What Makes a Race 'Advanced'?

Does a “futuristic” world with amazing technology mean an “advanced” society? (SOURCE:

I used to think that having the knowledge and technology to travel through the heavens would mean that we had become a “more advanced” humanity than we have been, or are today. However, with our present set of customs and norms, it is reasonable to question if the words “intelligent” or “advanced,” with respect to humanity, apply at all.

Some may hold the view that some members of the population are “gifted” or “more advanced” than others, for various self-decided reasons. However, how “advanced” or intelligent can a society be that pollutes, poisons, and destroys its planetary home, or condones policies that treat the vast majority of its people as commodities and chattel property? Better yet, how “advanced” can the people be that accept, allow, and sometimes explain, or even defend such exploitation?

A war-making, class-dividing, race-hating civilization is not the product of one man, it is the product of all men. No one man may say: I am good, therefore, I did not make it. He lives in it and profits by its conquests or suffers its penalties. ~ Lao Russell, God Will Work With You, But Not For You

Technological wizardry no more means that we are an “advanced” society than having an “advanced degree from a prestigious university” makes the college graduate “advanced”. No one is “advanced” where it really matters. At the human core and center from which Life emanates, all are Equal.

No one is “closer” to God, or further away therefrom, than anyone else. No one is more “righteous” or “less” worthy than anyone else. God doesn’t care whether you, or your team, government, or religion “wins the battle,” or “beat the bad guys.” God doesn’t care how much money or “stuff” that you have.

If “God” (a.k.a. Allah, Creator, Source, etc.) IS everything (with no “buts”), how could this Great Source and Principle “want” for anything, even your belief?

God can’t be all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-pervasive if It were anything other than everything. And if God is universal, unbridled and unbounded LOVE (in addition to LIFE), It can’t help but be patient and present when we whose eyes have not yet seen, or hearts opened, wake up and discover the truth and power that was and is always with us every step along the way.

The Truth About Love

Love as Spiraling Infinte Power

Love is not something anyone needs to “discover.” It’s more about uncovering this transformative component of LIFE. When Love is no longer blocked, guarded, or suppressed, but activated and then woven into the day-to-day fabric of one’s own LIFE, living happens again. I say “again,” because no one Lives without Love. When Love is not an active, functional presence, coping or surviving is the best that one can hope for.

Free will is directly tied to the question of whether we will Love, and how we do it, in going through the experience called Life. The choice is always our own. We are loved by the Life Giver, irrespective of our choice. However, we can only benefit from the Gift of Love, by being an active Giver and Receiver thereof. “Advancement” happens when we choose, of our own volition and in spite of evidence against it, to be conduits of LOVE. Life will never be the same.

You couldn’t buy “advancement” with all the coin in the Universe.

Some people actually believe that the stuff that they’ve amassed is an indicator of God’s “blessings”, and that anyone who hasn’t achieved what they have, is either a “failure,” or in some way “inferior”. These are signs of a problem, but not with God. Love and stuff do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. They are no measure of one’s advancement, or relationship — pro or con — with God.

God is behind, and within LIFE… all LIFE. Whether you like it or not. LIFE is not the body that we express ourselves through. When we “kill,” we’re not taking away LIFE. We’re making our own LIFE more complicated, in a not very pleasant way… not because God deemed it so, but through the loveless, self-destructive pattern of thinking that spawned the behavior.

‘Education’ is Actually Indoctrination

More often than not, successful matriculation through a university curriculum today leaves the graduate ill-prepared for anything other than an entry-level job.

Equality at last?
Equality at last?

They are taught to respect the academic authority; such as the tenured professor. They are not encouraged to think independently, or to question openly, nor have original thoughts of their own if said thoughts have not passed “filtering” through the subject’s current orthodox meaning.

As such, college graduates today tend to score low in self-assurance, resourcefulness and courage to see meaningful opportunities and create solutions, or the resilience to persevere when obstructions are encountered. They are taught to define themselves and their future, in their suitability to work for someone else. Their personal vision, if they have one, is rarely deemed to be of interest.

From one who put his money where his mind was.

In spite of social norms that appear to the contrary, no individual is above question, or accountability, irrespective of their apparent station in life. Look around and you’ll see that our social system is structured in such away as to allow some to exist outside, or “above” the law. However, if you’re “above the law,” you’re lawless. Our social system, which touts itself as being governed by the “Rule of Law,” is actually governed by contracts and commerce, made to appear lawful. This makes it at variance with truth.

