Beyond MMS: The DoJ v. Daniel Smith is NOT Just Another Product Trial

Fasten your seat belts, we’ll be traveling vast distances on this one.

U.S. Courthouse, Spokane, Washington
U.S. Courthouse, Spokane, Washington

There was a hearing yesterday in Spokane involving the Department of Justice case against LOUIS DANIEL SMITH for his role in marketing the product known as MMS (or Miracle Mineral Supplement). He was granted permission to jettison his previous “just in case” attorney and select a new one. The trial is presently slated to begin on March 2. An invitation was sent out by a supporter to participate in a global prayer meditation, which has more power than some may think. If you are so inclined, you can still add your power to, and behind this meditation, even after the fact. Such is the true, quantum, non-linear and non-local, Way of Life.

Many people are now learning about MMS for the first time as a result of the discussions that this case, and preparations by Daniel to defend himself in court, is sparking. In a way of speaking, we should thank the FDA and the Department of Justice for their part in helping this happen.


On the other hand, if the FDA hadn’t become what it has become, we wouldn’t have an institutionalized, government-protected disease industry and there would be no need for products like MMS.

Please understand that MMS is only one product and modality. There are many ways to restore balance, and hence, one’s health, because by design, health is our Natural State. Unfortunately, a doctor is one of the last people to go to for such information.

If our foods, ecology, and environment hadn’t been so systematically denatured, we would predominantly live in our natural state. Our foods are adulterated. Water that we consume is most often devitalized and too often contaminated. Skies are desecrated with chemicals. These acts and more, all contribute to one’s susceptibility to disease. However, each individual also contributes, sometimes knowingly, and often unknowingly, to his or her own infirmity, largely through cultural traditions, habitual “reactive” attitudes, and various forms or expressions of imbalance. Knowing our natural nature, if we strayed from health (i.e., negative attitude or lack of balance) for some reason, we could return to it quickly with help from a functional health care provider, and life would go on.

Instead, we have dysfunctional health care providers because we have a dysfunctional health care system and industry. A dysfunctional health care system can also be described as a functioning disease industry. This best describes what is actually working in our society today. The disease industry is successful, and has grown tremendously doing what it does, exactly as it is done. Evidence of its success at causing disease is new disease pathologies and “superbugs” that are cropping up. This is why all projections of future health care costs, are going up.

Just in case you’re interested, health care costs can go down, simply by restoring energy, nutrition, natural materials, and balance. All the debates over whether MMS “works” will be seen as meaningless, when we know that it is our nature to be well, and when obstructions are removed, by whatever means, and needed elements are returned, Nature will take care of everything else.

How beautiful is that?

All factors and industries that contribute to human desecration can be, and should be held to light, and made accountable for their actions.

Greasing the ‘Wheels’ of Disease

Today, while the Military Industrial Complex instigates strife, discord, inequity, enmity and destruction between nations on political, religious, and other ideological grounds, the Medical Industrial Complex lives off the public’s disease and because of it. You can see evidence of this syndrome in the fact that current medical practices and institutional policies now initiate disease that the system can reliably predict it will have to “treat” at a later date, sometimes decades in the future. It is happening right under our noses, and before blind, closed, distracted, or unquestioning eyes.

The dominant perception behind these initiatives appears to be that a healthy population would (1) be bad for business, and (2) over-populate a world that has limited resources. There may be other reasons, because resources aren’t limited, and war has been a constant activity on this planet for several thousand years. This doesn’t mean war is necessary (it never is), or that we cannot live in peace, for we can. However, war won’t stop on its own, or by force. We will stop warring with each other as we wake up to, accept, and embrace that Wonderful Living Presence that flows within and through each of us.

The planet Earth which itself is a living entity, can provide for everyone here, and more. Imagine for a second, that the planet can grow, just as an infant grows into a toddler, then an adolescent, and finally into an adult. A few people are so fixated on the idea of control and limited supply, they don’t realize the prison that they are placing themselves into.

