Notes from the Stillness

It is sheer barbarism to vaccinate newborn babies, period.

Having said that, it’s simply inane to vaccinate anyone else. Nothing that is included in a vaccine’s list of ingredients is of benefit to the recipient. No-thing whatsoever. “Benefit” only extends to the corporations that arranged sweetheart deals with politicians and/or government agencies to provide product (complete with preservatives to maintain shelf life) to a captive and guaranteed audience.

Infant child asleep.
What a world you’ve entered.

The “benefit” extends to the government agency taking advantage of the public’s trust, and air of legal authority, to ram said vaccines down the ill-informed public’s throat, figuratively speaking. The public is being mis-informed, and when they withhold consent, or even suggest that they question the wisdom of vaccinating, affable interactions between parents and healthcare workers can and often does, become very tense. These are signs of a dysfunctional system at work.

Problem is that the system isn’t seeking to change itself. If anything, if dysfunction could be expressed in degrees, the system is raising the temperature from “unbearable” to “unsustainable”.

Some of the ingredients in vaccines are mutagens. They “re-write” information strands in the DNA.

This is an international symbol for mutagentic materials.

I think that last thought is so important, it warrants being repeated. Vaccines that are given, even to newborns, contain mutagenic material, i.e., chemicals that are programmed to re-write DNA. As such, newborns, and all who receive a vaccine, are getting “genetically modified” through the auspices of the Medical Industrial Complex. Newborns take these major chemical assaults before their natural immune system fully initializes, before they leave the hospital.

It’s not only okay with the FDA, and AMA, the parent is called to task, and judgment is questioned if they question, resist, or refuse this traumatizing, intrusive practice. “Vaccine injury” is a sanitized, intellectual, distant way to categorize the collateral damage that is done when a hopeful life full of dreams, has been derailed by a system that the public was asked to trust.

A Reliable Future Revenue Generator

This unquestioned practice essentially allows the developers of these chemicals to “program,” not your immunity, but your susceptibility to, and likelihood to get, future diseases. This becomes even more inane for anything but a disease care industry, when you realize that the natural, original state of all human beings, and life in general, is health.

Helicobactor pylori is a bad mutha (shut yo mouth!)…

If health wasn’t our natural state, we wouldn’t heal when “dis-ease” comes. We have been inundated, by medical people, $cientists, education, and government agencies (FDA and CDC), with the thought that we are vulnerable to future diseases, and must be “protected” from “pathogenic” organisms. The truth is that the synthetic materials that we blindly allow, in trusting ignorance, into our systems, change the bio-electrical environment within our bodies, which then affect which microorganisms survive, and which do not.

The ones that can survive the chemical soup, which often dramatically reduces oxygen availability, are called, anaerobic, because they can survive this far more toxic environment. The ones that are killed off, which are referred to as aerobic, generally would manage the others. However, the environment itself is actually influencing and/or facilitating which ones are present.

The irony is that the anaerobic survivors of the now oxygen-reduced environment, or “pathogens,” become targets for assassination, when, if they didn’t exist, the host — meaning the infant, child, or adult — would die. Pathogens are life’s response to the invasive introduction of mutagens, which are not life. Mutagens disrupt or obstruct information streams. They change instructions, which change the environment, and how life is expressed. However, if the natural state of a human being is health, then any change to that instruction set is going to produce… well, our health situation today, because we’re already several generations into this practice.

An Intentionally Cloudy Picture

Vaccines are part of a cover-up, to mask and further complicate the audit trail to human tyranny, which began long before any one likely reading this article came to this planet. If life was actually getting better, if people were healthier and happier from their use, I’d be all for vaccines. However, the opposite is true.

A rational system, run by rational people, would acknowledge this ongoing human tragedy, and earnestly change its direction. Its refusal to even acknowledge what is being done, and determination to even escalate the invasive practices, means to me that the acts are intentional.

I was vaccinated. Polio and smallpox were the medical scares of the day, and the public had been sold on the idea that these diseases were arrested and eradicated through vaccines.

A ward for polio patients, circa 1950.

By the time I was born into this world in 1951, vaccination for smallpox had been a requirement for entry into public schools for over 50 years. The practice began in the early 1800’s, on the notion, offered by Edward Jenner, that cowpox was just as effective a material to treat smallpox as human material, which was in far shorter supply, and administered through the nasal passages in a process called variolation.

