When Truth is Endangered

Truth: Often ugly, but there’s no growth without it.

I started this post several days ago, and quite frankly, the truth is sometimes very hard to handle, especially when it becomes apparent that virtually every institution that you have grown up trusting and revering, virtually every principle that you have believed was inviolate, was not as it purported to be.

“An allegiance” is being pledged in America, for example, and it isn’t to justice or freedom, nor to health and vitality, and certainly not to peace or even democracy. What we have is a mockery of all the above, intended to drive Americans and people around the world into voluntary, self-isolation based on fear and enmity, that itself, is trumped-up. In other words, it is not real.

Please note that you have power you don’t know that you have, because this must be voluntary. In other words, it can only happen with your agreement and consent (such as silence born of apathy, distractedness or indifference), even if you are unaware that you are agreeing and consenting to the tyranny. You must think that these actions are necessary, “lawful”, or the only viable options, such as when a doctor says he must amputate a limb that appears beyond hope of repair. The question of whose hope now becomes germane.

The doctor may be right in not having hope — given the $cience he has been taught and led to believe is infallible, and the hope of continuing to “practice under lie-sense” that may be endangered if he goes outside standard treatment boundaries — but this need not apply to what is truly possible. Yet, if you haven’t done your own inquiry, you’ll trust one who appears to have done theirs. But what have they learned? If you look at the teaching institutions, you’ll see that the idea base of the system that generates the paper certificates that line doctors’ walls, is closed, limited, and tightly controlled. If it were effective at restoring health and healing, which is a natural process, I would have no issue with it, but it’s not. It is the opposite.

Medicine has become predominated by unnatural practices.

Religion is Not Exempted

It’s hard to believe, but even religions actually foment the isolation between people, not only from each other, but from Source. They profess to define what and who is “sacred,” tell you what God/Allah wants (or demands) of His “children,” communicated through His “earthly representatives,” and sometimes cause hell to be paid when that sanctity is called into question.

That’s what someone wants you to believe is possible. They don’t want you to know that you cannot be isolated or separated from Source, or from each other.

Having free will, anyone can separate themselves from a conscious awareness of Source, but not from Source’s awareness of them, because Source expresses through everyone and everything.

Source is in every thought, action, and deed. None can be possible without Source, and when the charade is over, all shall return to Source. What we imagine, however, we will experience. “Experience” comes from two words, the Latin prefix “ex”, meaning from or “our of”, and spiritus, breath, soul, vigor. All who “experience” life, come from the Source thereof. We are experiencing a simulation, which in and of itself, is unreal. Yet, we have the power to make it more like the true reality that we come from, which is Infinite Love.

If these facts are not known and embraced within one’s own being, the “harm” we believe in, we create the grounds for. The harm we intend to others, we create for ourselves.

The idea of being careful what you wish for, holds great truth. However, care is not really needed; awareness is. Love is. If your thoughts and intentions are laced with love, you wish no one harm, nor do you fear the harm that others, still deluded by “today’s truths,’ may wish toward you. Time will show them their power, but it will manifest in ways that are meaningful to them, and not be your problem.

The Great Liberator Within

The truth will set you free. It will set me free too. It will free you from the illusion that Source has forsaken you, and is not present. It will liberate you from the strange notion that Source picks sides, favoring one group or people, whether by race, ethnicity, religion, or other external factor, over another. Truth will also make it comprehensible how Source could “allow” the apparent “evils” of the world to occur, and yet know and care about every thought and action, by every Soul, which has perpetuated this great myth.

Source knows the truth, because Source is experiencing this grand lie through each of us. The object is not for Source to wake up, but for us. The object is for us to wake up to see, recognize, honor, and respect the connection and presence of Source in all people and things. This is done through love, which no one needs to be taught how to do. We have been taught reasons not to love, to our detriment, even to the detriment of those who think they’ve prospered by this exploitation, and now fear discovery and retribution.

Perhaps this is hard to believe, but the reality of things… perhaps I should say, the unreality of things as they are in our world, makes it harder to continue watching, without stating the truth as I now see it.

We are magnificent beings, everyone one of us, who have not been forsaken by Source, God, Allah, Creator, you name it. We are an amazingly wonderful idea that have been given the freedom to act as though we are nothing, powerless, weak, under attack from malevolent forces, and subject to cruel and unusual punishment and death.

