the LHC was operating. He also points to numerous passages from the Bible, in Revelations (Chapter 9), that describe this phenomena.

This assertion cannot be brushed off by simply saying “I don’t believe in Hell, or Satan” for that matter. However, our beliefs about hell and its existence have been shaped along a very narrow and well-defined path. It is important to remind you, however, that they are beliefs, and the result of a certain state of consciousness, which, in and of itself, has placed some very hellish memories in both individual and collective consciousness.

Given that our orthodox understanding of our physical world is matter and particle dominated, another schism rears its head, leaving listeners unclear of what to believe, or whether. However, one luminary of science, Stephen Hawking, shares Pastor Lawson’s concern, if for different reasons. Hawking suggests that the God Particle itself — if that is what the Higgs Boson is (it is not) — could destroy the universe, leaving time and space collapsed.

Make a note of that statement when we go into some quotes from another author that are soon to come.

Stephen Hawking

I can’t say whether the people at CERN are actually trying to open the gates of hell, whatever that is, or what will happen if they succeed. However, I do know that the published and public premise behind CERN is faulty, and from the standpoint of human and planetary safety, it is ill-advised. But then, since when has anything that might jeopardize human or planetary safety, been refrained from?

The public is either being lied to, which is likely, or the CERN people truly don’t know what they’re doing (also likely). However, in so doing, they are jeopardizing not only their own lives, but the existence of the planet Earth itself, and other realms.

Clearly and genuinely concerned, Pastor Lawson told his congregation that when scientists ran the particle accelerator, they saw things that “boggled the human mind”; apparitions in a spirit world that was created by a Spirit Being (which I believe he means “God”), which “a scientist like that would never admit” because it takes it out of his control and power.

He asserts that demons could care less whether you have matter or anti-matter, because they are spirit, meaning not of the material world, and would not be affected the mixing of matter and antimatter.

Adding to what he suggested is a great deception, Pastor Lawson called out NASA for predicting that the year 2020, we will definitely come into contact with “aliens”, “beings from another planet.” (actually the prediction was 2025). This prediction from “scientists”, “Darwin’s crowd,” the people who threw the Bible out as old, archaic, and anachronistic, no longer belonging. “That bunch!”

According to Pastor Lawson, the deception is twofold. First it is in the veiled foreknowledge hinted at by the NASA official’s prediction, given that they can be so specific in the time frame that extraterrestrial “contact” would occur, and second, in the fact that these “beings from other planet” are not really from other planets, but are actually demons from the spirit world.

“There are no aliens out there folks, forget that stuff! There’s nothing out there,” he says, starting at 20:37. All these UFO’s, spacecraft, flying saucers, all that stuff, that’s all demonic.” “It’s real, but it’s demonic.” ~ Pastor Lawson

I’ll stop at that. I’d like to make some counter statements here.

First: There is no disconnect between the “material” and “spirit” worlds. Every human being is a spiritual being even when connected to a physical body. Matter doesn’t hold its form if Life isn’t flowing through it. Before each individual is born into this world, they are “in spirit”. After birth, they are still in spirit, expressing and experiencing Life through a physical form. After death of the form, we remain in spirit. One never leaves “spirit”, only the potential awareness or memory thereof.

Form, as we know it, is made possible by the forces of matter and antimatter working together, simultaneously, moving around, and balanced by the Stillness (God) within. We are never not connected to Stillness, although we are at times not connected with a physical form. Yet, what happens when we have a physical form will affect other realms, both of form, and formlessness, for Life is everywhere.

In other words, what we refer to as “the spirit world” — which is simply a reality of a bandwidth that is outside our general range of physical perception — can be impacted by the disturbance created by the LHC, and more specifically, the particles that they are accelerating, which are rarely ever mentioned. This fact doesn’t automatically make what we don’t perceive unreal, or demonic. Doesn’t automatically make them “good” or “bad” either.

Once we seek and find the Center within ourselves, we can begin to open our hearts, and see ourselves, the world, and each other, with new eyes.

