One MMS Defendant Gets Probation in What is Still a Raw "Faustian Deal"

DoJ accepts a guilty plea from Tammy Olson in MMS case.

Tammy Olson, has been sentenced to 3 years probation. She was employed as the Customer Service Representative for Project Green Life (PGL), the company run by LOUIS DANIEL SMITH and shut down by the FDA for selling the product known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). The judgment in a criminal case was filed March 30, 2015 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington. She pleaded guilty to counts 2-5 of the indictment, which involved Shipment of Misbranded Drugs in Interstate Commerce.

I put emphasis on certain words to call attention to the perception that the thought, in this case, “the plea,” engenders within the reader. In this case, her actions were so egregious that she turned her fate over to the court, pleading for mercy. In some respects, you could say that probation was a victory. The question is, however, “victory” of what?

U.S. Courthouse, Spokane, Washington
U.S. Courthouse, Spokane, Washington

Daniel Smith’s trial, the one they really want to “bring down,” is presently scheduled for May 18 at the United States Court House in Spokane.

A “guilty plea” is not a conviction. It’s more like a deal. A conviction would have required the presentation of evidence which showed, beyond reasonable doubt, that PGL’s intent to defraud the government was real (how stupid would that be if it were true?), or that genuine harm had been done.

Lies, on the part of the defendants in the discharging of their activities would have been presented and weighed as well. Complaints, if there were any, would have been unequivocal.

While it will appear that the DoJ’s and FDA’s efforts to dissuade use of an “illegal drug” are vindicated by the apparent admission of guilt, none of the above criteria were met. In fact, they weren’t even required.

Because Tammy agreed to this plea under extreme psychological duress (and “assisted” by her attorney) any assumption of, or requirement for truth was thrown out the window. It’s now a simple matter of commerce. A contractual thing.

Isolated, separated, and intimidated with well-oiled precision, and counseled by an individual assigned to “defend” her (because she is — and ALL citizens are — considered incompetent), but who is an “officer of the court,” Tammy agreed to the terms of a contract that was drawn up, based on “charges” that were trumped-up, by the Department of Justice. Wanting to “send a clear message”, the DoJ’s prosecutor’s sentencing recommendation was that it include time in prison.

At least Mephistopheles appeared to offering something desirable. Yet, if you analyze the Faust story, the “sweet deal” that the devil offered him was the source of something he could access and avail at any time, by embracing his soul, not “selling” it. But that’s another story.

FDA's "MMS is Bleach" Poster
FDA’s “MMS is Bleach” Poster

If a plea bargain is signed, then truth, regarding one’s motives, intentions, or actual activity, or even the “harm” (or benefit) that MMS posed, was no longer relevant. Justice then, not only becomes mythical, it is actually injustice because the American public, and the world at large will be led to believe that dishonest people who caused great harm along with their “snake oil,” had been vanquished.

Tammy Olson was not dishonest, nor did she harm or defraud anyone. People who called her seeking her knowledge took responsibility for their health back into their own hands. That is what the dishonest, harm-causing Medical, Government, Industrial Complex, apparently doesn’t want people doing.

Just sayin’ that’s the way it looks.

The public has been, are being, and will continue to be lied to until they only are truthful (it’s tough sometimes), and accept the truth from others. Their lies will substitute for truth until enough people see through it and change the channel and create and experience another program.

In order to build a case to justify shutting down PGL, a company that was not breaking any laws or doing any actual harm, and turn Daniel Smith into a criminal and official “ward of the state,” the FDA and Department of Justice inferred that PGL committed fraud placing into interstate commerce a dangerous product. It claimed in two announcements, first in July, and then in October, 2010, that according to its expert$, the product of MMS us is a “powerful industrial bleach,”

MMS also poses a significant health risk to consumers who may choose to use this product for self-treatment instead of seeking FDA-approved treatments for these conditions.~FDA

Smiling is Permitted. Jim Humble demonstrating an effective way to ClO2- vapors into the body.

As proof you can find an “expert” to say anything you want if you (1) pay them enough, or (2) have less obvious means of control, a number of MMS critics (paid for, or otherwise), have gone on record to condemn its use, or ridicule its chief proponent, the very un-scientist octogenarian, Jim Humble, who not only had the audacity to inform the public and promote the use of this chemical compound, but he also created a church structure, the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. MMS became a sacrament to be given to those in need.

Time Reveals Truth (and Lies)

So now, almost 5 years later, here is the evidence of the effect of taking tiny doses of a specific recipe of acidified sodium chlorite. When Kerry Rivera gave this presentation in May 2014 at AutismOne, 133 children had reversed their autism diagnosis using a regimen that included “chlorine dioxide” (they didn’t use the term “MMS”). As of March 2015, the number of recoveries had increased to 165.

If your interest in benefiting humanity and restoring health (and not destroying health) is authentic, please take particular notice that swelling (called inflammation), mucous (biofilm), heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, candida and parasites are common to people who take FDA approved drugs. Children with autism all will have taken FDA approved drugs prior to getting autism. Yet, those who administer said drugs are intent on finding more ways to issue them, more frequently.

The only way this makes sense, is if you were trying to insure death and disease, not “protect” health.

Is this sinking in?

You may not have seen this video. It is about sodium dichloroacetate, or (DCA), which a similar chemical profile to, and biochemical effects as MMS.

Positive MMS Story in (Sorta) Mainstream Media

On January 15, 2015, a positive article was published on MMS, on the BBC Mundo (World) site, in Spanish. I made liberal use of Google Translate to actually understand what the article was saying, because the headline had an all too familiar ring:

Dióxido de cloro, el peligroso químico que se vende como cura para todo

The translation is, “Chlorine dioxide, hazardous chemical sold as cure-all”

However, it included an amazing testimonial as to the help it gave people who had suffered for years from SMT (“standard medical treatments”).

One thing that becomes evident, even in this article, is many people seem resigned to the fact that human health takes a back seat to the potential business threat that a modality, in this case, MMS, may pose. They say it as though nothing can be done to change it, and perhaps for them at that moment, it may be true.

Yet, the ugly truth is that the Medical Industrial Complex now exists to serve and preserve itself, not you or me. It certainly doesn’t exist to help people who get sick, to get well again. Instead, it “treats” their sickness, and in many ways, it instigates disease, which would normally seem unimaginable.

Servings of MMS given to sick villagers with medical cooperation near Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2010).

Yet, it’s happening right before our blurry eyes.

Ask yourself why else would medical orthodoxy deem it necessary to REPEATEDLY inject unnatural chemicals into infants, almost from the day of birth?

A young man downs MMS on medical mission near Port-au-Prince after the earthquake (2010) in Haiti. .

Here is a scientist (now deceased) telling what he researched and understood the biochemical repercussions of vaccine therapies.

Please send thoughts of comfort, protection, and love for Tammy Olson.

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