These thoughts shall be “true” for those who believe that they are true, and that they can do nothing to change it. You must be convinced that the problem is too big, or that you’re not powerful enough to change it, so as to do nothing when tyranny stares you in the face.

And contrary to another belief, you don’t need a gun to change the issues that weigh on your heart.

I have taken some liberties with the word “license,” which practitioners of the legal and medical professions must have “earned”, by presenting it as lie-sensed. They are conditioned, as it were, to lie to their patient or client, not intentionally or consciously, but in effect, because they must work within the bounds defined by their professional hierarchy. So let’s take a closer look at the word “belief”. While there is apparently no “professional hierarchy” driving it, the word “belief” can be looked at as be-lie-f. To “believe” is to be-lie-ve. Symbolically, we see be lie when we read the word, even though phonetically, we are hearing “beleeve.” Be lie is still being presented to our consciousness, which takes the message in.

Giordano Bruno

That being said, believing describes a state of being that is definitely not the same as knowing. When you know something, you are beyond believing it. You can be secure in that knowing even if others still believe. Said knowledge can put you fully at odds with the belief conventions of the day and time.

Look where knowing got Galileo Galilei (1564-1542), who spent the last years of his life under house arrest by the Roman Catholic church as a heretic for advocating the heliocentric model. Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), went further than Galileo and posited that stars were distant suns surrounded by their own exo-planets during the Inquisition. For this he was tortured for seven years and then burned at the stake.


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False thinking dominated the time then. It dominates the times, and the thoughts of humanity now. Yet each is free see to know the truth. Each is free to move beyond be-lie-f, and be the living, loving, healthy beings that are also present within us. The liberation comes from within.

Another Road Trip

Most of our “meds” today come through farm products.

When I finish writing this piece I will hit the road, destination Spokane. This will not be for the trial regarding MMS and Daniel Smith, which was scheduled to commence on March, 3, 2015 (changed to May 18). My little company, Photonic Water Systems, will be an exhibitor at the Ag Expo, February 3-5. I will be there presenting our Rainmaker H2O product to the farming industry, which itself has morphed into a corporation-dominated agribusiness whose chief tools are synthetic, made possible through and with “big molecule” chemistry.

Not only are farmers paying a dear price for this “bait and switch” measure, we are too. We all are, as water affects the health and life of everything; not virtually everything, but everything. The technology that we have in the Rainmaker H2O units, does something simple, yet profound, to restore something vital to water, that all the chemical treatment thus far conceived does not do. We have a booth at this event and will be presenting this very important and beneficial product.

I have also created — finally — a place where my University of Earth t-shirts can be purchased.


I produced a video almost two years ago about Daniel Smith’s situation, and to give people a way to express their support of a bigger vision, a vision of oneness in peace, harmony, respect, and wonder (yes Love), as all are “students” of life on the classroom that is Earth. However, the URL in the video is no longer valid, so if anyone even tried to purchase a shirt, they couldn’t.

Every human being’s “tuition” to enter this school was paid, and is paid by Source, the Creator, God, Allah. Our presence on this planet is our identification and justification. It is the proof of our lineage. While it is true that some — many — do not know these statements to be true, it is more important that you know it for yourself, because as you know the truth, the truth will free you.

Essentially you free yourself through your own inner harmonics. The liberation increases as you let go of fear and all of its many permutations, and embrace and then release the Love that is within you. These t-shirts are of universal significance. They signify open, active minds and hearts.

Standard Health Care 101

One of my long-time subscribers sent me the following testimonial of the health care system as it presently operates after reading a recent article about my own healing journey, and gave me permission to publish. Keep in mind that everyone who “treated” the patient was going by The Book. In other words, this was proper treatment. The disease will have been blamed for the outcome:

Adam this is a great piece. I have been following your writings and news letter since I first found out about MMS. Which if I may say is some great stuff.

My wife’s uncle died from what I call the torture of the medical profession you would not believe what they done to this Man. I had already been using MMS for different issues which by the symptoms I could tell what was going on and it got rid of all the problems I was experiencing at the time.

They found a tumor on the back of Dick’s tongue when he told us of what they found, I suggested that he gargle twice a day with MMS and take 10 drops in the original protocol 5 drops a piece. Well he did that first before agreeing to do chemo, the tumor began to shrink: but he also got diarrhea. So instead of reducing the drops like I told him to do he went back to the doctor and started chemo.

