Institutionalized Medical Malfeasence and the Chlorine Dioxide Coup d'état

Virtually every “public” or “corporate” policy or orthodoxy is based on assumptions and “facts” that are partial truths, at best, or are outright false. We see it time and time again. We are not a house divided, our “house” has reversed polarity. “Up” is “down”.

Even self-righteous, religious “morality” is designed to keep what is most important in life at arm’s length; love, peace, harmony, awareness, knowledge, truth and wisdom.


A current example is in the news where governor Jerry Brown of California just signed a bill (SB277) that makes it illegal for a parent to refuse to allow their children to be vaccinated, removing all exemptions. (See story.)

It is a testament to the human biological constitution that more children don’t die instantly from this progressively intrusive, institutionalized chemical onslaught. Even then, the only reason that they would consider stopping would be that plausible deniability no longer applied. In other words, being caught red-handed in an institutionalized disease planting operation would be the only way that government, or the Medical Industrial Complex might voluntarily call for an end to such practices.

In lieu of such revelations, parents should consider this a reason to know for themselves, what is true, and the best course of action to protect their children’s health.

The graphic below shows how the recommended vaccine schedule has changed, from 1983 to 2015. Note that in 1986, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act gave blanket liability protection — not to parents and children, but to vaccine makers — for death and injury from FDA approved vaccines. It established a Court system that was empowered to award settlements to parents whose children had sustained “vaccine injuries”.

Ask yourself this: Which is better: Monetary compensation for “vaccine injuries”? Or Healing?

In this system healing isn’t an option, and there is no provision for changing the modalities, except to increase them.

You want to see how the autism trend started and continues? Look at this screen again.

After receiving protection, the medical and government administrators put the pedal to the metal, and are continuing to erode and remove parental discretion by insinuating that the science is saying “it’s the right thing to do.”

This is hogwash.

The chemicals that are in each vaccine foul up a pristine ecological environment inside an infant or toddler’s body, the efficacy of which is dependent on the unrestricted movement of Nature-encoded information. This is analogous to pouring milk or some other substance in the fuel line of your car, which no one in their right mind would do. Yet, we allow it to be done to the most vulnerable and defenseless among us.

Each time a vaccine round is given, the child’s natural information matrix is progressively disrupted, until such time it becomes corrupted. The chemicals that are not recognized or metabolized by the body, will get stored. Like time-release capsules, they can emerge any time and become instant adverse factors ~ in a bad way ~ in one’s life.

It happens every day, and we are being counted on to simply “obey,” and not connect the dots.


Meanwhile, Daniel Smith is in custody, deemed a “flight risk” after being found guilty by a kangaroo court in Spokane, Washington, of selling the product known as MMS, the “miracle mineral solution,” which I have chronicled off and on here since 2007, and introduced by a gentle codger of a man named Jim Humble. Unnamed “experts” in the employ of the FDA called the product a “potent bleach” in the pejorative sense of the term. (Read their official warning.)

FDA’s “MMS is Bleach” Poster

Professional naysayers camp out on various MMS comment threads to heckle and ridicule anyone who has a kind or positive thing to say about the product, and their beneficial experience with it. I am speculating that they are being paid because they make lavish use of slander and innuendo as a substitute for the rational, intelligent, and respectful exchange of information.

I’ve been told that some pretty “high-powered” legal folk are “looking at Daniel’s situation.” Maybe so, but a lot more than “looking” is called for here.

The real purpose of all the paid naysayers, and millions of taxpayer dollars that the FDA and Dept of Justice paid to concoct a fraudulent case against private U.S. citizen is being revealed. A few days ago I received the following link through Facebook messenger from a friend based in the UK. It’s for a line of oral and dental products called Solumium, which has been approved for sale in Europe.

Solumium products: featuring hyper-pure chlorine dioxide.

The site describes chlorine dioxide, which is the actual end product that is derived from mixing a solution of sodium chlorite (“MMS”) with a mild acid, as one of the world’s most effective disinfectants. Citric acid was the activator of choice for a time, now a 4% solution of hydrochloric acid is more common. Many are unaware that, on its own, citric acid is considered a minimum risk pesticide by the EPA. It is exempted from FIFRA registration.

What is a minimum risk pesticide?

Because EPA has determined that certain “minimum risk pesticides” pose little to no risk to human health or the environment, EPA has exempted them from the requirement that they be registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. This exemption provision is located in 40 CFR 152.25(f).Source: EPA.

We are also unaware that the body itself produces citric acid as well.

Metabolized in Your Body

Inside every cell in your body, citric acid triggers the chain of chemical reactions that produce energy. This metabolic process, the citric acid cycle, doesn’t depend on getting citric acid through your diet. Your body makes all the citric acid it needs from the macronutrients you consume. While cells can synthesize citric acid from fats and proteins, they prefer to use carbs. Sugars from digested carbs convert into a substance — acetyl coenzyme-A — that your body turns into citric acid, and the energy cycle begins. Source:

Another company, Frontier Pharmaceutical, produces a line of oral and skin care products that feature chlorine dioxide under the DioxiCare brand name.

