Now Don't Go Calling this My 'Water Ministry'

Cellular memories of the sudden fall I took in this bowl have all but faded.

It’s great to be back home, even though I’m already thinking of other places to go. The first week back from a trip that covered 4,500 miles in a little over 2 weeks, my movement would best be described as “gingerly,” since I took a fall at pretty high speed on an ATV at Oceano Dunes, just south of Pismo Beach, California.

This was our first official trade show appearance.

After exhibiting at Ag Expo and also seeing (and interviewing) Daniel Smith in Spokane, I dashed back to California to meet Jody Spencer, who flew here from New Zealand, and now represents the Rainmaker H2O line of water optimization technology, Down Under. We’re still getting the product line and manufacturing sorted out, as much is changing. More models and information will be announced soon.

There are some things you cannot learn about another person any other way than in person. No amount of emails, or Skype calls will ever replace swapping air, face-to-face, sharing the same space.

Two blokes on 4-wheelers, plus sun, salt, and sand.

It had been at least 15 years since I traversed these sands on an ATV with my kids, but when I mentioned it to Jody, he said, “Let’s do it mate!”

We had the dunes virtually all to ourselves.

Having wanted to go there for many years, I’m looking forward to taking my first trip Down Under in June to attend and exhibit at Field Days, a huge Ag show held each year in New Zealand. (We’re looking into it now.) I may have to spend at least a month there.


Bringing this new water technology to market is a dream that has intrigued me for some time coming to fruition.

It was not an interest initially, but the more I learned, the more I saw the difference between the way things are, and the way Nature intended, and the more I wanted to do something to help make that happen.

Nature intends for us to have water that is in a certain state. Yet, since so many now live in urban “people coops” that are distant from nature, and from products that are in a natural state, we rarely receive Nature’s Gifts. Even when they are available to us, forces exist that would have you not choose them.

The former site of Rawsome Foods in Venice, California… closed down for selling raw milk.

A profound Gift is available to each of us from Nature, if water is in an Optimal State, such as it is when it rains.

Fortunately, that state can even be restored to water that comes from the tap.

We have coined the term “Optimized” to describe a state that water assumes that is fundamentally different, in a beneficial way, than it is normally in when it comes through a line where the water has not been treated with one of these devices.

Jody lifts the largest Rainmaker H2O, the R800 for large-scale irrigation systems.

Containing no moving parts nor requiring electricity, Rainmaker H2O devices optimize the motion of the water itself, drastically increasing each molecule’s molecular spin, and hence, both its magnetic and electrical potential, as it flows through.

Farmers and growers can readily relate to the fact that they see noticeable and immediate growth after it rains than they do when they use ground water or well water. There are practical reasons for this. Whether the water has come from a well or aquifer, or whether it was delivered via pipes from the city treatment facility, it is no longer nearly as kinetic as rain water. It loses much of its life and health-enhancing vitality. As such, its behavior changes. It gets lazy.

One effect of lazy water is calcium buildup in the pipes, also referred to as scale.

The picture above shows one example of “lazy water”. The substance that lines the inner wall of the pipeline is calcium, which is referred to as “scale.” This happens when water becomes so “sedate” that the minerals contained within it lose their colloidal state, and fall out of suspension.

High magnetic and electrical potential, as occurs when water falls from the sky as rain, causes the elements that are present, such as calcium, to remain suspended in solution. Another term for this state is “zeta potential.” If water’s zeta potential is high, elements within it will remain suspended in solution, in a colloidal state.

This is because the electromagnetic forces will tend to keep calcium molecules in smaller, “individuated” form.

Zeta potential. (Source: Wikipedia)

Jody didn’t come just to see me. He met Joseph Johnson, CEO of ABC Organics, in Port Hueneme. I first met Joseph in 2010, as we both began to discover and document the difference that “structure” makes to water, via the in-line product that was introduced by Clayton Nolte, whose company today is called, Natural Action Technologies.

Joseph installs an R100 Rainmaker H2O unit on his home.

Over a four-month period I visited the strawberry fields where Joseph arranged a test of Clayton’s device which, as documented in three videos, produced amazing results.

You could say that I cut my teeth (I should not be joking about my teeth!) on Clayton’s product. I did numerous experiments, produced videos, and read numerous books, not only to prove to myself that the product worked, but to understand why. I did the same kind of analysis before getting involved in support of the predecessor of the Rainmaker product, and now the current one, which has undergone further refinement.

Jody Spencer (L.) and Joseph Johnson conduct tests on the Rainmaker H2O product.

The Rainmaker H2O product is not a copy of Clayton Nolte’s, as some have speculated, any more than the Imploder product, which is designed by my friend Dan Winter, who I visited last year during my travels through France.

The difference between regular water and Rainmaker H2O water was easy to see.

Each product has elements that are unique unto itself, while addressing a common problem using universal principles. The problem is that at the point of use, the water we use, is not in the best of states. We also realize that the state of water affects the quality of our life experience in many ways. And, instead of turning to chemistry, a practice that exacerbates many of the problems our society faces today, each is, in its own way, turning to the vortex, Nature’s great manifestor, transformer of energy, and generator of power, not only on earth, but throughout the Heavens.

Our way of letting that day become timeless.

All comparisons aside, the world needs what these products do, for many reasons that I won’t go into here. Presently, the actual need is far greater than the general awareness of said need. As such, there is ample room for all of us. There is also reason for people who share a common interest and are kindred spirits from various parts of the world, to meet and unite.

The soreness is gone, but the memory of the fun we had lingers on.

And have some fun!

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  1. Jake

    How does Rainmaker H2O technology compare with the water structuring technology from Natural Action Technologies? Is there any documentation that the quality of water treated by the Rainmaker technology is significantly superior to water treated with the water structuring devices from Natural Action Technologies?

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