That didn’t work.

Then radiation.

That didn’t work.

When that didn’t, then there came the massive surgery, where they cut him from ear to ear and took out his tongue and his voice box his Adam’s apple  and left a gaping hole in the side of his throat that would not heal. You could literally see the main artery to his brain.

And then we had to watch him die. I have been on this journey of awakening for a while now and I concur with you Brother. I have been trying to plant seeds of awareness bits at a time with people I meet bits at a time in everything that is going on our beautiful planet. Keep up the good work Brother. Mike

Thank you Mike! This is happening now, though orthodox medicine. It’s unnecessary. It’s barbaric. It’s as though the Inquisition didn’t really end. Now instead of clerics who think the pope is infallible, and they are doing God’s work, we have lie-sensed practitioners in white coats following peer-reviewed, agency approved $cience.

Walter Russell

These truths are hard to take, but the unreality of the reality is even harder. I only had half my jaw removed in 1996 when the ameloblastoma was diagnosed. As I am now reading Atomic Suicide? by Walter Russell (1871-1963), it now becomes quite apparent that the phenomena was likely triggered by x-rays, which are generated through exposure to radioactive material. As it turns out, the body, particularly the gonads, is also extremely sensitive to exposure to radioactive energy, which he refers to as beneficial when in its proper and natural place, but accelerated death when it is not.

Guess what, our science uses radioactive materials in unnatural ways. I dutifully had my teeth cleaned twice yearly at the time, which also involved such exposure. There are non-destructive ways to get images that are even better than x-rays, but they have been ignored or dismissed by mainstream factions.

Doctors at the UCLA Medical Center, where I sought and received treatment, called the condition a “benign but aggressive” tumor. They said that they didn’t know what caused it. They simply knew what to do, which was to “get it all” surgically. I accepted that decision then, and do now without remorse or regret. However, from here on I will live with my swollen gonads, until I understand, and then return them to normal, because I know that it can be done, and that the Power exists within me to do it.

I’m not asking anyone else to “follow” my example. All are free to do as they see fit. This is how I am changing my norm. Knowing myself… who I am, and I am, then being that.

“F” Marks the Spot

In the sub-title of my last post I alluded to an “F-word,” one I’d prefer not to mention, or even associate the idea of “America” and all that I grew up thinking that it stood for with. On the other hand, “America” is, first and foremost, an idea. It’s the idea of what America is, stands for, and should be, that makes the “F-word” that much more distasteful to an idea that I grew up loving.

America is an idea that I still love; one that still inspires. However, America is nothing without its people. We are the ones that make ideas credible, or not, “true” or not. If there is something wrong with America, then there’s something wrong with how we are being human with each other.

Some people believe that they exist beyond the “boundaries” that govern and define America, to the extent that they can virtually dictate how things will be, as long as there is a semblance of consistency between their fantasy and the actual facts.

Being able to control media, education, military (overt and covert), banking, $cience, religions, energy, medicine, and government, and having done so for hundreds of years, far predating the erstwhile “birth” of America, gives them pretty good reason to believe they can continue pulling the charade off. The two videos linked below, chronicle a well-documented history.

The commentator is Eric Jon Phelps, radio host, historian, and author of Vatican Assassins. I have never met Mr. Phelps, nor do I necessarily agree with the context, or conclusions that he makes in regard to the information that he shares. However, he has an exhaustive set of links to a chain of documented, known events in history, that both shape, and cast shadows upon the world as we experience it today. Irrespective of the belief system you identify with as being yours, these events affect you too. As such, I invite you to listen to the history, and the thinking that underlies it, for it still lives. If you want to know more, two additional videos follow. I have listened to them all.

University of Hidden History – Eric Jon Phelps – Jesuits 101 #1 (1:59:22)

Hagmann & Hagmann report host Eric Jon Phelps – The Real Powers Behind The NWO [10, July 2014] (2:42:55)

I’ll tell you now that the most unpleasant aspect of this walk down history lane, is to see the many areas of human society that have been, and are yet being shaped today by this mindset.

Mr. Phelps describes a w-i-d-e range of disturbing initiatives that are planned for humanity by the instigators, which include the “Muslimization” of Europe, directed against White Protestants, as part of the Counter-Reformation. You can hear and feel the discomfort in the hosts voices.

