A Practical Guide to 'Going Within'

Each time I sit to write, it is with a desire and intention to convey thoughts that would be of most lasting value to the reader, any reader, without exception, agree or disagree, whether the ideas expressed are read today, or long after I have left this apparently chaotic world.

ISIS characters ready for chaos.
Don’t know why, but they want us to play pretend and let them think we’re real!

It is now apparent that the chaos we see and are often appalled by, is orchestrated and artificially contrived. The damage, whether intentional or not, is a product of directed attention, drawn to various “experts” in the arts and sciences, luminaries in theater, commerce, and government… anywhere but where the change that you and I seek can be found. That is, through the direct and sure command of our own mind and directed heart.

Will we stop enough to see the beauty, to recognize and stop the insanity being done?

It is a curious, cleverly constructed world that we travel through space on, led to believe, as it were, that we represent (well, a few of us) the highest form of “intelligent” life in all the universe, dismissing or concealing evidence that others came to Earth long before homo sapiens, and still do, and that our true and real “roots” of ancestry, lie elsewhere, perhaps beyond the Milky Way.

Skeletons of human-like beings, 18 ft and taller, have been found all over the world.

Lastly, it seems that the grossly mis-named systems and institutions that we appear to need to do battle with due to their apparent conflicts of purpose (e.g., FDA, CDC, AMA, WHO, etc.), are actually performing exactly as they intend.

We’ve certainly looked at the FDA here. The trial of United States v. LOUIS DANIEL SMITH for selling the product, “MMS”, is but one of many similar initiatives that has been undertaken apparently against the best interests of humanity over the years by a government agency that was created to serve us, and not serve us up.

Each time I hear or watch a commercial like the one below for the drug Lyrica, as an example, it brings this “upside down” situation into tighter focus.

The drug is FDA approved for a condition of painful nerve disintegration referred to as neuropathy, as well as fibromyalgia. All the patient knows is that he or she is in pain, and have no clue as to why. The drug that doctors have been given approval to use in these situations, can induce a number of effects (not “side-effects”) that include thoughts of suicide.

Information that I found on this substance from one source indicated that no studies have been done on Lyrica’s effect on pregnant women, such as whether it would contaminate the mother’s milk supply and subsequently be transferred to infants via breast feeding. Yet, there were no instructions or admonitions against administering Lyrica to pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers. 

It gets worse. The drug is listed by the FDA as “Category C.”

Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks.

In other words, go ahead and use it! They don’t mention just “who” the “potential benefits” are thought to be for, because it certainly isn’t the child, and actually isn’t the mother either.

Too Big to Hide: Now In Plain Sight

The documentary film “Bought” focuses attention on another area impacted by the FDA’s idea of “protecting” the public; vaccine policies and protocols, the business, and a scant few of the human casualties. It also covered the proliferation of GMO products, and corporate and governmental intransigence against labeling.

Porter Bridges still wears diapers and a seizure helmet 20 years after getting his "shots"..
Porter Bridges still wears diapers and a seizure helmet 20 years after getting his “shots”..

Porter Bridges, pictured above, the second of four children, is just one of the dreams that went south after he received another “routine” battery of shots. “Battery” is a good term, as in the criminal context. It goes with assault.

Porter’s father had two master’s degrees. His mother, is a Ph.D. neuropsychologist. Both parents are products of modern $cientific thinking, who had every reason to believe they were doing the best for her children. The father subsequently baled from the relationship, leaving government to be “the daddy.” After seven contentious years of submitting “proof” of “vaccine injury” in an administrative health damage claims court, the surviving family received $7 million.

I have two problems with this:

  1. No one yet calls for a moratorium on vaccine use, or even questions the wisdom of whether vaccines should be used at all, given these tragic trends. If anything, the Medical Industrial Complex is putting the “pedal to the metal,” to get more drugs into human beings earlier in life, and all through life.
  2. The “best” outcome that mainstream medicine can offer, and society demands, is money, and not a reversal of the damage. Even then it’ll be a contentious process to get that, if any is granted at all. Our sense of what is possible has been intentionally kept so low that if we listen to “experts,” we’ll be convinced that correcting the problem, and restoring our health are out of the picture.