No Schism with Spirit World

One misconception that we often carry is to think that our physical form (1) is only made of “matter,” (2) is not connected to any other visible form, and (3) not connected with forms and realms unseen. In other words, we think that what we do here is unrelated to anywhere else, or any other realm.

All are interconnected, whether we presently like it, fear it, or not.

So let’s innerstand a bit more.

Another point I am at variance with that the pastor said is the notion that anything that is not physical, or more so, humanoid in appearance or earthly in its believed origin, is demonic. He also suggested that there’s “nothing else out there,” with regard to intelligent life, in all the vastness of the universe. This statement is myopic beyond belief. In fact, it becomes very evident that many accounts in the Bible are referring to encounters with space people.

If God is almighty, then either Pastor Lawson is God and speaking from that knowledge, or it is quite presumptuous to suggest that no other physical intelligent beings, who are not of this planet, solar system, or perhaps, even this galaxy, exist.

This does not mean that “demons” don’t exist (whatever they are), but Pastor Lawson clouds a very important observation with religious dogma, that leaves the listener nowhere else to be, but entrenched in fear, if they are going to be a “believer.”

By what right does mankind on this planet assume to believe that in all the perfect precision of his boundless universe, man alone is intelligent? Man could be in the same stage–to other intelligences–that insects are to us on this earth. ~ George Van Tassel

For anyone who cares to do their own research and weigh the evidence with their own intelligence, there is a well-documented history of contact and involvement with extraterrestrial intelligence that predate the Roswell incident in 1947, going back to ancient texts, including, and predating the bible.

Van Tassel: Exopolitical Bible Science

George W. Van Tassel (1910-1978) integrated space knowledge with Bible teachings.

I’d like to segue into some thoughts “received” by George Van Tassel (1910-1978), and published in two books of three books his that I am reading currently. I wrote about Van Tassell in an earlier article. One book — actually a booklet — I Road a Flying Saucer, is a record of sessions conducted in 1952, where his consciousness was being “tuned” to receive transmissions from extraterrestrial beings, who were positioned in craft located in Earth orbit. The first communications were choppy and limited, but they eventually became fluid, coherent, and meaningful, even today.

The beings introduced themselves, and refer to the planet Earth as “Shan.” Here are three to set the stage, and they are meaningful to the LHC issue.

August 10, 1952

The light and blessings of Schare are transmitted to you from our center. We are instructed to advance to you their blessings. I am Blaroc. You have my official status recorded. Our center requests that I advance you this information. Our projections are about to be witnessed by many of the people throughout all the countries of this planet over several of your most important cities. When the governments decide that they shall abandon their development of nuclear destruction through the use of the element hydrogen, we shall then inform them of the other object of our interest in this planet Shan. Our perception of what is going on has not created the faintest concern among our higher authorities. We can see the purpose of hidden control. We can also foresee its failure in the future. Discontinue.

August 15, 1952.

Greetings, thou being of Shan. In the light of love and peace I come to you. Commandant of the station Schare. I am Ashtar. Having returned to station Schare from the center, I advance to your scientists the following information.

We have told you that the element hydrogen is a living substance. In the composition of your physical being, in the air you breathe, in the water you drink, are five elements of living substance besides hydrogen–the elements nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, fluorine, and sodium. Much of your material science has been directed to disproving theory that does not conform to the personal beliefs of some scientific authority. Among the scientific mentalities of this planet, Shan, are many minor scientists, who do not have the authority to change these opinions that have been disproved. We have advanced you information in the faint hope that some of your governmental authorities would grasp the fact that with the explosion of living substance they create a condition parallel to what your scientists call frozen equilibrium. The release of free hydrogen into the atmosphere of this planet will cause flames to engulf many portions of this planet momentarily. Those in authority in the governments are assuming direct responsibility, not only for the people inhabiting this planet, but their own immediate families, wives, children, parents and relatives are also their responsibility, for these dear ones shall not escape. You in authority, of the governments of the planet Shan, think twice if you would have your loved ones with you. Consult your physicists. As them about the parallel condition of frozen equilibrium. They will inform you, if they speak the truth and are not influenced otherwise by the forces of darkness, that this is truth.