A social system that runs on lawless, and truthless principles, is unsustainable.

College graduates are not totally “at fault” for their unpreparedness to do much more than be degreed clerks and laborers. We have celebrated and perpetuated the system that they grew up in, which neither respects nor cultivates their individuality. For all lip service about “freedom” and such things that they learn in school, they’re “free” just as long as they do what they are told, even if it is an outright abomination of conscience. It is likely a big shock to idealistic medical school graduates to learn, if they ever do, that they’ve embraced a system that, in its orthodox practice, is not about healing the diseases they so innocently wanted to cure.

Our children won’t change this in the future if we start doing it now.

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Abuse

Especially when the abuse is unrecognized.

We have not made it safe for children to seek, know, and be truthful. This is because we haven’t been truthful, and now just about anyone perceived to be “in authority” can deceive or otherwise lie to us and think it’s okay. Look at what centurions — oops, I mean cops — do, not just to black kids, but to anyone who doesn’t “obey” their commands. They wear costumes to emphasize their status, position, or authority.


When Rodney King (1965-2012) was caught on videotape in 1991 being beaten by Los Angeles police officers, it was a national horror that transcended racial lines.

Police assault Rodney King, March 3, 1991

Today police officers are being caught virtually everywhere; spraying, shocking, kicking, and killing citizens. However, while these actions still register a shock the local communities where they happen, they don’t get nearly as much coverage by the media.

2014, Things have changed, and remain the same. What does this say about evolution?

Police officers who are abusive on the job are likely abusive off the job too.

All police officers and departments don’t do this, thank goodness. Not even all personnel within a given department. I suspect that the actual numbers of people who engage in such actions, are quite small. However, the pressure and proclivity to protect self, by denying, diminishing, dismissing, or otherwise being truthful and responsible in response by said departments, appears to remain strong.

This is understandable because law enforcement officers that abuse their power — indeed all individuals who are inclined to such abuse — know that they would not want to be on the receiving end of what they dished out. Yet, they offer the lame excuse that the “power” of the badge or uniform, or their being “good guys” against “bad guys,” allow them to do what they do and get away with it.

This is a great example of a lie not becoming truth simply because everyone says it. Lies that we tell ourselves and others will eat at us from the inside out. Ever notice how restless police officers (and doctors and lawyers) get… how they turn to alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications when they know they’ve done harm? Every human knows, in his or her heart, when they have harmed another. They also know that they have harmed self. Doing harm for a wage, is still doing harm. Not a sign of “advancement.”

Just like Love, Truth will eventually surface, one way or another, right when and where it counts most. Far better to be truthful from the beginning and to treat others in a manner that we’d like to be treated. Law enforcement officers are still human. They’ve been trained to be inhumane toward “wrongdoers,” and then defend their methods.

Abuse of force by law enforcement or government agencies is a big issue to be sure, but only wherever it is an issue. One should not presume a police officer will be abusive simply because they wear the uniform. Ultimately, forces that are active within the Minds of both the officer and the citizen will determine how the experience plays out.

When and where excessive force is an issue, the most disturbing thing is how the police officers, their departments, prosecutors, and grand juries stand behind the “authority” of the badge, to “protect” their own, whose actions are often said to have been based out of “fear for their life.” Essentially, they’re saying, “Forget rights, fuck the citizen’s life!” … even when the officer is the only one holding the gun.

Rationalizing, excusing, and otherwise condoning such behavior, even when in front of witnesses, has become far too commonplace these days. Truth is the first casualty of a civilization in decline.

Not taking exception to such behavior, perpetuates it. The officer believes he or she is “doing good”… just as they have been trained to think.

We Teach Our Children by Example, Not by Force

Young adults learn just the way young children learn — i.e., from watching and then emulating us — through both our actions, non-actions, and over-reactions. By the time a young adult graduates from high school, his or her individuality has likely been traumatized not only by the learning institution, but by peer pressure, fear pressure, and family dynamics. They grow up to do unto others — or allow others to do unto them — what was done to them.

Take another look…how can any human consider this appropriate action?

Conflicts, even of the emotional kind, create emotional and mental disturbances; tensions that distort and pervert perceptions, which then influence metabolic function and dysfunction in the body, and behavior.