We don’t have to know the process by which an infant grows into an adult human being, to know that it happens. By the same token, we don’t have to know how the Earth might do it, however, evidence shows that it may indeed be so.

Growing Earth
From one super continent to seven. Why haven’t we noticed?

It turns out that there are others who have already seen, and are reporting evidence that this is true. (See link.)

Yet, this type of thinking isn’t covered anywhere in our education system, nor in mainstream science. Perhaps if we acknowledged Earth is a living organism, much like a nurturing Mother, which receives life sustaining energy from Father Sun, we’d have a harder time justifying why some of the kids seem intent on killing each other.

It might as well be love, for there is no life on Earth without the light of Father Sun.

MOST are not. All life is created from Love, but MOST abide by, and live within love’s principles and power.

Disease has been caused and perpetuated by a loveless, or unloving way of thinking that limits everyone, “rich” and “poor” alike. The “divide and conquer” mentality places limitations on the “conquerors” even more than it does “the conquered.” The best approach for anyone considering these thoughts, is to step out of both camps. “Be ye neither conqueror, nor conquered.”

We have cultivated the idea that we are “alone” in the universe (when we are not), cast adrift on a spherical rock by a mystical (and questionable) God, to fend for ourselves. We’ve been convinced that we are the problem, not knowing that much of the thinking and conventions that we’ve embraced, are not our own.

Whether or not you know it or believe it, someone thinks that they “own” you, your mind, and your soul. And unless you have begun loving yourself and all that you encounter, they are “right” to a large degree. There is no other way to account for the apparently inexplicable and unconscionable actions that predominate history, as well as the airwaves of today, which fly counter to both common sense and human decency.

Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican – Santos Bonacci

At 6 minutes into the above video, Santos Bonacci connects the origins of the jurisprudence system of today to activities of the Roman Cult, which overthrew the Knights Templar in 1307. In 1302, the Unam Sanctum, the first trust in history was formed by Pope Boniface Viii. (Please read “History of Trusts”)

Ignorance has never been “bliss.” It takes the courage to love, starting with One’s self and extending to all, for eyes and hearts to open. Only then will the power and freedom that one seeks, be found.

Site of interview I did with Daniel Smith, near Spokane, Washington.

During my recent trip to Spokane, I visited with Daniel, meeting at a farm north of the city.

The historic significance of this case hasn’t been missed.

We took time to discuss MMS, the upcoming case, and look at its significance, even to people who may not know what the product is for, or how it works.

Daniel and I talk “on the set.”

The public generally won’t hear or see Daniel as an intelligent human being. Someone seems intent on presenting him, and anyone who would “give industrial bleach” to children, as heartless dolts. Yet, they are blind, deaf, and mute to the medical atrocities that happen each day a new human being is born into this world, and must get medically indoctrinated, through inoculation.

Here is the video:

Talk For Food #249 — The FDA vs. Daniel Smith and MMS

In California, a law was introduced recently that, if passed, would take away a parent’s right to opt out of vaccination, fueled by a recent measles scare, apparently spread by unvaccinated people, at Disneyland. (Read story here.)

By making vaccinations mandatory through legislation, pharmaceutical companies would do an “end run” around consumer oversight or accountability. Where such policies are in place, they don’t have to care whether you know what they put into vaccines, or the consequences. That’s why ingredient lists are available. When you have a choice, as you still do with GMO foods, they take measures to put their chemical and mutagenic products into everything, then take steps to keep ingredient lists from you, even when the public initiates steps to demand choice through the political (voting) process. Do you really believe that ballot measures to require that GMO ingredients be labeled in California and Washington state were actually voted down by the electorate? Just askin’.

If this is okay with you, keep not doing what you’re not doing.

Not that I am suggesting anyone use vaccines, but MMS would make many of them unnecessary. It’s possible that smaller or milder doses of MMS would produce better results, but as it stands, MMS is far milder on the body than conventional “approved” drugs that often cost thousands more, and are less effective. I would also state right here that MMS is not a “drug.” It is a compound that was well-known long before the FDA became a “glint” in a politician’s eye. Sodium chlorite (NaClO2) is no more a “drug” than sodium chloride (NaCl), which is one of twelve essential cell salts.

