Giant Rock, Truth, and the Big Picture of 'You'

Giant Rock and Little Sister, Landers, California

On my way back from Ontario, California to Phoenix this week I took a side trip to Giant Rock, in Landers. It’s out in the middle of nowhere, somewhat like the Sun Tunnels that I visited last month in Utah, but different).

Giant Rock was made famous by George Van Tassel (1910-1978), author of I Rode a Flying Saucer (1952), The Council of Seven Lights (1958) and When Stars Look Down (1976), each of which are available as free pdf downloads.

George W. van Tassel

Van Tassel lived at Giant Rock for several years. He built a living area for himself and his family, conducted a Spacecraft convention for 23 years, and regularly communicated with extraterrestrial intelligences in a dug out chamber under the rock. He ran the Giant Rock Airport, and a short distance away, built (between 1954 and 1978) a unique domed structure that he called the Integratron.

Integratron: Something wonderful was possible then, and possible now.

The actual purpose of this structure was to be a life rejuvenation machine, “a high-voltage electrostatic generator that would supply a broad range of frequencies to recharge the cell structure,” to quote the builder.

Given modern medicine’s present obsession with drugs, surgery, and “man-machine integration” (transhumanism), you’d hardly believe that corrective rejuvenation, healing, and even re-optimization of your original body (reversal of aging), using only frequencies, were possible. A robust 68 years of age in 1978, Van Tassel was going to be the first to demonstrate the efficacy and reality of rejuvenation.

Two weeks before the Integratron was completed, Van Tassel died suddenly of a “heart attack.”

It’s still hard to appreciate how gigantic Giant Rock actually is.

Investigators in this field must learn to participate – to bore in with the body, mind, and heart as a total human being – if they are to find their way to the truth.~Dr. Ralph E. Lapp

Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet (1954-2015)

It is a story we’ve heard too many times. On June 19, Dr. James Bradstreet joined the ranks of the “suddenly silenced,” because his voice sung “off key” in the medical orthodoxy chorus regarding autism. His lifeless body was discovered floating in the Broad River, in the town of Chimney Rock, North Carolina, a gunshot wound in the chest. A few days before his death, the FDA and Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency raided his clinic in Buford, Georgia.

The headline on the Washington Post article referred to Bradstreet as an “anti-vaccine doctor behind ‘dangerous’ autism therapy.” Perhaps the biggest indicator that his death was not of his own choosing was the sheriff department’s preliminary conclusion that the wound was self-inflicted. In other words, they’re not going to look too hard for any other answers.

The “dangerous” therapy referred to in the article that Bradstreet, whose son was autistic, was behind, is heavy metal chelation, mainly targeting mercury. In spite of new autism cases still trending upward, and having introduced or approved no approaches that reverse the trend, the FDA “warns” against it for autism: “Chelating important minerals needed by the body can lead to serious and life-threatening outcomes.”

Dear FDA:

Chelation is about removing foreign minerals that were forcibly added to, but not needed by the body, which, by so doing, created serious and life-threatening outcomes. You are expecting parents to do nothing about an unnatural affliction that your policies have burdened their children, families, and this society with, simply because success at reversing autism would expose the very connection that your experts insist “isn’t there.”

My condolences to the Bradstreet family. He joins a long list of people of conscience who took active steps to (1) understand an untenable social problem, and (2) alleviate it, like George Van Tassel.

Ushering in a ‘Shift’

Van Tassel was not “ahead of his time.” He attempted, as have many others, to bring what’s truly possible now, into the Here and Now. In other words, he attempted to make the better world that most people say that they want, but far fewer realize that they can actually live.

One of the reasons i went to Giant Rock, was to get some “eye to eye” images of the with the Phantom II+ drone that I purchased recently.

My own “Eye in the Sky”.

While Giant Rock is clearly something “big” in the image, it’s hard to appreciate just how big it is, until you see that linear “speck” on the right side and realize it is a human being.

That speck over on the far right, is a human being.

The masses are generally unaware of freedoms that are available because we’re used to living in a world of “make-believe.”

Someone has, for quite some time, attempted, quite successfully, I might add, to make humanity organize their beliefs along certain lines of thinking. This is because thought, that unseen, intangible element, is where human power, as well as equality resides, has always resided, and always will. You are always free to think as you will, except of course, if you think that you’re not free, or have been convinced that you (or humanity) are in danger, and therefore choose to live in fear.

Please take a few moments to watch this video.

The Story of Your Enslavement

Ponder this thought for a moment: He (or she) who lives in, and succumbs to fear, is enslaved.

Next time you hear a police officer give the excuse that he was “in fear of his life” (“safe words” that mean the system will do everything it can to help him get away with murder or mayhem), he is a slave.

By living in the delusion that one can put a uniform on and wear a tin badge and be “above the law,” the police officer, and the organization that employs him, and the organization that trains them, and the government employees that encourage their militarization, are unaware of the limitations they place on their own freedom. I’m not speaking of money, but true freedom, of their Spirit and Soul. One who lives in fear, sacrifices joy and love. They sacrifice happiness. They sacrifice truth.