Strong hypnotic suggestion delivered through media establishes the sense that “a criminal act isn’t ‘criminal’ if done by a good guy,” as an example. Without an inner compass that knows joy, and the willingness to be guided by, and follow it, one can easily put one’s self in evolutionary stasis.

The cop, gangbanger, politician, doctor, judge, or the cleric who abuses power, and the citizens that allow it, will place their own evolution of consciousness on hold, until they respect The Whole that they are integral parts of.

Evolution of Consciousness?

Say “hello” to YOU.

An evolution of consciousness would best be described as a greater crystallization and expansion of one’s awareness of, connection to, and oneness with Source. Life will still be life, but experienced in a very different manner. For example, some present properties of physics that are thought to be “laws,” will no longer apply. Certain phenomena thought to be “miracles,” will be commonplace.

Those who enter the next stage of evolution will naturally exhibit what many think of today as “God-like” qualities. They are not properties of “God” (or “the devil” either), but given present conventional understandings about life and what we think of as possible, anyone who operates or demonstrates mastery over things we think can’t be done by humans, is likely to be worshiped, or feared. Although humans have shown a tendency to do both, there’s no reason to do either.

There is no evolution of Consciousness in either worship or fear of anything outside of one’s self. There is also nothing to fear within one’s self. Simply, the key to one’s own evolution can be found there. This may be why the incessant push to draw attention anywhere and everywhere but within. Truth can be found there. Love resides there, and we hold the keys to both.

Preparedness of the Fourth Kind

Are you ready for more “diversity?”

Stasis of Consciousness or not, the public is being prepped to enter a new level of reality; one that involves interaction with intelligent beings who are not from Earth. A chief NASA scientist predicted, on a panel discussion, that she’d “go out on a limb” to say that we’ll have definitive evidence in the next 20-30 years. Even then, she’s suggesting that it would be microbes, not “little green men.”

What is yet not revealed is the overwhelming evidence of long-standing involvement with other intelligent lifeforms, by the U.S. and other world governments and military.

These beings may have a human appearance. They may be humanoid, and more. I’ll put it this way, if you can imagine it, then there’s someone somewhere that looks like that.

We have been conditioned to be fearful of anyone that didn’t, within some constraints, look, talk, act, or think, like us. Truth is, if you drill down deep enough, you’ll find that no one looks, talks, acts, or thinks, like you. Twins may be the closest exception to this “rule,” but even there, one’s individuality, born of the perspective of life that no one else has, creates variances that make one’s ultimate experience unique. The uniqueness extends throughout one’s Earth experience, and beyond.

As we are beginning to see that “Earth humans” are Earth humans, now we’ll have to address non-Earth humans, humanoid, or simply, non-human intelligences, such as reptilian and insectoid life forms. It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that anything that doesn’t look like us, is or will be “out to get us.” It’s easy because it has been strongly suggested that we should be that way by media, through science fiction dramas and motion pictures, and by theologians, who consider life form that looks “sinister” is evil, satanic, or demonic.

All that exists is reflects elements and aspects of everyone and everything.

Gustavus Meyers (1872-1942)

What many people don’t know is that people — Earth humans — who “look like us” have been exploiting the hell out of their kindred for hundreds of years without alien assistance. The video below is the first of several readings from the book titled, History of the Great American Fortunes, a sobering, eye-opening, three-volume look into the origins of America that was expunged from latter-day history books. Written by Gustavus Meyers, and refused publication by all but a Marxist publisher in his day (1911), listen and ask yourself do you see vestiges of life described then, still operational in America to this very day.

History of America’s One Percent — Episode #1

Next time you hear about a court ruling against a ballot measure or for an issue that is clearly detrimental to people or the environment, you’ll have a totally different sense of why.

So the same ones who control printing presses, money supply, the education system, medical, media, government, and military have long been able to influence public opinion largely. You have been thoroughly prepared to believe, from apparently disparate sources, that you need their protection and “might,” when in fact, you need to know and Love who you are.

You need to KNOW your equality and Oneness with ALL of Creation, human and otherwise. You need to CHOOSE and become PEACE, starting within yourself instead of conduits of FEAR. This is how YOU will influence any and every experience, whether they involve encounters with other humans who act inhumane, or with non-humans.

Humankind’s xenophobic tendencies have much history behind it, far predating the formation of America. It took time to build, and we may soon learn that they have corollaries beyond Earth. Racism, sexism, and other ways that humans play the game of rivalry, such as war, are the signs of juveniles in the evolutionary sense.