Actually, drugs are intrinsically unnecessary as an answer to disease pathology. No one actually “needs” big molecule. synthetic products like Aluminum Hydroxide, Bovine extract, Thimerasol (which contains mercury) or formaldehyde, which can be found in many vaccines.

A year's supply for around $20 bucks.
A year’s supply for around $20 bucks.

The Medical Industry is so intent on its own self-perpetuation, it has become blind to the fact that it now needs the public to get sick in order to (1) stimulate new business, and (2) validate the idea that it still “protects” us.

Drugs now cause sickness rather than prevent. It’s possible that this is what they’ve always done, but the evidence is quite massive now, and vaccines are a great way to initiate the process while we’re not looking.

It’s the ones who can’t speak whose voices are disregarded the most by medicine.

How better to do that than to inject chemicals that no one needs into the most vulnerable of souls in order to “prevent” a future disease, and then claim success when it doesn’t come?

In the meantime, the drugs alter the ecological balance within their tiny bodies in much the same way as Corexit affected the ecological systems of the Gulf Coast after the BP Oil Spill in 2010. If you’re talking about damage, dumping Corexit in the Gulf of Mexico was a major insult to a tragic environmental injury.

Vaccines are an environmental catastrophe for an infant human being to endure. Some die soon after. Many more are profoundly affected, sometimes for the entire life, all needlessly.

But who hasn’t awakened one day and seen the sky filled with “graffiti” like this?

Chemtrails show that someone is intent on everyone getting their meds.

More aluminum and barium to fall into water supplies, lakes, streams, and fields. Did you ask for these sprays? Have you objected? Do you think anyone would listen if you did? If someone who has reason to think that they “own” you (which includes the POTUS, whoever that person may happen to be), then do you see why they take such actions?

Given the penchant for false flag events, such as the ebola and H1N1 threats and many others recognized and yet undetected, who is to say that the measles situation at Disneyland wasn’t timed just as public debate about mandatory vaccinations had started so as to “validate” that a genuine threat exists? Are we to assume that a human immune system has no ability to (1) resist, or (2) recover from measles except through a vaccine? Furthermore, are we to accept the vaccine’s ingredients because our fear of measles is greater that anything the vaccine itself may bring?

We’re so used to choosing “lesser of two (or more) evils,” that we forget that each option still represents an evil. It’s not a question of whether we “deserve” better, the question is whether we become better, more courageous in our choice-making ourselves. Only the individual can answer that question for him or herself.

An assertion that a measles shot (DPT, Smallpox, or any other) is actually necessary as the only way to prevent that ailment, would belie the fact that a sufficiently strong immune system would protect the individual from any contagion. This means that by our natural Nature, we are, and would be healthy. We succumb to “contagious diseases” only to the extent that our immune systems, or our joy and harmony, are compromised. It is possible to be of such high spirits that nothing under the sun will harm us.

There is an innate intelligence and knowledge within us that knows (1) how to create the body that we express ourselves through during time on earth, and (2) how to repair/heal it when and if something goes awry. Why is this information not imparted as part of our education?

Could this be why medical authorities insist on attacking the immune systems of infants with vaccines at so young an age? If we knew that nutrition facilitates health, would we continue to grow, buy, and consume products that contain so many chemicals and mutagens and so few actual nutrients?

One observation from the Spokane Ag show, many of the farmers that I saw walking up and down the aisles, were in poor health. The sad thing is that too few have been asking why, or shown willingness to change.

However, I believe that trend is changing.

Rawesome Foods Similar to PGL

During my return through California recently I visited the site of another company that closed down after being raided by gun wielding officers. Rawsome Foods used to operate in Venice. Their crime was selling raw milk.

This is the former location of Rawesome Foods, in Venice, California.