Using cow material made vaccination a viable way to build a lucrative industry to “treat disease.” The science never supported Jenner’s claim. His own son died at a young age, of brain inflammation (called encephalitis) after Jenner gave him a smallpox vaccine made with cow material. (See link.)

Bovine (cow) material is still part of some vaccines today.

We question that which is self-evident.

I wasn’t aware of such things as a young parent, and most parents don’t know it today, though many are waking up. My children were vaccinated. My wife and I went through the silent worry each day that they would awaken, and not be overnight victims of “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS), which was a ruse to cover for DBV, or “death by vaccine”.

My son still suffered from asthma as an infant and growing up. You don’t know heartache until you’ve watched a helpless, innocent child gasping for air.

We never suspected the vaccines. If you wanted your child in a “public” school (so you could “work” during the day), they had to take the “koolaid” in their arms.

The dosages and frequencies are much more insane today than they were when my kids grew up, which were more insane than when I grew up. The coercion too, is more pronounced today.

It is also evident that:

  1. “Disease” is a product of one’s mental and emotional environment, perhaps even more so than their living environment.
  2. Our mental and emotional environments are dominated by patterns of thinking, which then influence our behaviors, actions, and reactions.
  3. Health is the Original Thought that is behind our creation. That is why healing occurs naturally when we sustain an injury. Left on our own, chronic and degenerative diseases do not occur by any “Act of God or Nature”.
  4. Inner trauma or conflict, which includes being at variance with truth, honor, and integrity, are the true seeds of disease. Resolving said conflict within One’s SELF are the first steps toward healing.

When you understand that health is your natural state, and in essence, the Original Thought of you is perfect, without flaw, then if your health is not perfect, it stands to reason that (1) alterations have already happened, (2) more extreme alterations take us further from our normal state, and (3) eliminating and correcting the “re-written” instructions would be a logical step to facilitate healing.

One reason that drugs can only claim to “cure” (which they don’t do either), is that healing is a natural, inner process.

God: The Healing Power

Get off your knees and unbow your head.

This will not be a “come to Jesus or Mohammed” moment. No genuflecting is required.

When I refer to “God”, these other names all can apply; Allah, Creator, Nature, Source, Animating Principle, Divine Intelligence, Stillness. There are most likely other words, but you get my drift. Everyone has an idea, a thought or two, about “who” or “what” God is, and “His” relationship to us. Many think that there is some form of relationship, perhaps distant, but that a gulf or schism exists between God and “us.”

In my opinion, anyone who suggests or proclaims that a schism does exist between you and God (with perhaps the proclaimer being the interpreter), is a false prophet. I say this because evidence suggests that every experience of Life itself involves the direct presence of God. Religion or belief, even in God, is unnecessary.

Furthermore, I’ve learned from several unrelated sources, that a very important and critical element exists in all of creation, in every created thing, living and non-living. That element is an empty space. A hole.

Why does matter tend to accumulate at the end of magnets?

There is something very special about this hole… very different in a simple, but profound way.

Electric current flows along the surface of wire, not in the middle.

The presence of this hole is evident in the movement of electricity on a wire. The electrons don’t flow “in” the wire. They flow in a spiral along the wire’s surface. If you took a cross-section view of the wire, relative to the path of electricity, the current would flow around the circumference while in the center there would be no activity. This is because, as explained by Walter Russell (1871-1963), in the center of all form, is stillness.

According to Russell, Stillness, which is an integral and causal element in all creation, is God (or any of those other words if you prefer). All that exists is in motion, which comes “from” Stillness. Yet, said Stillness is present in order for motion and movement to occur. This is how the idea of God as omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, is fulfilled. God is “within” at the core — in the center — of all movement. It is a connective quality or attribute that few that I am aware of, have described in this way. It gives new meaning to the idea of “balancing and centering” yourself.

In the context of physics, and the mechanisms by which our “3-D” physical reality is formed, this actually makes sense. Stillness that is great enough can cause a planet to rotate, as well as move through space, influenced by interaction with the stillness gradient of other bodies in a solar system group.

When "survival" is known as a given, it's about who is ready to evolve?
When “survival” is known as a given, it’s about who is ready to evolve?