‘Inner’ Directedness

The point that I’d like to make here is that the outer differences, appearances, or implements, have never been what defined the implicit value or ability of the Being. The Source of ALL, is still ONE. The driver of human evolution to newer and higher octaves of consciousness, is LOVE. The octaves themselves aren’t “new”. The experiences to be created and gained, will be new for the Being.

More “Earthlings” are waking up to the great Wool Pulling that has artificially limited human perception and advancement for hundreds of years. They are seeing and perceiving more, naturally. They are “forgetting” their understanding of the Oneness from whence they, and ALL come, less. As such, those who control the Medical Industrial Complex have resorted to vaccinating newborns, infants, and children even more. Whether or not they are actually trying to suppress their powers, these unnatural chemical additives adversely impact human health. We’ve not only allowed it, but some even defend the practice, wanting everyone to be vaccinated or “chipped.”

RFID Chip: Another convenient way to “manage the property.”

Just as an aside, did you know that if a “chip” were put in your body, the installers could broadcast frequencies to it that promulgate any “disease” that they choose? For example, certain antidepressants can, if taken, engender suicidal thoughts. There is no reason that the frequency of said chemicals can’t be transmitted to a microchip that was implanted in a person’s body, to the same effect. Please realize, however, that the X-factor is you. The greatest “technology” is LIFE. There’s nothing better. The Architect and Engineer of LIFE KNOWS how to make it far better than any way we have yet imagined at this level of reality.

It appears that we — humanity — are preparing to enter an expanded realm of LIFE. However, my suggestion here is to take this time to remind yourself of your equality to, and ONENESS with ALL, at Source Level. What your will see others do, humans have either done, or been capable of doing, for quite some time.

It appears that war happens, has been happening, and is happening in space, as it happens on Earth. Let me rephrase that. Apparently intelligent races have been fighting each other, lying to each other, and engaging in one form of destructive exploitation or another, for perhaps millions of years. So don’t expect the beings that you encounter to be “superior” or “more advanced” simply because they have been doing interstellar space travel for quite some time.

While I’m no “expert” in exopolitics, I now know that a huge con-job has been, and is being done on humanity now, and the only place you’re going to find the truth, is from the inside.

You’ll know if what I’m saying is true by consulting your Inner Counselor.

The ‘Equal Playing Field’ of Mind

An omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God, encompasses ALL, as in everyone and everything, whether we like it, believe it, agree or not. All are included in, and encompassed by the Presence that is called God. How is it that so many millions, even billions of people have not awakened to who they are, and what their real lineage happens to be?

ALL are ONE with God, by whatever name you may wish to refer to said Presence by, or not. As I have observed before, it is probably more than coincidental that the Islamic term for “God”, Allah, embodies ALL in the very word.

ALL are EQUAL, not only in God’s eyes, but in heart. Life is Intelligent by its very nature. Humans are “special” only in the sense that with our “individuated” consciousness, which allows for self-awareness, we can, in conjunction with free will, act quite stupidly, and then try to justify it through whatever story we come up with. However, we are using the tools that ALL have been imbued with; intention, thought, and imagination.

We are told by some that God is unknowable. Well, how would the professors know? Perhaps they wouldn’t know God if it hit them upside the head, but how arrogant to suggest that no one can, “except” perhaps their favorite prophet. Yet, even in the Bible, Jesus is quoted to having said that the things he did, we would too, and greater things still.

Are we there yet?

Amen to that.

Is injecting vaccines into newborn babies and infants some of “the greater things” that Jesus was referring to?

How about genetically modifying crops to be indifferent to specific brands of chemical pesticides, which then become part of the food chain, for which Americans in particular, are not deemed worthy to be informed of, or even refuse? Would Jesus do a high-five on that?

I do suspect that many of the people who are behind the fascist, Gestapo tactics that have become so commonplace in our world today, are likely in church on Easter Sunday. They probably confess their “sins” from time to time. But the real sin is in thinking that they’re getting away with what they’re doing, and that God gives a shit about their point of view versus someone else’s.

Evolution isn’t about God’s awakening, it’s about humans. It’s not about the money you make. It’s about the love you become by the fear you transform and transcend.

If and when the day comes that some “official” says they’ve confirmed the presence of life on another planet, or an encounter here on Earth, please be mindful that truly “advanced” Beings will approach and treat us as equals. It behooves each to do likewise.

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