The beings, expressing a concern for the safety and welfare of humanity, would be considered demons by pastor Lawson, if they were to be believed at all. In their book, Atomic Suicide? which was published in 1957, Walter and Lao Russell wrote the following:

McCalls Magazine for January of 1957, had this front cover headline for a story by Pare Lorentz, “RADIOACTIVITY IS POISONING YOUR CHILDREN.” We quote parts of his story which is indicative of the fear which is felt throughout the world of this threat to the human race:

“It is no secret today that a hydrogen war, no matter who starts it or who is attacked, will mean the destruction of most of the human race. One of our own high-ranking generals has stated publicly that a hydrogen attack by our forces might take the lives of three or four hundred million people–enemy or ally–“depending on the direction of the winds”!

What is not so well known, but what could be equally disastrous, is a possible slow degeneration of the human race caused by radioactive poisons released during times of peace.

At least three, if not all of George Van Tassel’s six books are available as free pdf files. The Council of Seven Lights was published in 1958. In the introduction, he writes:

The information in this book is the result of a developed ability to awaken the nearly dormant consciousness to thoughts existing throughout time. Nothing can be thought of that has not been thought of before. The principles of radio, television, electricity, flying, and of all modern things, existed in the time of Plato and Columbus. All of the principles of everything that can ever be already exist in the infinity of Universal Mind. The ability to penetrate Mind requires practice (which follows from desire~AA). In practicing the act of awareness I found that Intelligence exists throughout the Universe.

My penetration into the superconscious mind revealed an eternal record of infinite laws. Thinking is not something one does. Thinking is the act of becoming aware of what already exists. One does not try to think to become aware. One only has to remove his own thoughts and then the Universal Mind rushes in to fill the void. The introduction of any new thought is usually accepted by those who understand its potentialities, and rejected by those who do not comprehend its portent. This often leads to controversy, which is the needed stimulant that brings individuals to the use of their own thought power.

These are wonderful thoughts: One has only to remove his own thoughts, in other words, clear his mind after setting an intention, and the Universal Mind rushes in to fill the void. This precludes an individual believing that what they have already been taught, for which they may have received a degree, or even some award, may not actually be true.

Van Tassel’s penetration into the superconscious Mind in the 1950’s is analogous to Walter Russell’s 39-day period of illumination in 1921 wherein he wrote the first of several great works, titled, The Message of the Divine Illiad. Both men exemplify that fact that deeper, and more expansive knowledge is available everyone. We need not “believe” in anyone, or any idea, that is presented to our mind, on face value. Each has the power and ability to “vet” any thought, then choose to embrace or reject it on its own merit, or lack thereof.

God ‘Centered’ Both Men’s Scientific View

Though it appears that they didn’t know each other, Van Tassel and Russell shared another important point of commonality: That God (a.k.a. Allah, Source, Creator, etc.) was and is an integral element of everything. Our comprehension, understanding, or belief is not required. By way of contrast, it has taken CERN’s scientists many years and billions invested, to postulate what they believe may be evidence of “God”, and even then, they offer no clue as to how this knowledge, if it were true, would be of any help humanity.

Isn’t it refreshing to know that God will speak to, or through anyone willing to empty their mind of present thoughts and set preconceptions aside, and listen. Knowledge will fill the void when we are genuine in asking, emotionally and spiritually mature, and perhaps humble enough to handle it, and courageous enough to share with others.

To admit that many of the thoughts I received were given by other identities would be true. Yet the further truth is that I have been all of these other identities.

Reincarnation is a misnomer. All that one has ever been or will ever be, he is now. Everyone has always existed since the creation. Whether one accepts the limits of one life span here on the Earth, or this life and a hereafter somewhere else is of no concern. One cannot honestly believe in a hereafter without believing in a “before”. This schoolroom on the Earth is only a brief experience in eternal Life. One must first understand himself, then he may understand his fellowman. If this is accomplished then one is at the doorway of understanding God. ~ George Van Tassel

Here is another interpretation of the bible’s beginning from George Van Tassel, from The Council of Seven. Notice that he still uses the genderized “He” in referring to Source.