Here is a short video with details on the story. They might have committed another “sin,” of organizing as a Private Membership Association, which Daniel Smith did with Project Green Life (PGL). The owner says that authorities (wrongfully) claimed that he declared himself a “sovereign” citizen, which is now considered a “public enemy” by the justice system. Hints of such insinuations, also false, have been blown in Daniel Smith’s direction as well.

MMSonomics and the Cancer Industry

MMS should be available to every health care practitioner, but it is not. The Medical Industrial Complex’s first concern should be the maintenance, or restoration of patient’s health, but it is not.

Besides efficacy, MMS has several things going against it. Its actual production cost, which is very low, plus the fact that it is not, by any means, scarce. These factors should be reflected in the price charged by the care giver, whether paid by the patient or insurance company. But that too, is not in the cards. The real problem is that we, the public, know how inexpensive and abundant the components that make up MMS actually are. How would any health care institution ever justify the kinds of prices they charge, or the limited range of populations that they serve if MMS was in their medical toolbox?

Daniel with what may be a better judge of character than the Justice Department or FDA.

I’ll speculate here that it is likely that the FDA and DoJ are taking these actions to impugn MMS because failure to do so would de-mystify “medical $cience” to such an extent as to remove two of the principal linchpins that keep prices high; i.e., the illusion of complexity and the illusion of scarcity, both of which are man-made “idea constructs” that do not, in actuality, exist in nature.

The ‘Price’ of Cancer Treatment

Let’s take cancer for example. Of 12 drugs approved by the FDA for cancer in 2012, 11 were priced over $100,000 for a year of treatment. The drug Avastin, which is approved to treat cancer of the colon, lung, kidney, and brain, typically costs $5,000 for just two vials. A year of treatment with this drug, if they live through it, can cost the patient $100,000. If they don’t, cancer will get the credit for killing them.

Look at just some of the warnings given for Avastin, which I obtained from

Call your doctor at once if you have: signs of bleeding in your digestive tract– feeling very weak or dizzy, severe stomach pain, black or bloody stools, or if you cough up blood or vomit that looks like coffee grounds; or signs of bleeding in the brain–sudden numbness or weakness (especially on one side of the body), sudden severe headache, slurred speech, or problems with vision or balance.

If MMS caused reactions such as these, it would be deemed dangerous, and the designation would be correct. However, MMS has been labeled as dangerous by the FDA and reason enough to go after Daniel Smith and take away a family’s children in Arkansas for the mere possession, while the agency has given AVASTIN ITS APPROVAL TO BEHAVE THIS WAY. Avastin is clearly dangerous, and ineffective at helping a patient restore health from cancer. 

Given that the Medical Industrial Complex has the go-ahead to routinely administer Avastin and drugs like it, doctors and pharmaceutical companies have been given “protection” from recourse that patients might take through litigation. Do you see how restoring health is being taken totally off the table and out of the conversation in the mainstream “healthcare” system?

When you have some time, please watch the video linked below:

Vaccine Nation: A film by Gary Null, Ph.D.

A notice about Daniel’s case made rounds on Facebook, and was brought to my attention.

Raw food guru David Wolfe was lending his voice of support for Daniel and the web site where one could make a contribution.

Here is a sampling of just some of the comments:

JDG — “This shit can seriously injure or kill you. PLEASE DO NOT POISON YOUR KIDS. REALLY DON’T.

JS sends a link to

It wasn’t all one-sided. Many people who wrote in had never heard of MMS. Some shared first-hand experience, all of which was positive. The naysayers appeared to have assumed an intellectual position against MMS that wasn’t based on any first-hand knowledge.

With this gem from JS, it got personal:

MMS has such out of date videos even their biggest spokesman on utube videos, Adam Abraham, has quit MMS and gone to Pee therapy where I guess its better to drink your own pee than take MMS.

To which I replied:

Since you mentioned my name, I’ll speak for myself. I learned bout MMS. I also learned about urine therapy. Both have their merits. I am a spokesperson for neither, nor am I a critic.

In the time it takes me to write this reply, roughly 80 people will die as a result of “proper” medical treatment, for which the disease will get the blame. That’s over 700,000 people annually.