Here’s a picture of Giant Rock from the backside. I’m still getting acquainted with the drone.

Giant Rock and Little Sister from behind, mid-height.

On my first flight I flew the drone over Giant Rock. However, I lost signal connection and for a while, I could hear it buzzing and hovering in the air, but could not see it even after walking around the monolith.

Bird’s-eye view of Giant Rock and the desert plain to the south.

Eventually, I did spot the drone once again, and was able to guide it back to my location and land safely.

Coming back in for a landing. My own little space ship.

I sent the drone up one more time, and turned it around to shoot this “selfie.”

What a perspective (POV)!

It’s Our Time and Our Turn

I sometimes ask myself what have I done with my life. What is meaningful? If I don’t do something different when something different is sorely needed, then how and why will anyone else do so?

Imagine the people who are encouraging police officers to believe that it’s okay to use deadly force on a citizen just because they take umbrage with being yelled at, shoved around, and bullied by assholes in uniforms.

SOURCE: Chicago Sun-times

Notice how respectful and considerate police treated Dylann Roof after he killed nine people, and “the act” is revealed. The true issue is neither whether “black lives matter”, nor white privilege or supremacy. The objective is making you believe that people need to be reminded that black lives matter, because whites have privileges that blacks don’t. When you see clear examples of preferences being perpetrated along racial lines, your beliefs will have been vindicated, and you then choose to remain polarized.

However, what will have happened? These are thoughts that you may consequently allow to affect you. If you believe you’ve found the smoking racial gun and are angry about it, or afraid, then you’re right where someone wants you to be in thought. You’ll give more thought to the “injustice” and less to being the Equalness that you are.

Strength and Peace in Your ‘Equalness’

Anyone who knows his or her equality and Oneness with ALL, need not be concerned.

If you haven’t watched, read, or listened to The Door of Everything, by Ruby Nelson, I invite you to do so.

Your mind is what “the controllers” want to control, and if not control, then they want to confuse. The object is to keep you from KNOWING the truth, about yourself, and being your Equal Self.

Why? Because it is through the power of your thoughts ~ which are equal to any and all others with respect to their “manifestivity” ~ that you set the course of your life. How you use your thoughts determines the course of history.

If you’re not using your thoughts, you’re using someone else’s. That is what Dylann Roof was doing. He served as a shill for someone else’s thoughts. The attack wasn’t just on the people whose lives ended abruptly in the church; it was on YOU. Matters not what your color, political or gender orientation, religion or nationality. If you are inclined to be fearful or “mad,” if you’re inclined to embrace “us” versus “them,” then you’re fair game for someone else’s lies.

If you want to change our history, start by changing your own. This will take courage to step into a new world of experiences intent on bringing harmony, rather than harm. Your history is the only one you can change directly. Every harmonious thought you make, and action that you take, affects everything else harmoniously.

To transcend the need to inflict, or receive harm is an act of courage, and the shedding of fear. When you choose to shed your fear, it also changes our story. Shedding fear is a conscious choice, a choice of conscience, and an expansion of consciousness. The only way to shed fear, is to be loving. One need not “embrace” what they already are. One need only be it.

Being loving also means being truthful. For all the talk we give about being the “Land of the Free,” we’ve become the Land of the Lie. And where lies rule, there is no freedom.

False Flags Are ‘the Norm’

Where lies rule in government, there is no beneficial representation. There is tyranny. “Representation” is reversed to where “things” are protected, and innocent people are allowed to be endangered. Yet, the people must wake up to the fact that they have been encouraged to believe in their own endangerment.

Furthermore, if you are willing to “endanger” another in order to “protect” yourself, you are living in fear, and will not be protected when and where it really counts.

This article is just a partial list of “business as usual” false flag attacks. (See article.)

Some one, or something has made you believe external “protection” is necessary, to the extent that you turned off your real force field; that is, the force field of love.

The force field of love harms no one. However, when activated, a peacefulness percolates through us from within. Equanimity is yours even while others are losing their heads around you, figuratively speaking.

Embrace Your ‘Youness’

You are a living, eternal being. This experience is likened to being asleep to the experience that will be yours after this corporeal life is over. One of the most fundamental life lessons that anyone can achieve, is to awaken enough to see their own (1) love, and (2) immortality, just as we are. A cascade of additional realizations will come; including the fact that, if you don’t “die” ~ in other words, if your consciousness, your sense of “you” continues after the death of the form, then that means — for that police officer who mindlessly “killed” a citizen in an abuse of force, or a Dylann Roof, or the people who “activated” Roof ~ like the Terminator, You’ll Be Back.

Nothing meaningful is ever settled or “resolved” by seeking to “kill” another. Those who would arbitrarily and artificially instigate such actions, or “depopulation” schemes due to phony shortages and contrived crises, simply guarantee that they will experience the other role, as the Universe itself, is always in a state of equilibrium.

It does a mind good to get off the beaten path from time-to-time.

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