As related above God made heaven before Earth. In these heavens of the sky He had already created Man. On many planets in many other solar systems, and on other planets in this solar system, Man was developed through thousands of years, even before the Earth was habitable. Man was created (Gen. 1:27), he did not evolve from the lower animals. However, he was not created on the Earth.

Man was created throughout millions of solar systems; to serve as the instrument of God’s doing. Anyone who contends that this planet is the only one occupied by intelligent life forms, does not accept God in His infinite completeness. His narrow mind has placed a limit on His ability to perform His creations. Adam was not a single man. The Adamic race of Man was the first people to inhabit the Earth. This is confirmed in Gen. 1: 27 where the race of Man, in the original creation, is described as “male and female”. In Gen. 1: 28 the scripture relates how “God blessed them”. This is plural, not him, but them. And God said unto them (the Adamic race, both male and female) “be fruitful, and multiply”.

Makes sense so far:

This all happens before Eve is ever mentioned. Thus the Adamic race is established on Earth.

He had also finished the creation of the heavens and the Earth (Gen. 2: 1) and all the host of them. This means all the beings who occupied the Earth and the heavens. So God “ended His work” and rested. (Gen. 2:2,3).

Can this be that God ended His work, and still no mention of Eve? Yes, the Bible is accurate on God’s beginning of His creations. Then comes the summary of the creation. This is where people are led into confusion. For the first time God is left out of the picture and we have a “Lord God” (Heb.-Jehovah Elohim).

This character was one of the Adamic race who was in the colony that had been landed here by spacecraft. The men of the Adamic race did not bring their women with them when they first landed on Earth. “The Lord God” brings Eve into the picture, not the Creator.

The Lord God said that the Adamic men were lonesome. (Gen. 2:18). Then the Lord God pops Eve out of a rib after one of their people fell into a deep sleep. (Gen. 2:21,22).

God brings about the creation of people through birth everywhere in the universe, not by making women out of men’s ribs. The race of Eve was the highest form of animal life on this planet. They were not apes, but they were also not the race of Man, created by God.

Next comes the story of Adam, Eve, and the apple. (Gen. 3:1-7). This son of the Adamic race of Man blamed the woman, and the woman blamed the serpent. The poor serpent didn’t have anyone to blame.

One of the true species of Man, as God created the Adamic race, mated with an animal. There is no violation of God’s law in man mating with woman after his own kind. Adam’s violation of the law was not in “eating the apple”; it was in eating the wrong apple. God created every creature after its own kind (Gen. 1: 11, 12 and 21, 22), but one of the race of Man mated with an animal of the Earth and crossed blood. This is where Man became hu-man.

Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel. She didn’t know who the Creator was, so she said, “I have gotten a man from the Lord” (Gen. 4: 1), thinking the Lord was the Adamic man who was her mate. When Cain killed Abel he revealed the animal nature of his mother. He started the practice of murder, that has expanded to a point now where people can vaporize thousands of others with atomic and hydrogen bombs.

That is why the people of the Earth are called humans. The Adamic sons of God knew the tiger as a killer among beasts. The name for tiger was “Hu”. Most of the people on the Earth today are crossbreed descendants of the true Adamic sons of God, as originally created, and the animal race of Eve. That is why you have an earthly, dense, animal body, and an inner body of created reality as God made You.

These simple distinctions actually make sense when you look at the biblical accounts from the context of a people who were “descendants” of beings who came from the heavens. Not hard for them to be thought of, and treated as “gods.”

What Orthodox Science Hasn’t Learned

It has been over a half-century since George Van Tassel received his transmissions from the space people warning about the risks of using a living substance for destructive purposes. The Russells also wrote and published Atomic Suicide?, explaining (1) the dangers of introducing an unnatural predominance of radioactive (versus genero-active) particles into the environment as a way toward accelerated death. Both were largely ignored.