The constituent parts that make up MMS are used in several health-related and pharmaceutical products for conditions that include ALS, MS, cancer, malaria, and many more. Cancer treatment in the medicine business with an MMS-like product could run over $30,000, where a year’s supply of MMS will cost you about $30, shipping included.

The “abuse,” as some people have alluded to in this thread, is being done, against an uninformed and disinterested humanity by a disease-addicted, profit-driven medical treatment industry to which the word “health care” is now misapplied.

But the lack of compassion that I see when people can suggest that a Daniel Smith be convicted in spite of the greater travesty that is ongoing right in front of our faces, is evidence of just how blind some of our society has become.

For your information, the FDA is not claiming that ANY harm was done by Daniel Smith’s actions, or by MMS, and sodium chlorite, as formulated to create MMS, is NOT an industrial bleach.

If you have cancer, malaria, or a wide array of other conditions, MMS is a better solution than almost anything most doctors are licensed to administer. The inconvenient problem is that some people actually want to get well again.

I do not advocate MMS because I have learned of many ways to restore balance. There’s not need to try convincing people to do something that is in their best interest that they haven’t seen a reason or need to do on their own.

Here’s another film by Gary Null on Autism.

Autism: Made in the U.S.A.

More of that ‘Going Within’ Thing

Please take a few moments to ponder the three terms below, giving consideration to what they mean.

  • Self-regulating.
  • Self-correcting.
  • Self-healing.

These terms are rarely used to describe what is arguably an inherent, implicit, and inalienable quality of human nature. Indeed, these traits are part of Nature itself. As such, it is natural for them to be part of our nature. I ask that you consider these ideas as being active, if at times compromised, descriptors, next time you think of yourself, someone you love, or any other living being.

Common sense and deductive reasoning have gone the way of the dodo bird in our society today. We have become “expertaholics.” Addicted to the opinions of people whose “credentials” and accolades look better than our own. As such, we think that their opinion “weighs” more than ours. Never mind that “earning” said credentials has come to mean severely limiting the owner’s objectivity, and emotional maturity, and increasing the arrogant assumption that his opinion is not to be questioned by “lesser” minds (as determined by said credentials).

The problem is that experts don’t have to deal with the consequences of their opinions. Imagine the paid “expert” who is brought into a court case to offer an opinion that could, in the absence of an expert with a wider breadth of knowledge, lead to the conviction of an innocent person. Opinion and truth are often two very different things, but if the “credentials” look right, and the defendant’s aren’t deemed of equal or greater value, he’s toast in a bad way. Yet, expert opinions are supposed to be so esoteric that mere common folk can’t see through the smoke and mirrors.

Irrespective of whose opinion we listen to, the ultimate choice regarding what to listen to is our own. Learning to know and trust yourself only comes by doing your own research, forming your own opinions, and living by them.

This doesn’t mean not seeking or following others’ advice. It means when your Inner Guidance tells you otherwise, you follow that, and be fine with it.

Nature is self-reliant. We have lost touch with the knowledge of that quality within us. Finding our own self-reliance begins with listening to the Self Within. It is a voice so faint that it can’t be heard by anyone other than you. Indeed, its presence is oftentimes felt.

That’s who and what we are; real Beings in a world of smoke and mirrors, half-truths and outright lies.

From the energy that it receives from the sun and the Cosmos, Nature is the supreme provider for all life on Earth. It is self-sufficient. As such, we are born to turn into self-sufficient beings too.

Do you ever wonder how we got the idea that Nature should be looked upon as man’s adversary?

Who’s Your Daddy?

Perhaps it’s from the same sources that would have you believe that “God” is jealous, vengeful, petty, needs constant worship, and has “favorite” or “chosen” people.

All that exists on Earth, whether part of the “natural world,” or man-made, was provided freely and abundantly, by Nature. All “man-made” materials, even the drugs that pharmaceutical companies charge an arm, leg, and life for, come from Nature. The building materials that go into building man’s Ivory Towers and mad $cientist laboratories, come from Nature, as produced by the planet itself.

