Jury Deliberates in MMS Case

No Truth Heard and We Don't Care
No Truth Heard and We Don’t Care

It’s fascinating that I wrote a short announcement about this, and it was lost in its entirety.

If you anticipated the world finally hearing public discourse on the nature and science of the Mineral (Master) Mineral Supplement (Solution), or “MMS” through the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. LOUIS DANIEL SMITH case, you can kiss that vision good-bye. It ain’t happening, at least not now.

A jury is in deliberations, to determine Daniel’s fate, without benefit of hearing his case, any witnesses on his behalf, or rebuttals to the “facts” presented by the Department of Justice.

At the last minute Daniel elected to take on an attorney, something that the Court had been recommending that he do a long time ago, and since attorney’s are “Officers of the Court”, which is their their first responsibility (if they want to remain in the British Accreditation Registry (or Regency), not the benefit or welfare of the client. To his credit, the attorney filed motions to the court to withdraw from the appointment once he saw the mountain of information that needed to be mined in order to provide a competent defense.


His motion was denied.

His appeal of the motion was denied.

However, the Court accepted his motion to rest Daniel’s case without a presentation of his defense.

I am reporting this based on a short conversation with Daniel over the weekend. He did not see this coming. He had no opportunity to object, or halt the proceedings. Given the turn of events, he was preparing yet another attempt to represent himself again.

That attempt apparently failed.

Now the jury deliberates. No verdict was reached yesterday.

Perhaps today…


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7 Thoughts to “Jury Deliberates in MMS Case”

  1. Looks like needs a new gofundme page! Let’s keep support dollars coming in.

  2. This is so sad. Did no one vet the attorney? We experienced similar silly bugger stuff appearing as ourselves in a case against the bank for wrongful foreclosure, for 7 years. When stuff like this happens, it really makes you wonder if money/threats were exchanged behind closed doors. There is NO predictability with court cases, they are all kangaroo courts (in my experience)!

    I send many blessings to Daniel and his family. This ruling should be appealable, I hope they are able to do it in time. Also, it may be possible to get some funds from the attorney’s bond, if he didn’t not perform as the client hired him to do.

  3. What was the 6th charge that he was not found guilty of?
    Does anyone know?

    1. Release from the ‘Justice’ Department reports: “The jury found Smith not guilty on one out of four of the misbranded drug counts.”

  4. Very sad to say, Daniel was convicted on 5 of 6 charges… he goes back to jail and awaits sentencing in 6 months.

  5. Ellie

    Guilty, 5/6 charges, what else could be expected?

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