Both writers saw a path to greater health and freedom. Russell wrote of transmutation, wherein an unlimited supply of fuels like hydrogen, or other essentials, such as nitrogen, could be processed and produced “on the fly” as needed to fill commercial, industrial, or farming needs. Van Tassel pointed his efforts toward rejuvenation through the Integratron that he toiled for 23 years to make, only to “die suddenly” (although he was in good health) just a few weeks before the facility was completed.

Yet, our friends at CERN are still playing “chicken” with hydrogen. The “protons” that are shot around the collider ring, with an energy of 14 terra electron volts, are hydrogen atoms that have been stripped of their electrons.


Also not considered is the effect of the very high magnetic and electrical fields that the complex generates for operation.

Some of you may recall that the earthquake that hit Nepal April 25, 2015, where 8,600 people were killed, happened at the very same moment that the LHC was in operation.

7.8 magnitude earthquake hits Nepal.

Here’s a video analysis that shows a possible link.

There are many more passages I could cut and paste from Van Tassel’s books, as well as Russell’s. They are contemporary enough to be relevant to our day and age. They address elements of science and religion, with Van Tassel also covering exopolitics. They agree on many points, yet they come from very different and complementary points of view.

Ultimately, both writers address very nicely, the biggest mistake that humankind can make, which is not knowing or innerstanding who we are, and our true potential. Human evolution is simply achieved; simply treat people the way you want to be treated. That is, with love and compassion, tolerance, truth, honesty, faith and confidence in each other.

Here are a few additional Van Tassel-isms from The Council of Seven.

The purpose in your being on the surface of the planet is to bring about a balance, first, in your own control, and next, a balance between each of you, an understanding, a compassion, a love that is not expressed in words. This balance cannot be maintained mechanically, for you don’t know which vortex to increase, or decrease. But by following the basic principle of the Golden Rule, by doing all things in moderation, you will arrive at a point of equilibrium where you will be able to know which side of zero you must bring up, or down.

When you reach a state of zero polarity between your individual vortices, you are at One with the Infinite Mind. You can know anything, you can see anything, and you can be anything of your own choice, so long as you maintain that balance.

This is also responsible for what we call love. Not the real love, but the physical attraction of one for another, oftentimes one sex for the same sex. If one has a predominantly negative physical vortex and another has a positive spiritual vortex, these two vortices are attracted to each other. This is not the condition of love. It is a condition of mutual attraction by two people, who may seem to be entirely opposite in every other respect.

Where these directives come from is hard to pin down, but the consistency of insanity, across a very wide line of endeavor, from government policy, to military, health, geo-engineering, agriculture, education, religion, entertainment, and science, is very clear. Human society functions with the intelligence of little kids playing with matches next to an open natural gas line.

O man, My Light is not for the victor, nor for the one who falls in defeat; My Light is to the one who gains the understanding of My ways. My arms are not extended either to the right or the left, but are centered to balance the living individual parts of My Being. Though forces may oppose your every move, My strength lies in the power to meet the opposition. Though evil may tempt you, My Light is brightest when the evil is overcome. For evil is not of My creation, O man. Evil is brought about by those who falter on the way to Me. Never, never in all My eternity shall man control the paths to Me. The paths are My ways, and man can only travel on My paths. In all My doings I have brought about a Pattern of Progression. None can turn about MY works, none can interrupt My way. Those who follow in the darkness only trip themselves. Stand within the Light of Me; for I am Light of thee, O man; and I can only shine when you have made the way in progress of My doing. Lean not upon
another, only accept thy brother as one to help one to assist along the way, that unity in numbers may bring about progress in My infinite Light. Fear not, fear not! There is no fear within My Being of you. Fear is only added by the things you do that are not within the Pattern of MY ways. Reach within, I am there. None can scare you when you find the Me in thee. Stand, stand upright. Death is only that which adds to those who have performed the grade. Fear no evil, stand within My Light. Feel My living Light within you. Know that I am there throughout eternity.