Frontier Pharmaceuticals delivers chlorine dioxide in oral and skin products through its Dioxicare® system.

There’s a pretty comprehensive paper on chlorine dioxide, called “An Overall View”, that anyone interested can download.

So while Daniel Smith is made out to be a criminal, has had his civil and human rights taken away on trumped-up allegations, a product that touts the same qualities as MMS emerges in Europe. Its only distinction being that their chlorine dioxide is “hyper-pure.” “Hyper-pureness” is the novelty that they added to the chlorine dioxide molecule, warranting a patent award..

But that’s not all. My UK “informant” sent me another link. This one is to the web site of TechLink, whose mission is “to create high-value partnerships between the Department of the Defense and private industry to develop, transfer, commercialize, and transition leading-edge technologies.” Based at Montana State University, the organization serves as an interface between Defense department agencies and the private corporate sector. In the headline the irony immediately began to bleed through.

Army Natick Labs, ClorDiSys & TechLink helping to fight the spread of Ebola

A quiet solution amidst the rising clamor for answers in the current Ebola crisis comes from a surprising corner of America’s federal laboratory system.

Scientists at a U.S. Army research lab in Natick, Mass. developed and patented a novel chemical system that is now being used to sterilize medical equipment and electronic items used in the treatment of patients on the front lines of the war on Ebola in West Africa. This came about through the transfer of the technology from the Army lab to a privately held company, ClorDiSys Solutions, which now produces, packages, and markets the solution on a worldwide basis. (Continue reading at the site.)

quiet solution indeed. I will add just a bit more.

One of the key research thrusts at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center is the discovery and development of decontamination technologies to keep the warfighter healthy and safe from bioterror attack.

So this product has been identified as useful to keep warfighters “healthy and “safe” from bioterror attacks.

Not to help sick people — people who have been subject to numerous forms of bioterror, including vaccines — get well again.

Chlorine dioxide, which is referred to as “bleach” by the FDA’s “experts” in their general communiques to the public, is described in this article as: one of the best biocides available for combating contaminants that range from benign microbes and food pathogens to Category A Bioterror agents.

Dr. Christopher Doona is the lead inventor of a method to generate chlorine dioxide from dry powder. He comments:

…an important exponent of ClO2 is its versatility as a disinfectant suitable for any industry ranging from textiles, medicine, wastewater treatment and public health, to food safety, personal hygiene, and household uses. ClO2 can be activated in small or large quantities and in varying strength levels from potent enough to sterilize medical instruments to mild enough to use in toothpaste to fight off germs in the mouth.

I wonder if those paid shills who dutifully sit on all my MMS videos calling the product a “scam” and “bleach” get the memo that it’s all right now?

Internet home of ClorDiSys Solutions

Natick Labs licensed the method from a company called ClorDisys Solutions, which is described as a “spinout” of Johnson & Johnson.

Chlorine dioxide is a yellow-green gas with a faint odor similar to chlorine bleach but otherwise it is very different. It has been recognized as a disinfectant since the early 1900s and has been approved by the U.S. EPA for many applications.

I take great exception to the deceitful, expensive, and felonious way the FDA and Department of Justice went after Daniel Smith, broadcasting to the world that this product was “dangerous” so that a small offshoot of J&J could make a sweetheart deal with the military, to make the product available to warfighters.

“Warfighters” get what works to stay healthy ~ to fight wars ~ while trusted “experts” tell the rest of the population that it is “bleach.”

Sounds like they’re planning a lot more “war” and “terror”, and want to keep their boys “healthy”.

They could give a rat’s behind about the public. Perhaps that’s wrong; they can and do give rat poison to the public in certain “approved” medical treatments, they simply call it anticoagulant.

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  1. Mike Hailey

    Linda Johnston-Go to website ( for maybe a cure for your grandson. GOOD LUCK

  2. L Clark

    … And they call our identification of these facts “theories.”

    Meanwhile, the FDA continues to approve drugs that can, by the very public admission of the television commercials they run, cause live disease, kidney disease, heart disease, severe allergic reaction, stroke, and death, among others. But, these are okay because big pharma can make huge profits on drugs that can actually kill us, while taking away our ability to use natural alternatives that work, but may cause diarrhea, nausea, and a sore throat while actually providing a cure that is affordable to the masses.

    Don’t get me started on baby formula and disposal diapers and prenatal vitamins.

  3. Linda Johnston

    Thank you for this post. I pray for Daniel Smith. Our government is so corrupt. I’ve been usingMMS off and on for years it’s wonderful. I pray that their is someone who can help him. And for the vaccine issue how very sad for our children…these innocent little ones being poisoned from birth a total disregard for life. I have a vaccine injured grandson who has cost me thousands as I try to help him regain his health searching for answers through alternative means. I’m not complaining as I wouldn’t have it any other way. But these poor sick children put such a burden on families. And their lives are ruined. Where is honest leadership. It’s certainly not in California where I live. Sorry for the rant. I’m frustrated, mad and sad. I will pass your post on to as many people that I can. Thank you.

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