The problem with that is the “impossibility” is due to orthodox medical methods, and not human inability to heal. The limitation is with the method, not with the human being. Healing comes naturally to us, which governmental policy makers appear to be unaware.

Or maybe they know it.

Does it now begin to make sense why they are so intent on getting needles into newborn infants on the day they’re born, if not before? The chemicals impair and mutate the immune system before it even establishes itself, artificially causing cellular trauma and stress, which the baby must then suffer through.

So the child doesn’t get measles, is this a fair trade?

Since the unquestioned medical onslaught on what is literally our society’s most defenseless population is so relentless, it is no wonder that eventually a point of critical mass is reached, often neurological, as the child’s information pathways are decimated. Autism is only one of many maladies that could reasonably be expected.

Once the damage is done, the medical institution funnels the parents into a kangaroo court situation where they must prove what is already self-evident. The taxpayers actually pay the damages when they are awarded, not the pharmaceutical companies, treating institutions, or lie-sensed healthcare practitioners. But even that’s not enough. The FDA takes it upon itself to go after people who see what they’re doing, and have sought workable answers, and turn them into criminals, “by hook, or crook”.

MMS Successes You Won’t Hear About from FDA

So far, one hundred sixty-four (164) children who used Kerri Rivera’s protocol that includes an “MMS” component, are now free of their “autistic” medical markers. (See link.) Yet, the FDA, the same one that approved the suicide thought-inducing drug Lyrica and thousands more like it, is recommending a prison sentence for Tammy Olson, who served as Project Green Life’s customer service representative.

Tammy Olson and Adam Abraham
The government recommends prison for Tammy Olson, Customer Service rep for PGL, for wantonly selling MMS after PGL was shut down.

After the agency shut PGL down, Tammy wrote a book about MMS, and briefly ran a web site and apparently “sold” the product. For this egregious act, which today is still not “against the law,” and for which no harm has been claimed or demonstrated, the Department of Justice wants her to do some time behind bars.

They can do it, not because of any legal infractions, or because harm was claimed or done, but because Tammy signed a plea bargain, at the recommendation of her attorney.

(Remember that an attorney’s first responsibility, in this jurisprudence system, is to the court.)

The government can, and is indicating that it will, use Tammy’s life to suit its own purposes, which is to present the impression of “wrong doing” for which punishment is deemed appropriate, even though Tammy broke no law, nor harmed anyone.

The pressures and threats that are directed toward innocent people are so great that they sign such con-tracts, part of a con job that is being done on an awakening and conscientious humanity. I don’t know personally, but I would be willing to bet that the government required Tammy to pay a nominal fee, in order to enter into this agreement, which would make it an act of commerce for which services are being provided. In this case, it would be incarceration services, and the act is part of the theater of the mind involving MMS.

The plea bargains, which Tammy’s former husband Chris Olson and Karis DeLong also signed individually, handed their human rights over to the government representatives to portray their CORPORATE FICTIONS any way it bloody well pleased. It took “law” and “legality” and even human rights off the table. All became, for all intents and purposes, actors.

Daniel Smith is, to some extent, also an actor in this melodrama. Except that he has retained his right to write his own script, and be truthful. For him, “the law” still applies. And because of that, for the Department of Justice and the FDA, truth still applies.

The FDA isn’t alone in this massive con job on humanity by a long shot. Please watch “Bought”. You’ll see what I mean. You can learn more by visiting Then when you’ve seen that, please understand that the assault is even bigger than that.

The image below, taken on one of our trips through central California, has no other purpose than to take you away somewhere else for a moment, realizing that there are still people and places on Earth to love right now and be grateful for.

Morro Bay, California sunset.
Sunset at Morro Bay, California. The famous Morro rock dominates the scene.