A Few Thoughts About Demons

This has become the longest single article I’ve published, but so be it. Everyone who talks about it, refers to the Gates of Hell as something that a lid must be kept on, because demons or demonic beings are confined there. If God is all, then there is nothing that God is not. If this is the case, then we need to re-examine our thoughts and beliefs about demons, demonic entities, evil, and Satan. I am not dismissing these concepts, but the power that they may wield in a given individual or group’s life, is directly related to the power of thought that one gives to it, or is receptive, or fearful of it.

Instead of being confused and afraid, great evidence has been brought forth by these two men, as well as many others, indicating that all we need can be found by going to the temple within, into the silence, and being still. The Power is real, but we must choose to use it, perhaps at the sacrifice of some TV or social media time.

Imagine that.

All intelligent beings will not be human, or humanoid. This fact alone will not make them evil. On the other hand, all human space people will not be “good.” You can’t know another person’s heart, if you don’t know your own. How you govern your own heart, and I don’t mean limit when I use the term — determines your resonant frequency. It is your resonant frequency and its harmonics that ultimately determines how expansive, or limited you permit your experience to be. It also determines your ultimate level of “protection,” not the size of your “weapon,” or the bullets you carry.

I refer not only to the experience of your life on earth, but of the Cosmos itself.

We have much growing up to do, and a certain amount of openness to “outside” information is to be expected. However, your rudder and Guide is in your center, in more ways than one. Discover the Center of your Love, open it, along with your Mind, to wonderful change, even though “experts” predict disaster. They’re all opinions proffered with little heart. Heart power is transformative.

Irrespective of our origins, whether it is as “pure” star people from other galaxies, or “genetically engineered” hybrids, we are still “Units” of the One Power and Force of Life. We are still creators, or perhaps, resonators of thought and intention.

It’s not just time to “grow up”, it’s time to wake up.

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3 Thoughts to “CERN: Bending the World Over for a 'Little Big Bang'”

  1. Thanks dear Adam for yet another masterpiece of articles of yours.
    I’m surprised ‘ the powervthat be’ did not shut your down yet for daring to tell thevtruth…
    I may not always read or comment, because I’m very busy with my own things revealing ‘my thuth’, but today the first thing that made me laugh was your comment in your post about ‘ISIS coming to get us’!
    Ha…ha…ha, the FAKE-NWO will soon be replaced by GODS-NWO , and the real ISIS (returned in humanform) will soon kick the fake ones ‘behind’, for misusing her name for evil!
    The 21.12.12. was the spirituel rebirth of the prophet Elijah, who was also Osiris.
    Mark my words…????????????

  2. Thank you Kathleen. Took quite a bit of time with this one. As a child I grew up listening to many of the same stories in the church… not warnings about CERN, but about Satan, hell, and other nether places, as well as the obligatory thoughts about Jesus, “sin”, etc.

    Between science, religion, education, medicine, and government institutions, we have become a myopic, narcissistic, sick, debt-ridden, xenophobic society, which in truth, is unsustainable… and unnecessary.

    The very cool thing about many of the books that I’ve found lately from authors such as Russell and Van Tassel, is that they can often be found as free downloads. I can load them on my tablet and read when I have a few moments.


  3. Thank you for sharing your perspective. You expressed this essential truth so well: “As for the original CERN video that got me started on this, human destiny or “fate” is not dependent on what the people at CERN are doing. It is dependent on an inner realization that the Life which animates each of us also animates everyone and everything. The core essence of that Life Force, its motivating Power, is Love, which, having Free Will, each is free to choose, or turn away from.”
    And thank you for the ongoing education regarding the works of Van Tassel and Russell.
    Such a profound thought (and something I’ve no doubt you experience while writing articles such as this one): “Thinking is not something one does. Thinking is the act of becoming aware of what already exists. One does not try to think to become aware. One only has to remove his own thoughts and then the Universal Mind rushes in to fill the void. The introduction of any new thought is usually accepted by those who understand its potentialities, and rejected by those who do not comprehend its portent.”

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