Man hasn’t yet learned how to precipitate objects directly from the ethers from pure thought, thereby “bypassing” the “Natural” process. As such, the raw components of all “technological” products, still come from, and are provided by Nature.

Yet, a few individuals and groups arrogantly act as though they own, not only the earth, but all lifeforms that live on and within it… even you and me.

Until you know who you are. Until you know your own natural Nature, their suggestions will have weight, even though they are only thoughts. Until you know who you are, the thoughts of others, who appear credible, may supersede your own. Why? because they will suggest that you should listen to them, rather than common sense!

The FDA says that its experts have declared that MMS is a “potent bleach,” and that’s all you need to know. Well… they think that’s all anyone needs because they are so arrogant that they believe everyone will buy the stories that they make up. What they don’t know is that because they are the ones who have been bought by pharmaceutical companies and other special interests, they have lost credibility.

As such, the agency will fall, not by my wish or decree, but by the weight of its own actions, against Humanity and Nature.

To be sure, the FDA is comprised of people. It is the people of the FDA… the people who mindlessly think they’re making points by trampling the health and freedom of innocent and conscientious individuals, who will lose the very thing that they seek to gain. One-by-one.

So it’s almost comical to see and hear organizations claim “ownership” over certain aspects of nature, as the FDA has exercises eminent domain on sodium chlorite, which it characterized as a “potent bleach” in a game of “distract, snatch, and claim” involving the product known as “MMS” or the “Miracle Mineral Supplement.”

Some “men” haven’t appreciated this fact yet, and have become addicted to the notion that “technological” solutions are better than natural ones. This is particularly so in medicine.

We are starving ourselves, killing ourselves slowly, in the process.

I’ll leave you with the following take on history, this one from David Wilcock, given (January 2015) at the Conscious Living Expo. I took 5 mp3 and put them together into a single file; almost 3 hours runtime.

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  1. no one can own a soul…lets not give them too much power…they like to THINK they do.

  2. Bruce

    Adam, a long post here, but well worth the read! The current state of affairs with “medicine” is totally woeful, but, I suspect, the extremely violent and aggressive lines of approach now underway only mask a tremendous weakness and fear on the part of “The Powers.” It has been very disheartening to read the insulting and ignorant comments on so many of the health-themed articles of late, many on the “necessity” of forcing officially government-sanctioned vaccines on the dread population of “Anti-vaxxers” lurking in the woodwork, like communist 5th columnists (well, actually, the communists now have brilliant new careers pushing Agenda 21 in cities and counties across America, but that’s another story).

    But the preponderance of similar, and craftily-worded comments out there now, and the tenacious and scripted replies to anyone trying to present useful information in comments is, I think, evidence that by far the greatest number of comments are coming from a veritable army of paid trolls. Perhaps this is one reason that the “unemployment numbers” are looking so rosy (laugh out loud). I suspect that many, many people are now wising up to the disaster to their healths that vaccines now represent. This explains the fury of the current push to force us all to take government-approved poison into our bloodstreams on “their” say-so.

    The Big Push is on worldwide this year. The Ukraine is now pursuing at least 8,000 “draft dodgers” across their West, with g*d knows what kinds of trogloditic goons. The IRS is closing in on those of us non-compliant with forced acceptance of Affordable Care Act useless garbage Med Insurance policies. they’re gearing up for some kind of ghastly big reveal of the “need” to poison us with Geoengineering while they prepare to tax and sanction “carbon” in Paris in November. The question on my mind is: What will be a bridge too far for “them,” the point at which some group of desperate but courageous people somewhere will finally draw the line? Stay tuned.

  3. Rahim Petsch

    i am a rev. Dr. – MMS since years and have facilitated much healing in South Africa, India and Nepal. By the way , also for myself. It just works!! We all know WHO rules the world. Know ‘who you are’ and don’t worry, we are only visitors here in an endless game of power. Do your Best. Never fear!

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