Wherever God’s Light appears in matter, there stillness centers motion, but there is no motion at that point. ~Walter Russell, from A New Concept of the Universe

After reading Atomic Suicide? What Radioactivity is, Why and How it Kills, and What to do About it (1957), for which Walter and Lao are co-authors, I have taken a deeper interest in exploring Walter Russell’s work. I am presently reading God Will Work With You But Not For You, A Living Philosophy (1955), by Lao Russell, wife of Walter Russell. I have purchased and received a copy of his book, The Universal One. Before delving into it I’d like to hear and digest his wife’s point of view.

In Atomic Suicide?, the authors make it clear that what is at stake with the issue concerning radioactive elements and radiation is not the survival or existence of Man, but the evolution thereof.

Radiation is the normal death principle. Every thing in Nature dies normally by slowly radiating its heat. Radioactivity is the explosively quick death principle. Radioactivity is man’s discovery of how the human race can die quickly, and not be able to propagate its kind for many long centuries.

They go on to say:

The entire answer to this supreme question lies in knowing exactly WHAT MAKES BODIES LIVE and WHAT MAKES BODIES DIE. This cannot be briefly told. In telling it we must tell you how God constructs and dissolves matter electrically

Nature has a tremendously balanced rhythmic normalcy in her orderly processes of creation. It is all of it good for man and animal alike when they observe that normalcy. When they defy it, or violate it through ignorance of it, Nature does not punish them for that violation. Ignorance punishes them.

The book is a worthy read for anyone who truly wishes to solve problems, whether of our personal life, or of the world, rather than look for scapegoats. Scapegoatism runs amok in our society today because most who claim to be authorities and experts, don’t know the truth about who and what they are.

In her book, Lao Russell indicates that her husband experienced what I’ll describe as an illumination event, an expansion of consciousness, wherein he was aware of all knowledge. This comes from having established a conscious state of Oneness with all life. He could see, and know.

Two know how to think in light from within, is to open the doors to all knowledge.

With truth comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes power to transmute, at will, and simply, plentiful substances of matter into those which are the rarest, to meet the needs of man.

There is no substance which nature produces which man cannot produce, or synthesize, or “create” from apparent nothingness when he knows that which is herein written down and charted. Man’s miracles of today become commonplace events of tomorrow. (The Universal One)

While it is tempting to transcribe major sections of the Russell’s book, suffice it to say that the material is compelling largely because (1) it is intelligently presented, and (2) there is currently little intelligence involved in mainstream education, science, or religious circles. Perhaps best, it rings true. Russell preceded mainstream science in the discovery of certain new elements on the periodic table, with his view of God, electricity, and the physics of creation. Yet, his work is largely overlooked.

This lack of intelligence in mainstream culture — the dearth of ideas and initiatives that make sense and have consensus — creates an environment where insanity is passed for sanity.

When we have contention instead of consensus; when we don’t practice equality of regard and respect for all people, including ourselves, then force is often looked to, and deemed appropriate action. It is not. The one who has the greatest force thinks he will “win.” This is delusion and insanity, because said force, perpetually escalated, will eventually destroy, catastrophically.

That’s a large part of the track our world is on today. But thankfully, that’s not the only track.

I’m working through the acceptance of God (Stillness) as an integral part of Who I Am, and of all of Creation. This also gives new meaning to the term, “All things are possible” with God. This doesn’t mean sitting back and thinking we’ll now go on mindless “autopilot” because “God” is part of me. It means living in the affirmative realization that all we need do is imagine the world our heart desires, not by “ending” harm, but by being in the balance and harmony of thought, action, and deed, that will change everything within and around us, back into God’s Original Image.

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  1. Klaas

    Thank you for this article. Walter Russell was discussed when you visited us in Amsterdam, and it was a heart warming surprise to meet a person knowing and understanding some of these “forgotten” insights.
    I wished that we could meet more often, as I still believe some seed is waiting to flourish in the field of our relation

    1. Klaas — THANK YOU for the spark! As I said then, I had learned about Russell previously, and had purchased The Divine Illiad already, and as it turns out, also had God Will Work With You, But Not For You in my library, but had not delved into them. I don’t even remember buying the second book.

      I agree with you on the meeting. I feel a deep kinship with you and your “crew” that I look forward to exercising more often.

      Best wishes… A~

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