Getting to the Root of Change

My purpose is not to leave you conflicted or agitated, but to give you this perspective on the current situation, which you are free to embrace or discard as you will. For those who feel that this perspective is accurate, and desire to change these dynamics, the very real next question is, “how?”

First we must realize that something needs to change, and why, then we must see where the power to do so will come from. I’ll tell you now, it won’t come by or through “force.”

The answer lies within us all, which is far easier to say than to understand.

Saying that the power is within has always had the hopeful “ring of truth” to it. How to make it practical is the question, and is my quest.

Seeing the insane, chaotic and psychotic behavior that has become so common, and on purpose begs the question of “Why?”

While the vast majority of the people involved in this great act of tyranny and misdirection are simply doing their jobs, and following orders, I do believe there is a faction that doesn’t want you and me to know something; and that is, “Who” and “What” we are.

More specifically, they don’t want us to realize (1) the artificial “prison” experience we have placed ourselves in, (2) how it can be changed, and (3) who can change it.

Yet, it appears quite evident to me that we are the ones who can change this crazy situation, and it doesn’t have to cost us one red cent. If I thought it could be done any other way, I’d definitely be doing something else right now.

I Thought You Should Know

The key to the answer is mentioned in the previous sentence. It has to do with thought.

Ever wonder why advertisers and other entrainers (sports, movies, “breaking news”, etc.) have an incessant need to get in front of your eyes or ears and hold your attention? You see it on Facebook, you see it in Google ads. You now deal with “bots” that can take over browsers, change your search engine, and run “deals” in virtually any blank space on your browser page. It’s in the theaters and on the television. Virtually any blank surface is ripe as a slate for a message from a sponsor.

Be aware of our products!

We get “breaking news” on our “smart phones”. “News feeds” are not only bringing information, but technology is in place to monitor your response to said information.


Because we’re all, meaning you, me, and all human beings, are creating this scenario, and it begins in the realm of consciousness and the “management” of our thoughts.

All the news feeds, all the acting and manipulation, all the tyranny, began with an idea to keep a certain event from happening. That is, to keep you from knowing you have the power to liberate yourself from this artificial reality. Indeed, only you can do it for yourself, as only you, with your permission, prevent it for yourself.

You can think or believe a “savior” is coming, but the cows will beat him, her, or them. Unless you’ve freed yourself — of greed, envy, hatred, shame, and fear — you won’t be compatible with the powers, worlds, and realities that await at the next step of your evolution, and are eager to welcome your arrival.

Change begins with different thoughts.

Thoughts become reality pearls that we have created.

Our thoughts precede the formation of realities. They can be likened to grains of sand in a oyster shell that organic material forms around to become pearls. Yet, if our thoughts are discordant, violent, and oppositional, then such behavior and experiential dynamics will eventually reflect them.

There is a concerted attempt being made to have you think that war, disease, calamity and strife of every stripe, is inevitable and unavoidable. Only if you believe, and fear them. The instigators need you to think that their assessments are true. If you are stressed, angry, believe in bad guys, and think that another human being will harm you simply for breathing, then you’re fair game to resonate with the “Mad Maxx” world that they are suggesting. However, you will have contributed to the creation, either by blind reaction, or fearful action.

A Primer on Oneness

May the light of love be kindled within you.

The instigators can’t come out and “force” us to do their bidding. We have to consent, believing that we must, or that the threat that they infer, is real. We’re being given suggestions every day, every hour, every minute to support their agenda. Yet, we always have the power of last thought. We are the gatekeepers of the thoughts that we receive and take to heart, as well as the ones we send out. What we don’t give our attention and energy to, doesn’t happen.