It doesn’t matter whether these assertions are true as contextualized. The events that he describes have happened, and are happening. For example, the assertion that ISIS is a CIA creation.

I created the diagram below to put a visual image to how we allow ideas to separate us. There are a small few on the outer ring that are behind the layers of ideas, which are the real separators of the many in the center. Notice that the specific inclusion of POTUS (President of the United States) in the center. It doesn’t matter who is in the office, that individual is beholden to other humans on the outer ring.

A look at the relationship between ourselves and ideas, and how with them, we create our world.

Please also understand that the ideas are only as real appearing as there are people who embrace them. There is not one “ism” listed in the diagram that would not be changed forever, by the decision of the people in the center, to love both themselves, and each other; to harmonize themselves, and their relationships. Peace begins within one’s self, and extends throughout the circles that define our life experiences.

Inspiration can’t be confined to warm and fuzzy feelings that aren’t part of one’s day-to-day experience. When you look at the reality of life in our world today, there exists a major disconnect with the America idea. The question arises whether, how, and in what way idea and reality can be unified as one.

The answer lies in us, not the military, not in Jesus, nor in Allah, but in each choosing to trust the “Lord” within. The Lord is the life that defines you, and is represented by and through your blood. Water is at its core. Without that truly holy substance, “you” have no life at this level of existence. Yet, you exist before, and after life at this level of existence.

The “F-word” is fascism. When you look at the reality of life in America today, too many new “norms” have evolved that track far more in alignment with a fascist state than with one where individual freedoms are respected and protected. Indeed, the country is riddled with so much “black history,” and I’m not talking about that which everyone talks about every February, I can see how someone might be trying to bring some form of conflict to a head somewhere so as to avoid the truth seeing the light of day.

What “truths” am I referring to?

  • Each human being is divine, as he or she is.
  • None is “higher” or “lower” than another.
  • None is “more worthy” or “less worthy” than another.
  • None is “advantaged” or “disadvantaged” due to any biological factor.
  • Contrary to ingrained beliefs, none is “closer to God” than any other.
  • Material possessions and money do not determine wealth or health.
  • All have the innate ability to heal. As it is presently practiced, medicine intentionally compromises the human immune system.
  • As it is presently practiced, farming
  • Nuclear proliferation and the occasional “accidental” events, is part of an insane plan to de-populate the planet.

I linked to the Italian Fascism page on Wikipedia, to give more context to a video that I’ll invite you to watch later.

And yet, I am not declaring that America has become a fascist state. If anything, this is a perfect place to be very clear that we — not “Americans” but each and every human being — take our personal reality with us, wherever we go.

Experience is a product of inner dynamics that influence, and are reflected in our interactions in the outer world. At this level of consciousness, we can’t know how, or why Hal Stanley gets “picked” to be one who is singled out for his possession of MMS. However, we can know that it serves a purpose for everyone involved, including you and me.

In another post I wrote about racialism and racism. It exists among other “isms” that are also sprinkled liberally through our consciousness, such as ageism, sexism, nationalism, and fanaticism. Our entire reality is created via thought, the first existence of which rests on levels unseen. Isms are ideological frameworks that can be “nested” within other ideological frameworks.

Women protest for equal rights to end sexism.

Irrespective of how valid they may appear, the isms of race, gender, age, etc., do two things that are worth noting here. First, they foster “peer-to-peer” level dynamics, where individuals see other individuals and groups as their nemesis.

Al Sharpton keeps the idea of racism and inequality alive by encouraging others to think it is real.

Groups are founded to build a constituency who rally around the “ism”.

Organizations like the KKK, exist to maintain the peer-to-peer enmity between races..

Counter groups are formed, and the dance against other groups can then be ongoing.

All the while a larger, broader, more pernicious ism goes unnoticed. Its progressive spread is unabated. Instead of being peer-to-peer, it functions in a hierarchical, “top-to-bottom” manner.

I could, and perhaps should have finished writing this piece a long time ago, but after writing the previous sentence, I wanted to find a different way to present this thought, because the one’s who are “at the top” of the pyramid aren’t actually “on top.” In actuality, they are our “peers” too. That’s how the “ism” graphic was born.

Now it’s time to hit the road, grateful, not that I am alive, but for the ever-expanding truths that life is revealing, as will be revealed to all when they are ready to know and be their true selves.

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