The evidence continues to grow that:

  1. ALL are expressions of ONE SOURCE. The ONE SOURCE which makes life as we know it possible, IS IN ALL LIFE. Some life is more aware of this connection than others, at this level of experience, but all are connected.
  2. As an expression of the ONE SOURCE, we are ALL creators of experience. We create like the ONE SOURCE creates, through self-imagined thought. The “rightness” or “wrongness” is not the issue. At issue is the harmonics and coherence.
  3. The ONE SOURCE of Life is infinite and eternal; as such, so are we. The forms that we express ourselves through are “on loan” from Earth, but we do not, and cannot “die”. However, if we don’t know our ONENESS, we can fear.
  4. Fear and disruption is the trapping mechanism to keep one blind to, and incompatible with, expanded levels and realms of experiential growth in physical worlds both on or in Earth, and beyond.
  5. Truth is knowable to ALL in ways that would make the NSA blush. It is revealed to each of us from within, in direct proportion to our embracing love, which transforms “rage” into courage. It doesn’t take courage to wrangle a lie out of an innocent person by force, then present it as “truth,” as the FDA and Department of Justice will attempt to do with Daniel Smith. What the FDA and the $cientists of the world don’t know is how they are limiting their own personal evolution when they make a living by taking indecent liberties with the truth and obstructing justice in the erroneous notion that they “know better” and we’re incapable to seeing their ruse.

To say that ONE SOURCE animates, and therefore, is within ALL, means that ALL are not only God’s creation, but “God in Flesh” even if they have another name for “God” or don’t “believe” in said ONE SOURCE. If a person has the capacity to love he or she is “equipped” to evolve. Evolution is not about technology, or about the stuff you have, or the office that you have attained. It is about whether you wake up to embrace and become love, treating others as you’d like to be treated.

Tammy Olson treated others the way she wanted to be treated. They asked her for advice that, by her knowledge and experience, she had qualified herself to give. They benefited from the help she gave them. I wonder if the people who are recommending she spend time in jail would want what they’re proposing for Tammy to happen to them?

Interesting thought, don’t you think?

What the Inquisitors don’t know is that they are setting the stage for that very occurrence, not by my desire or intent, but by their own disingenuous initiative against her, the Justice and Health care systems, and the American People. The imbalances created by their tyranny affects everyone, for which balance will surely come in its time.

It doesn’t have to happen in this life, as we currently understand things, either. The thoughts of retribution, fear, and punishment are tools of oppression that cause wounds on mental and emotional levels, as well as the physical. For too long, we have enjoyed the ultimate in plausible deniability when we presume that our thoughts are “harmless” because we can’t see them.

The deadliest thoughts are unseen.

That’s why it’s almost laughable to hear people who want to stand up for their “2nd Amendment Rights” — the right to “bear arms,” as a way to “protect” their freedom. Just prepare one’s mind — one’s thoughts — for another war. They don’t see the fear — their own fear — which they stand behind, which come from thoughts of harm that they imagine can or will come to them. Harm will come, like a carrier pigeon, to the carrier and transmitter of the thought. If you want to change your reality, change your thoughts. If you want to change your thoughts, open your heart.

Use your imagination to create, and then live the life that you wish, without fear, and in harmony, now. This is a result of adding the heart’s influence to your thoughts. This takes courage, which is a choice that everyone can make, and must make in order to evolve.

The FDA’s thoughts are not mindless, they are heartless. When the heart is opened, thoughts are modified, context is changed, from a imbalanced, isolated perspective, to a balanced, inclusive one. Respect is given and received. Trust is built, benefit is expanded to include all parties. Changes are made that honor the honorable and principled. Hostilities are diminished, enmity is dissipated. Harmony and balance are restored. Disease gives way to health, which is the foundation of real and everlasting wealth.

Imagine that?!

‘Nuff said.

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  1. Malloy

    Anti-vaxxers are a special kind of stupid. No valid research has ever been presented proving any negative effects of vaccines. You idiots should not have the right to make this decision for your child.

  2. artemisandangelio

    I wonder what questions the FDA recruiters ask when they interview applicants. They are obviously looking for people who:
    1. Hate fellow human beings.
    2. Have no conscience.
    3. Have horns protruding from their head.
    4. Prefer fantasy, lies, and distortion to the truth.
    5. Will tow the company line unquestioningly.
    6. Do not know about the Law of Karma.

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